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The Top 19 JotForm Integrations

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
January 17, 2023
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    With 1000s of companies across the globe using JotForm for online form building,  it is no wonder that JotForm integrations have revolutionized how businesses manage their data. From collecting customer feedback to managing online payments, JotForm can do it all!

    What is JotForm?

    JotForm is much more than a form builder. It lets you create, publish, and manage online forms and add elements, widgets, and products. Not only this, you can also create apps and share them for downloading and use. 

    Besides, JotForm also offers a wide range of features, including file uploads, conditional logic, report generation, workflow automation, etc., that makes data collection and management easier.

    How Does JotForm Work?

    JotForm has a simple drag-and-drop interface where you must select the appropriate builder (form/app/pdf editor/table), start building from scratch, or use one of JotForm’s many templates. Once created, you can publish the form/app on a website, embed it on a page, or share it via a link. Next, check your form submissions in the Inbox section. Besides, you can use its Report Builder and Form Analytics tools for detailed analysis and reports.

    Optimize Your Workflow with JotForm Integrations

    With JotForm specializing in data collection, that’s not the only part of our business. You also need to nurture leads, follow up with sales prospects, track payments, manage teams, etc.; different apps can do that for you. 

    The good news is that JotForm has 100+ native integrations for applications in the categories like CRM, Storage, Payment, Email, etc and also connects with automation tools like Integrately.  This helps automate several business processes and operate more efficiently and effectively.

    How Integrately Helps to Automate Your Tools

    Integrately is an easy-to-use automation tool that helps integrate 1000+ popular apps and also provides millions of ready-to-use 1-click automations. Plus, its webhook feature lets you connect any apps that aren’t already available. And you can do all this without writing a single line of code! So if you plan to integrate JotForm with your apps, it’s a matter of a few minutes.

    The Top 19 JotForm Integrations

    JotForm + HubSpot

    Integrating JotForm with HubSpot allows you to pass form data from JotForm directly into your HubSpot CRM. You can, thus, easily cultivate leads, follow up with sales prospects, and track payments, all from one platform.

    popular automations for JotForm + HubSpot integration

    JotForm + Quickbooks Online

    This integration is very helpful in scenarios where you are using forms to collect payments. It helps automatically sync your form data with your QuickBooks account, making it easy to track invoices, payments, and other financials.

    popular automations for JotForm + Quickbook Online integration

    JotForm + Certopus

    Certopus is an all-in-one certificate management platform that helps you design; bulk generate, mass email, verify and track certificates easily. Whether it’s your courses, training, or conferences, integrate your  JotForm responses and create certificates in Certopus automatically.

    popular automations for JotForm + Certopus 

    JotForm + Softr

    Softr is a platform that can turn your Airtable/ Google Sheets Data into beautiful and powerful websites. So if you want your JotForm submission data readily available, integrate the 2 tools and create new users in Softr automatically. No manual intervention is required – easily manage customer relationships and grow your business.

    popular automations for JotForm + Softr integration

    JotForm + Outreach

    Outreach is a platform to manage your sales process and pipeline. With this integration, you can automatically add new contacts to your Outreach account based on your JotForm submissions. It helps businesses to easily track and manage their interactions with the lead and provide them with a more personalized and effective sales experience.

    popular automations for JotForm + Outreach integration

    JotForm + Caflou

    Caflou is an end-to-end business management system that helps manage your cash flows, economy, team, and projects all from one place. The JotForm + Caflou integration can help you better manage your customer relationships by creating contacts, tasks, etc., in Caflou for each form submitted in JotForm

    popular automations for JotForm + Caflou integration

    JotForm + EasyCSV

    EasyCSV has been revolutionizing the process of data collection. Integrating it with JotForm helps automate storing the responses in EasyCSV and making them available for analysis and reporting.

    popular automations for JotForm + EasyCSV integration

    JotForm + GatewayAPI SMS

    GatewayAPI is an SMS service provider, and integrating it with JotForm can be very advantageous. It helps to send timely updates or notifications via SMS for each new form submission. It helps businesses keep their customers updated about their orders, helps them resolve issues quickly and efficiently, and boosts customer satisfaction. 

