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Integrately vs Zapier: Why more people flock to Integrately

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
January 17, 2023
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    Integrately and Zapier are 2 automation tools that have made a big name for themselves. 

    Zapier started earlier & dominated the market for years, giving it a first-hand advantage.

    Integrately joined a little later but gained popularity in just 3 short years.

    So, is Integrately quietly becoming the new favorite, or is Zapier holding its ground?

    Let’s find out.

    Integrately vs Zapier – Quick Comparison


    Free plan
    • 100 tasks
    • 24/5 live chat support
    • 100 tasks
    • No customer support
    AI Workflow Builder Available Available
    Workflows 20 Million+ of ready-to-deploy 1-click automations Recommends popular Zaps (workflows)
    Automation Expert Free of Cost Can be hired (need to pay extra)
    Customer Support 24/5 live chat support on all the plans (including the free plan)
    • No support for free plan
    • Email support on all paid plans
    • 12/5 chat support only on Professional (2000 tasks) or higher plan (starting from $49)
    Number of apps 1100+ apps 6000+ apps
    Tables & interfaces (data-intensive features) External app integrations available with data-oriented tools Internally integrated into Zapier
    • Pricing starts from $19.99 for 2000 tasks
    • Saves at least 62% costs compared to Zapier on all the plans
    • Gives 2.5x to 7.5x times more tasks than Zapier
    Pricing starts from $19.99 per month for 750 tasks
    Best-Suited For
    • Freelancers
    • Startups
    • Businesses of any size
    • Techies & Non-techies
    Large enterprises
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    Integrately vs Zapier: Pricing


    % Savings with Integrately
    Give it a try! Free Plan : 100 tasks Free Plan : 100 tasks NA
    Take the first step Starter Plan $19.99/month (2,000 tasks) Professional Plan $19.99/month (750 tasks) 62.49%
    Scale up your automations Professional Plan $39/month (10,000 tasks) Professional Plan $39/month (1,500 tasks) 84.6%
    Grow with your Team Growth/Team Plan $99/month (30,000 tasks) Team Plan $69/month (2,000 tasks) 90.4%
    Enterprise-level Automation Business Plan $239/month (150,000 tasks) FContact Sales NA

    The numbers clearly show that Integrately is much more affordable than Zapier.

    To be specific, it offers 2.5X – 7.5X more tasks than Zapier on all the paid plans.

    So lets calculate the cost savings you make by choosing Integrately over Zapier.

    Starter Plan 62.49% cost savings over Zapier

    Here’s how 👇

    To calculate the savings, we first need to calculate the cost per task

    Cost per task = Total Cost / Number of Tasks

    • Integrately cost per task: 19.99 / 2000 = $0.009995
    • Zapier cost per task: 19.99 / 750 = $0.026653333

    Cost Savings = 1 – (Integrately cost per task / Zapier cost per task) × 100

    Cost Savings = 1 – (0.009995​ / 0.026653333) × 100

    Cost Savings = 62.49%

    Cost Savings: Integrately offers a cost savings of approximately 62.49% compared to Zapierfor the Starter Plan.

    You get everything in the Free plan and additional features like 24/5 Live Chat Customer Support (in comparison to Zapier)

    Professional Plan 84.08% cost savings over Zapier

    Here’s how 👇

    Applying the same calculations in the professional plan, you save 84.6% with Integrately.

    You get everything in the starter plan and additional features (in comparison to Zapier) like:

    • 24*5 Live Chat Customer Support
    • Scheduler (to schedule any task)
    • Iterator (for creating a loop)

    Growth Plan 90.48% cost savings over Zapier

    Here’s how 👇

    Integrately provides a cost savings of around 90.4% compared to Zapier for the Growth/Team Plan.

    You get everything in the Professional plan and additional features (in comparison to Zapier) like:

    • Dedicated Account Manager + Live Chat Support
    • Folder Permissions

    Winner: Integrately

    Why: At least 62% cost savings over Zapier on all the paid plans. Additionally, you get 2.5x to 7.5x more tasks than Zapier.

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    Integrately vs Zapier: Apps Supported

    Zapier: 6000+ apps and Integrately: 1100+ apps

    Yes we agree, Zapier has more apps. We’re not jealous though!

    So, Imagine where we’ll be in 7 years!

    Besides, Integrately already covers most of the everyday apps we all use. So, most probably, all your apps exist in our app list.

    If you don’t find your app in the list, we’ve got Webhook support.😎 And our automation experts can set it up for you completely free

    Bonus – Integrately gladly welcomes user requests for their supported apps. Simply submit your request, and we’ll list the app for you in no time. 🙂

    Winner: Zapier

    Why: Zapier offers more apps

    P.S.: Is Zapier a clear winner? 🤔

    Let’s rethink – Integrately supports most of your popular everyday apps.

