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WPForms + PerfexCRM Integrations – Two Buddies Unviel the Power!

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
July 13, 2023
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    Hello there, fellow entrepreneurs! Today, we’ll start on an exciting journey with our two friends, Mike and Marya as they discover the beautiful world of WPForms + PerfexCRM integration. Put on your seatbelts and prepare to learn some strong strategies to enhance your business game!

    Integrate WPForms + PerfexCRM

    Mike – “Hello Marya, have you heard about the fantastic combination of WPForms and PerfexCRM?”

    “It’s like a business marriage made in heaven! Combining these two powerful tools allows you to easily collect leads and client information and then organise and handle them like a master!”

    Marya – “Wow, Mike, that sounds incredible! Please elaborate, why should we bother bringing these two superstars together?”

    Why Integrate WPForms + PerfexCRM

    Mike – “Well, my dear friend, WPForms is the ultimate form builder that allows you to create beautiful, user-friendly forms on your website.

    Whereas PerfexCRM is a powerful customer relationship management system that allows you to keep track of all your precious leads and customers. Magic happens when these two join forces!”

    “I’m all ears, Mike!” Marya says. Give me some insight on the benefits of integrating WPForms and PerfexCRM.”

    Advantages of Connecting WPForms + PerfexCRM

    Mike – “Here are the top perks, Marya! First and foremost, 

    ▶️Flawless lead generation. You can easily develop attractive forms to capture leads with WPForms. And, with PerfexCRM, you can automatically route those leads to your CRM, ensuring that no potential customer falls between the cracks!”

    Marya – “That’s brilliant, Mike!” Is there anything else?”

    Mike – “Hold onto your hat, Marya! Another advantage is –

    ▶️Streamlined data management. WPForms allows you to collect all sorts of information from your customers, and PerfexCRM lets you organize and manage that data efficiently. It’s like having your own personal assistant!”

    Powerful Ways To Connect WPForms + PerfexCRM

    Marya – “Okay, Mike, you’ve got me excited! How do we make the most of this dynamic duo?”

    Mike – “Great question! Brace yourself for some powerful strategies. First, automate lead nurturing. 

    With the integration, you can automatically create tasks and contacts in PerfexCRM based on user actions in WPForms. It’s like having a personal sales assistant working round the clock!”

    “When you automate such actions, you increase your chances to boost sales.In fact, you can find all the powerful ways to connect WPForms + PerfexCRM or create your own integration In clicks.”

    How Does WPForms Work?

    Mike – “Now let me take you on a tour of WPForms, the ultimate form builder! It’s like a magic wand for creating beautiful and user-friendly forms on your website.”

     “It operates on a drag-and-drop interface, making it super easy for anyone, even without coding knowledge, to build stunning forms. You can choose from various form templates or start from scratch and customise them to match your brand’s style.”

    Marya – “That’s impressive! But what happens when someone fills out those forms?”

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    How Does PerfexCRM Work?

    Mike –  “Ah, excellent question! 

    When a user fills out a form created with WPForms, the magic begins. PerfexCRM, the mighty customer relationship management system stores and organizes all the information collected from those forms. 

    It helps you manage your leads, track interactions with customers, and even streamline your sales process. 

    It’s like having a digital fortress for all your customer-related activities!”

    Integrate PerfexCRM With 750+ Apps In 1 Click

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    How To Integrate WPForms With PerfexCRM

    Mike –  “Combining these two superstars is as easy as pie. With the help of Integrately, you can seamlessly connect WPForms with PerfexCRM”

    • Go to Integrately and sign up yourself
    • Select your first app ‘WPForms’
    • Then select your second app ‘PerfexCRM’
    • Now select the trigger or one-click automation.
    • Connect your accounts to Integrately and allow the required permissions.
    • Once the accounts are connected, map the fields and set conditions
    • Now test your integration and make it Live!

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    How Integrately Enables Powerful Integrations

    Marya – “Mike, this integration sounds fantastic, but what if we want to integrate other tools with WPForms and PerfexCRM? Is there a way to simplify the process?”

    Mike – “Absolutely, Marya! That’s where Integrately comes to the rescue. Integrately is like the trusty sidekick that enables seamless integrations between various business tools. 

    With Integrately, you can effortlessly connect WPForms, PerfexCRM, and many other applications to create powerful automated workflows.

    It offers a user-friendly interface where you can easily set up integrations using pre-built templates or customise your own workflows. It’s like having a superhero team of integrations at your fingertips!”

    FAQ's about WPForms + PerfexCRM Integrations

    Does WPForms integrate with PerfexCRM?

    Absolutely! WPForms seamlessly integrates with PerfexCRM, allowing you to connect these two powerful tools and supercharge your business operations.

    Can you integrate WPForms with PerfexCRM for free?

    No, you can only integrate WPForms with PerfexCRM using a third-party tool like Integrately and its plans start from $19.
    Abhishek Agrawal
    Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
    Abhishek is the founder of Integrately, CompanyHub, and Dreamwares. He is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. He is always looking to leverage technology for the growth of the business. He has a deep understanding of how businesses work and uses this knowledge to build products that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
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