    popular automations for JotForm + GatewayAPI SMS integration

    JotForm + Saleshandy

    Saleshandy is an email tracker that helps track emails and schedule follow-ups and conversations easily. Automating the process of adding a prospect to Saleshandy for each new JotForm response can help you gear up your sales process and follow up with the leads efficiently.       

    popular automations for JotForm + Saleshandy integration

    JotForm + Zammad

    Customer service has become an important factor for businesses to thrive and Zammad is undoubtedly one of the major players in this. Integrating JotForm and Zammad can help you automate managing customer service tickets from JotForm submissions. Businesses can thus respond quickly, resolve issues efficiently and provide satisfactory customer services. 

    popular automations for JotForm + Zammad  integration

    JotForm + Box

    Integrating JotForm and Box can help you automate creating files and folders in Box for each form submission. It helps in better organization and easy access.

    popular automations for JotForm + Box integration

    JotForm + Bubble

    Bubble is a powerful no-code platform that helps you build web applications without coding. With the JotForm + Bubble integration, you can automate creating new data things in Bubble for each new form submission and be carefree about storing it.

    popular automations for JotForm + Bubble integration

    Image Generation Tools and Placid are 2 popular tools that help generate images and PDFs for your resumes, portfolios, invoices, receipts, forms, etc. When it comes to record-keeping, integrating them with JotForm can help you with bookkeeping and tracking your form responses. 

    popular automations for JotForm + integration
    popular automations for JotForm + Placid integration

    Chat/Communication Apps

    Integrating JotForm with chat/communication apps can help you receive notifications in the respective app for each form submission and respond quickly or trigger other automated workflows. Some of the popular integrations include:

    popular automations for JotForm + Discord integration
    popular automations for JotForm + Google Chat integration
    popular automations for JotForm + Heartbeat integration

    Blog Posts

    Integrating JotForm and a blogging platform can help you quickly create posts from your form responses. This way, you can easily share their stories, experiences, and insights with the world.

    Some popular integrations include:

    popular automations for JotForm + Blogger integration

    8 Million+ Ready Automations
    For 750+ Apps

    How to Connect JotForm to Your Apps

    Although JotForm provides several native app integrations that are limited to the popular ones, thanks to automation tools like Integrately – you can also connect your own apps with these popular ones.

    Wondering  how? Just follow these simple steps

    • Head over to
    • Sign Up using your social media account or details
    • Once logged in, search the JotForm app in the search bar and select it
    • Click on the + sign next to JotForm, and you will see a list of apps.
    • Search for and select the Webhook/API app
    • Next, you need to set up your trigger and action and move on to the connection part
    • Connect your JotForm account and set up the required method for your Webhook              ( GET/POST/PUT etc.)
    • Now, proceed further with the data mapping and set up your automation! 

    Done! It’s that simple.

    FAQs about Top JotForm Integrations

    What programs does JotForm integrate with?

    JotForm natively integrates with 100+ apps/programs like Google Apps, HubSpot, Asana, Paypal, etc. Besides, you can also opt for automation tools like Integrately,

    Can you automate JotForm?

    Yes, you can automate JotForm by integrating it with several other apps either by using native integrations or by using automation tools like Integrately, Zapier, Make, etc

    How many JotForm integrations are there?

    There are around 100+ JotForm native integrations. If you are still looking for the required app in the list or want a quick no-code integration solution, Integrately is the option. It provides millions of ready-to-use 1 -click automations where you can connect JotForm with 1000+ apps.

    Are JotForm integrations free?

    Yes, JotForm native integrations are free.

    Does JotForm have an open API?

    Yes, JotForm has an open API. You can find its details here.

    What other companies offer JotForm Integrations?

    Other companies that offer JotForm integrations include Intgerately, Zapier, and Make, to name a few.
    Abhishek Agrawal
    Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
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