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Zapier Pricing: Is it still worth in 2024

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
March 6, 2024
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    Zapier is awesome! Just until you feel your pockets getting lighter due to its high pricing. But fear not, there’s a budget-friendly champion in the ring: Integrately.

    But let’s have a quick recap on –

    What is Zapier?

    Zapier is an automation platform that allows you to connect your favorite apps. With Zapier you can automate all the boring and repetitive tasks by connecting 2 or more applications. You don’t need any coding knowledge to use this tool.

    For instance, you can set up an automation to –

    • Send a Slack message whenever you receive a new email in Gmail, or
    • Add new form submissions from your website directly to Google Sheets, or
    • Post a social media snippet whenever your blog gets published.

    There are endless possibilities with Zapier!

    Here is why we think Integrately beats Zapier in Pricing

    Integrately vs Zapier Pricing


    Free100 tasks100 tasks
    (2,000 tasks)
    (750 tasks)
    (10,000 tasks)
    (2,000 tasks)
    (30,000 tasks)
    (2,000 tasks)
    (150,000 tasks)
    Contact Sales

    Verdict – Integrately clearly offers more tasks for less cost.

    Let’s understand how much you are actually saving in each plan:

    1. Starter Plan:

    To calculate the savings, we first need to calculate the cost per task

    Cost per task = Total Cost / Number of Tasks

    • Integrately cost per task: 19.99 / 2000 = $0.009995
    • Zapier cost per task: 19.99 / 750 = $0.026653333

    Cost Savings = 1 – (Integrately cost per task / Zapier cost per task) × 100

    Cost Savings = 1 – (0.009995​ / 0.026653333) × 100

    Cost Savings = 62.49%

    Cost Savings: Integrately offers a cost savings of approximately 62.49% compared to Zapier for the Starter Plan.

    2. Professional Plan:

    We can calculate the cost savings for this plan like the Starter plan. Cost Savings: Integrately provides a cost savings of around 84.08% compared to Zapier for the Professional Plan.

    3. Growth Plan:

    Cost Savings: Integrately provides a cost savings of around 90.48% compared to Zapier for the Professional Plan.

    🏆 Winner – Integrately

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    Feature-wise comparison across all plans


    Chat Support 24*5 Live Chat Support available on all plans including the FREE plan Only available on the Teams and Company plan which is priced at 69$.
    Webhook Support Starts from FREE plan Starts from the Starter plan priced at 19.99$.
    Dedicated Account Manager Available on the Growth and Business Plan Hire an expert
    Conditional Filters (IF/Else Pathways) Available on all the paid plans Not available on the Starter paid plan
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    This makes it evident that Integrately provides more features for less cost as compared to Zapier.

    Still Unsure?

    Hear what the customers say:

    Anthony v.
    g2 rating
    Value-priced and feature-rich alternative to Zapier
    Beatrice S.
    g2 rating
    Great integration tool plus it’s less expensive than Zapier
    Peter C.
    g2 rating
    Well priced alternative to Zapier with good support in my experience

    If you still want to opt for Zapier, here is a detailed Zapier Pricing Plan

    Zapier Pricing Explained

    1. Zapier Free Plan

    The Zapier non-profit pricing plan provides unlimited Zaps and multi-step automations. However, Zapier’s free plan limits the number of tasks at 100 pm.

    Who is it for?

    Anyone who is just starting out with automation.

    2. Starter Plan

    The Starter Plan of Zapier is priced at 19.99$ pm and includes everything in the Free Plan with some additional features like 

    • Multi-step Zaps
    • Zap filters and formatting
    • Zap versions
    • Webhooks

    Who is it for?

    • Teams with multiple users: The Starter plan only allows one user, so if you need to share access with other team members, you’ll need to upgrade to a Team or Company plan.
    • Users who need more complex automation: If you need to build very complex workflows with many steps or conditional logic, you may find the limitations of the Starter plan frustrating.
    • Users who need premium app access: The Starter plan only allows access to 3 premium apps, so if you need to connect to more than that, you’ll need a higher plan.

    3. Professional Plan

    Zapier cost for this plan is 49$ pm, you get everything from the Starter Plan plus

    • Zap paths – Paths by Zapier helps you create different actions for your workflows—all based on conditions you set.
    • Advanced Zap settings – Take more control of how your Zap functions with Error Ratio Settings, Customized Polling Intervals, Flood Protection settings, and Custom Error Notifications.
    • Unlimited Premium apps

    Who is this plan for?

    Users seeking more granular control: The plan offers features like Error Ratio Settings, Customized Polling Intervals, and Flood Protection settings. These allow you to fine-tune how your Zaps function, optimize performance and ensure smooth operation.

    Individuals needing advanced monitoring and error handling: The Professional plan provides customized Error Notifications, which help you stay informed about potential issues and troubleshoot more effectively. This is crucial for mission-critical workflows.

    4. Teams Plan

    Zapier’s Teams pricing is 99$ pm. It includes everything in the Professional Plan plus

    • Unlimited users – A user can build and edit a Zap.
    • Shared app connections – Connect your team’s favorite tools so everyone can use them in their workflows without needing to share passwords and API keys
    • Shared workspace – Share access to your Zaps with your team.
    • Premier Support – To get faster responses from the Zapier Support team

    Who is this plan for?

    This plan is designed to facilitate teamwork and coordination in building, managing, and deploying automated processes using Zapier’s platform.

    Some of the main areas where this plan shines bright are –

    • Collaborative Projects
    • Cross-Departmental Workflows
    • Workflow Standardization

    5. Company Plan

    This is a custom plan of Zapier and has the most Premium Pricing hence you need to contact their Sales team to get a quote. It includes everything in the previous plans +

    • SAML single sign-on (SSO) – Ensure secure access for your team using SAML 2.0 identity and access management (IAM) providers.
    • Advanced admin permissions – Add unlimited teams to your account to better manage workspace-level permissions.
    • Custom data retention – Customize Task History

    Who is this plan for?

    Very large companies: If you have a large organization with complex needs, the Zapier for Companies plan might be a better fit, offering features like single sign-on (SSO) and user provisioning.

    Along with these plans, Zapier also offers add-ons like:

      This helps add customization and a personal touch to your business

      Zapier interface pricing is $20 for the premium plan and $100 for the advanced plan offering various features to automate the whole workflow.

      Zapier Pricing – Should you still opt for this Automation Tool in 2024?

      Integrately and Zapier stand at par when it comes to feature comparison because both offer tremendous features. Zapier takes the lead in-app support, which is easily tackled by Integrately through its Webhook support.

      Now the question comes, is it worth opting for Zapier with its hefty pricing?

      The answer is a big NO because you get all the features at half the price. But pricing is just a small pie. If you want a detailed comparison of how Zapier compares to Integrately or other automation tools, check these –

      Integrately vs Zapier

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