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Connect Slack + Facebook Lead Ads To Up Your Lead Nurturing Game

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
July 17, 2023
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    Integrate Slack + Facebook Lead Ads

    You must be familiar with the phrase “Strike while the iron is still hot”. This is especially applicable and useful while nurturing leads. When a new lead is captured; immediately commencing the lead nurturing process can give you high chances of conversions.

    What’s not useful though, is when you have to manually send a Slack message to your team, each time a new lead is acquired through Facebook Lead Ads.

    Fortunately, Integrately is here to help you with its Slack + Facebook Lead Ads integration.

    Why Integrate Slack + Facebook Lead Ads

    Integrating Slack + Facebook Lead Ads ensures that you stay atop your game. With this integration, you ensure that your team is automatically notified of any new lead captured. 

    Instant Communication = Instant Lead Nurturing

    Your team can start the lead nurturing process as soon as a new one is captured.

    Advantages of Connecting Slack + Facebook Lead Ads

    Here are a few benefits of connecting Slack + Facebook Lead Ads

    • Real-time lead notifications for prompt follow-up.
    • Seamless collaboration and discussion on generated leads.
    • Automated lead distribution to the right team members.
    • Enhanced lead tracking and comprehensive lead history.
    • Improved productivity and efficiency by consolidating communication.
    • Cost-effective and efficient lead generation and management solution.
    • Maintain a clear record of lead activities and conversations.
    • Boost team productivity and efficiency with centralized lead notifications.

    How Integrately Enables Powerful Integrations

    Integrately is an automation platform specially built for non-techies to automate business workflows. Providing support for over 1050+ applications, Integrately saves you time and increases your productivity.

    Integrately provides:

    💪 24/5 customer support

    💪 Dedicated automation expert at no additional cost

    💪 Millions of ready-to-use 1-click automations

    💪 Advanced data formatting options

    💪 A user-friendly interface

    💪 Powerful automation builder for customizable workflows

    It doesn’t end here! The pricing is also a show stopper😎, starting at only $19.99. Don’t take our word for it, check out what our customers say about us on G2.

    8 Million+ Ready Automations
    For 750+ Apps

    A Powerful Way To Connect Slack + Facebook Lead Ads

    It’s absolutely simple,

    Just click on the below automation and you are ready!

    You can also find all other powerful ways to connect Slack + Facebook Lead Ads or create your own integration In clicks.

    How Does Slack Work?

    When it comes to managing communications and maintaining relations you should look no further than Slack. It helps you set up a digital HQ for all your business communications. 

    It follows a rule that says “Why have one-way communication when there can be channels wherein you can find all of your relevant data?” Slack also lets you connect with different applications for sharing information.

    Here’s a list of its features:

    👉 Channels: Slack organizes conversations into channels, which can be created for specific projects, teams, or topics. 

    👉 Messaging: Users can send direct messages to individuals or groups, as well as share files, documents, and multimedia content. 

    👉 Notifications: Slack provides customizable notifications, allowing users to stay informed about new messages, mentions, or updates.

    👉 Integrations: Slack offers a wide range of integrations with other tools and services, allowing users to connect their favorite apps and bring data, notifications, and actions directly into Slack. 

    👉 Search and Archives: Slack provides a powerful search feature that allows users to find past messages, files, and conversations. 

    👉 Collaboration Tools: Slack offers various collaboration tools such as file sharing, document collaboration, and built-in voice and video calling. 

    👉 Security and Administration: Slack prioritizes security and offers features like two-factor authentication, data encryption, and compliance certifications. Administrators control user access, channel management, and data retention policies.

    You can boost the power of Slack by 3x by following these Top 14 Slack Tips and Tricks.

    Integrate Slack With 750+ Apps In 1 Click

    No Learning Curve. Built For Non-techies.

    How Does Facebook Lead Ads Work?

    Facebook Lead Ads work by providing a simplified and user-friendly way for businesses to capture lead information directly within the Facebook platform. 

    Here’s how it works:

    👉 Create a Facebook Ad account and set the objective to Lead Ads

    👉 Set up your target audience

    👉 Create a lead form to gather essential details like name, email, and phone number

    👉 Set up your Budget and schedule your campaign accordingly to make your ad go LIVE

    👉 Now, when a user encounters the lead ad in their Facebook or Instagram feed, they can express interest by clicking on the call-to-action button, such as “Sign Up” or “Learn More.”

    👉 The form will be pre-populated with user information such as name, email address, and so on.

    👉 After this, the businesses receive the submitted lead data, which can be accessed through Facebook Ads Manager or integrated with CRM systems and other marketing tools.

    👉 Businesses can initiate follow-up actions, such as sending personalized emails, making phone calls, or nurturing leads through marketing automation.

    You can take your lead generation game further with these Top Facebook Lead Ads integrations.

    Integrate Facebook Lead Ads With 750+ Apps In 1 Click

    No Learning Curve. Built For Non-techies.

    How To Integrate Slack With Facebook Lead Ads

    Step 1: Signup for Integrately (

    Step 2: Select Slack and Facebook Lead Ads 

    Step 3: Select 1-click automation 


    Select your custom trigger and action

    Step 4: Follow the prompts to securely connect your Slack and Facebook Lead Ads account with Integrately.

    Step 5: Then map the required fields, test your automation, and make it live.

    Bottom Line

    Facebook Lead Ads + Slack integration helps you nurture your leads instantly and effectively to drive your business toward success. So adopting this integration is a smarter way of generating more revenue. Keep Integrately’s automation capabilities by your side, and your business is bound to soar high.

    FAQ's about Slack + Facebook Lead Ads Integrations

    Does Slack integrate with Facebook Lead Ads?

    Yes! Slack integrates with Facebook Lead Ads easily using Integrately.

    Can you integrate Slack with Facebook Lead Ads for free?

    Yes, you can integrate Slack with Facebook Lead Ads for free. However, if you want to go a step further like sending an automated follow-up email for lead nurturing, you can use Integrately. It lets you connect Facebook Lead Ads with Slack and other 1000+ applications.

    What does Slack's integration with Facebook Lead Ads let you do?

    Slack’s integration with Facebook lets you send automated notifications to your team members so that they can start the lead nurturing process immediately.

    How much does it cost to integrate Slack with Facebook Lead Ads?

    It does not cost anything to integrate Slack with Facebook Lead Ads.

    Is there a way to integrate Slack to Facebook Lead Ads?

    You can use Integrately to integrate Slack to Facebook Lead Ads.

    Can we pull Facebook ad campaign reports into Slack?

    Yes! We can pull Facebook Ad Campaign reports into Slack by heading to Facebook Ads Manager → Downloading the report → Uploading the report in Slack for team members to view easily.
    Abhishek Agrawal
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