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TikTok Tips and Tricks

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
January 2, 2023
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    TikTok has become one of the most favored social media platforms as it offers a space for entertainment and socializing. It has over 1.5 billion users worldwide and is continuously growing daily. Now, whether you stand amongst the experienced crowd or as a new seasoned user, these tips and tricks will help you go viral in 2023.

    Top 8 tips and tricks to make your TikTok go viral in 2023

    Combining 2 or more TikTok videos

    You are more likely to capture and maintain your audience’s attention when you tell stories through your videos. Furthermore, piecing together different videos allows you to create a Patchwork story that is much more eye-catching and varied than sticking to a single one. Doing so also creates Goodwill in the market for your brand. The steps to combine are relatively simple:

    • Open the app and click on “Videos.”
    • Choose the videos you want to merge (they can be longer than 3 minutes each).
    • Click on trending music and edit your videos accordingly.
    TikTok Video
    • Add text, background music, etc., 
    • Enter a description and add relevant hashtags,

    There you have it! You’ve just added some visual interest for your audience.

    Use “How To’s” to create value for your audience.

    “How To’s” are an excellent way to provide your audience with valuable information while promoting yourself as an expert in the field. When you break down a task into clear, concise steps, you show your audience that you are knowledgeable and capable of helping them complete the task successfully. This can establish you as an authority figure and help attract more listeners or viewers to your content.

    Making a How-To video is simple! Just follow these four easy steps:

    • Simply explain yourself, step by step, as you complete the task.
    • Once completed, trim your footage down to key points.
    • To illustrate your points more precisely, add graphics or text overlay.
    • For that extra professional touch – add a voice-over of you breaking down the steps involved.

    Tip: Keep your How to video concise; a long, drawn-out video will only bore the audience.

    A CTA in your description

    Call to Action or CTA is your final trump card to encourage the viewers to take the next step. The next step can be subscribing to your channel, visiting your website, or following you on social media. Use this in your video description to advance the audience’s journey with you.

    Effective CTA tips:

    • Use persuasive language that speaks to your audience’s needs
    • Words such as subscribe, join, or signup is usually effective in getting people to take action
    • Keep your CTA concise and direct so that people know what they need to do next
    • Personalize your CTA by using the word “you” so that it feels directed at the individual reader
    CTA button.

    Using the ‘TikTok Now’ feature

    TikTok Now is the best way to interact with your audience and stay connected with your loved ones. Just click a picture from your front or back camera and send it to anyone you want, whether they’re friends, family, or followers. You can also use this feature as an interactive tool by posting questions for your audience on stickers along with pictures.

    To use the TikTok Now feature:

    • Open the TikTok app and go to the “Me” tab.
    • Tap on the “Now” icon (it looks like a pencil).
    • Enter your question or prompt in the text box that appears.
    • Tap “Post” to publish your question or prompt.

    Automating your Leads

    TikTok is already a giant Social media platform for creating engaging videos. But did you know that you can also use it for your business?

    Yes! You can use TikTok Lead Generation to expand your business by creating new potential customers. Nevertheless, you might only be able to monitor some of the leads produced, and as a business owner, every lead is essential.

    This is where Integrately comes in! It is an automation platform that provides over 8 million ready-to-activate automations for 1000+ applications. TikTok can be integrated with a CRM like Salesforce or CompanyHub to make a sales pipeline for every lead, from generation through conversion. For example: when a TikTok user becomes a lead, their information will automatically be entered into the leads tab of your chosen CRM. This increases efficiency and prevents leads from being missed.

    8 Million+ Ready Automations
    For 750+ Apps

    Captions for a global audience

    Having a global reach means your audience is broader than one country. This is what it means to go viral. However, reaching a larger audience also requires understanding how to speak or use text overlays for videos so everyone can understand the content.

    TikTok has a feature to keep your global audience updated, and you can use the Auto-generated Captions feature to translate any text overlay or stickers into the preferred language. The language barriers are eliminated.

    Auto-translated Captions from English to Mandarin.

    Using the Multi Guest feature.

    As it is rightly said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Working with other famous artists is an excellent way to grow your audience if you’re a creator.

    By utilizing TikTok’s Multi Guest feature, you can invite up to 5 people into your live stream. Not only will this help you reach a wider audience, but you’ll also learn from your peers and increase engagement.

    To add multiple guests:

    • Start your TikTok Live.
    • Click on the guests’ icon and invite other creators.
    Multi-Guest on TikTok Live in Panel and Grid Layout.

    Use the Shop Small Initiative

    Small enterprises form the backbone of society, and everyone should support them. TikTok, in collaboration with American Express, has launched a Shop Small Initiative to support local businesses. Using this feature, you can promote small businesses in your area and encourage people to shop from them.

    TikTok has sanctioned a total $250000 Ad credit to be distributed amongst eligible small businesses. After these businesses spend $50 on their Ad campaigns, they will each receive $100 in credit. This initiative helps small businesses thrive. Don’t let this opportunity slip away from the palm of your hands, as it starts on 26th November 2022 and is available only till 31st January 2023.

    You can apply for the #ShopSmall initiative by following these steps:

    • Create a TikTok Ads Manager account.
    • Click on Let’s go and fill out the enrollment form.
    • Done! Check your inbox; you should receive a confirmation email shortly.

    To learn more, click here.

    Image of Shop Small Initiative

    Bottom Line

    TikTok is gaining popularity exponentially, and it’s not good if you miss out on using the app in your favor. Now! Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned creator of TikTok, we are sure that these tips will help you go viral in 2023 and also help your business grow. 

    Happy Creating 🙂

    Abhishek Agrawal
    Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
    Abhishek is the founder of Integrately, CompanyHub, and Dreamwares. He is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. He is always looking to leverage technology for the growth of the business. He has a deep understanding of how businesses work and uses this knowledge to build products that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
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