    So, first, check if all your apps exist in our app integration list.

    And then decide for yourself – Zapier OR 62% cost savings?

    Integrately vs Zapier

    Before we get into the analysis, here’s a brief overview of both tools.

    What is Integrately?

    Integrately is your go-to 1-click automation tool. It effortlessly connects your favorite apps and automates workflows with ease.

    It offers 20 million+ ready-to-use 1-click automations to kickstart your automation journey in no time. To ease it further, you get

    • Text-to-automation AI
    • Guided automation setup process (Guided UI)

    Even with this simplicity, you still have access to robust customization features such as

    • Multi-step automations
    • Data filtering
    • Data modification
    • Scheduling
    • Branching (if-else conditions)
    • Webhooks, and much more

    With features like 24/5 live chat support and flexible pricing plans, Integrately ensures that automation is accessible to everyone

    • Freelancers
    • Startups
    • Businesses of any size
    • Techies & Non-techies
    💡Editor’s Note: What is Branching & Webhook? What is Branching?

    Think of branching in automation as providing different sets of instructions for different situations. It occurs when you apply If/Else conditions. Ex. If the deal is in the proposal stage, add a task in my name; else send a follow-up mail to the lead.

    What is Webhook?

    If you wish to integrate an application with Integrately, which we do not currently support, you may use the Webhook/API app. You can use it to –

    • Send data to any application
    • Receive data from any application

    It is more likely to be used by developers. However, your dedicated account manager can also set it up for you completely free.

    What is Zapier?

    Zapier is a no-code automation tool that allows you to connect and automate workflows between different web applications.

    Creating a Zap (an automated workflow in Zapier) is a straightforward process.

    It offers a range of pre-built Zaps called Zap Templates, saving you time and effort in setting up common automations. Plus, it has advanced features like

    • Text-to-automation AI
    • Multi-step Zaps
    • Filtering
    • If/else paths
    • Scheduling
    • Table and Interfaces

    Tables and interfaces are recent features introduced to enhance your data management. They allow you to create, manage, and visualize databases effortlessly.

    But Zapier’s hefty pricing is best suited only for large enterprises.

    Integrately vs Zapier: Feature Comparison Guide

    Let’s break down how Integrately and Zapier compare in detail:

    Integrately vs Zapier: Free Plan

    • Integrately offers a free plan that includes 100 tasks, webhook connections, and 24/5 live chat support.
    • Zapier offers a free plan that includes 100 tasks, but no webhook or customer support.

    🏆 Winner: Integrately

    Integrately vs Zapier: Ease of Use

    • Features like 1-click ready-to-use automation, text-to-automation AI, guided UI, and help docs + videos make Integrately very easy to use.
    • When it comes to UI, Zapier is just as easy to use as Integrately. It also offers features like Zapier AI, pre-made Zap templates, help docs, and videos.

    🏆 Winner: Tie Up

    Integrately vs Zapier: Support

    • Integrately offers 24/5 live chat support, no matter your plan, to get your queries resolved right away. This includes the free plan too.
    • Zapier offers no customer support on the free plan, while on paid plans, you get 12/5 chat support only on the Professional plan or higher (starting from $49).

    🏆 Winner: Integrately

    Integrately vs Zapier: Which Integration Tool is the best?

    The comparison between Integrately and Zapier reveals several key distinctions

    • Integrately saves at least 62% costs compared to Zapier
    • Integrately offers 24/5 live chat support on all plans, which is not available in Zapier
    • Zapier supports more number of apps
    • Zapier offers data-centric features like Tables and Interfaces. These features are often sought after by large organizations that handle complex and extensive data.

    Therefore, Integrately is best suited for freelancers, startups, and businesses of all sizes, while Zapier is best suited only for large enterprises.

    Bonus Tip: For heavy data integration, Zapier alternatives like and Jitterbit might provide you with more value at much more affordable prices. Let’s find out how these alternatives compare with Zapier.

    FAQs about Integrately vs Zapier

    Is there something better than Zapier?

    Yes! There are better alternatives available which you can check here.

    Who is Zapier's competitor?

    Zapier has many competitors such as Pabbly, IFTTT, and Integromat but the most prominent one being Integrately.

    Does Integrately have a free plan?

    Yes! Integrately offers a free 14 days trial.

    What is Integrately app?

    Integrately is an automation platform that provides millions of ready-to-use 1-click integrations to help streamline your workflow.

    Is Zapier free to use?

    Yes! Zapier is free to use with 100 tasks per month.
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