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Integrately vs Integromat (make.com)

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
January 18, 2023
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    Integrately vs Integromat (make.com)

    Labor-intensive work is always a challenge to look after. That’s why automation tools have become essential in the workplace. For many, Integrately and Integromat (make.com) are the most popular choices. But which one should you pick? To decipher this, let’s examine the differences between Integrately and Integromat (make.com).

    What is the main difference between Integrately and Integromat (make.com)

    The main difference between Integrately & Integromat (make.com) lies in the level of technicality and user interface they offer. 

    Integrately’s user-friendly interface helps users easily automate workflows in a few clicks irrespective of their technical background. Furthermore, an extensive library of ready-to-use 1-click automations and the ability to build custom workflows ensure a smooth automation journey.

    Integromat’s (make.com) user interface is easy-going on the eyes, but it takes you through a complex process to set up automation. However, sophisticated options like scripting capabilities allow technical users to set up complex integrations and automation.

    8 Million+ Ready Automations
    For 750+ Apps

    Key features of Integrately vs Integromat (make.com)

    FeaturesIntegratelyIntegromat (make.com)
    No. of apps supported1000+1000+
    Difficulty level

    Easy to use
    Reason: Simple structure & easy-to-follow process

    Difficult to use
    Reason: Technicalities make it difficult to follow

    OnboardingUser-friendly interface, On-demand live demoGuide tour to help you get started
    Workflow templatesMillions of ready-to-use 1-click automationsPre-built work templates (workflows)
    Template SharingAvailable on all the plansAvailable on the top-tier plans
    Premium featuresAvailable on all except the basic Starter planAvailable on the top-tier plans
    Webhook connectionAvailable on all the plans including the free trialAvailable on all the plans except the free plan
    Support24/5 expert support offered through chat, email, and phoneA form submission to raise grievances to the support team
    Automation expertFree of costN/A

    Pricing: Integrately vs Integromat (make.com)

    Both Integrately and Integromat (make.com) offer either a free trial/plan. Here’s a breakdown of the paid pricing plans and associated tasks that each offers.

    Integrately Integromat (make.com)
    Plans Pricing Plans Pricing
    Starter $19.99(2,000 tasks) Core $9(10,000 tasks)
    Professional $39(10,000 tasks) Pro $16(10,000 tasks)
    Growth $99(30,000 tasks) Teams $29(10,000 tasks)
    Business $239(150,000 tasks) Enterprise Custom pricing

    As you increase your plan level, you get access to more advanced features. The price increases further if you choose a higher task limit on any plan. As such, it’s important to decide what kind of automation you need and then pick the plan accordingly. Moreover, Integrately has a limited-time early bird offer for you.

    How workflows differ

    The level of technicality forms the foundational difference between Integrately and Integromat (make.com) workflows. We shall discuss how it affects the learning curve of both platforms.

    The easy-to-use Integrately interface simplifies the task of automating complex workflows. Furthermore, millions of ready-to-use 1-click automations make it easier for users to set up automations without any technical know-how. 

    One click Automation

    Just select the apps you want to connect and pick one from the available 1-click automations or choose custom triggers/actions.

    App automation Flow

    The automation wizard will walk you through certain steps to securely connect your account and map the desired fields.

    Connect app account

    You can also build custom workflows from scratch and personalize them further using the visual ‘Automation Builder’. The automation builder lets you add more apps, modify data, and apply conditional filters.

    Add multiple apps, modify data, or apply conditional logic in Integrately automation builder

    As an added advantage, Integrately provides you with a dedicated account manager to help you build personalized workflows free of cost.

    Integromat’s (make.com) interface includes a powerful set of visual tools. The readily available templates & drag-and-drop builder make it easy to set up basic scenarios (workflows).

    Templates section from Integromat

    In Integromat (make.com), you must select the first app and map associated fields.

    Select your app & map desired fields to create a scenario (workflow) in Integromat (make.com)

    Now, repeat the procedure for the apps you want to connect.

    Add multiple apps in Integromat (make.com) scenarios

    However, the automation setup process is slightly difficult to follow and the use of technical terms adds to the complexity while dealing with intricate workflows. All these reasons account for a steep learning curve.

    Who Should Purchase Integrately

    Integrately is best suited for automating all your business processes irrespective of the task complexity. 

    There are plans tailored to the needs of everyone, from individual entrepreneurs to small businesses and even large enterprises that deal with complex operations. 

    The 24*5 customer support and your dedicated automation expert manager make it easier to start automating tasks in no time.

    Who Should Purchase Integromat (make.com)

    Integromat (make.com) is best suited for developers and advanced users who are comfortable dealing with technical terms while setting up automations. 

    The wide range of available features makes it easier for tech-savvy users to give a touch of personalization to their automations.


    In conclusion, both Integrately and Integromat (make.com) offer powerful tools to help you automate your business operations effectively. 

    It is important to assess the needs of your business in order to choose the right automation platform. We are sure that our Integrately vs Integromat (make.com) comparison guide will help you decide on the best fit for your business.

    FAQs about Integrately vs Integromat (make.com)

    Is there something better than Integromat (make.com)?

    Zapier & Integrately are better apps than Integromat (make.com) to automate your business.

    Who is Integromat's (make.com) competitor?

    Zapier, Integrately, Microsoft Power Automate, IFTTT, and Workato are some of the popular Integromat (make.com) competitors.

    Is Integromat (make.com) easy to use?

    Integromat (make.com) is slightly complicated to use as it involves certain technicalities.

    Is Integromat (make.com) cheaper than Zapier?

    Integromat (make.com) offers 10,000 tasks for $9 to begin with, which is cheaper than Zapier.

    Is Integromat (make.com) free to use?

    Yes, Integromat (make.com) offers a free forever plan but it caps the tasks at 1000 operations/month.

    What is a task in Integrately?

    Integrately workflows constitute triggers and actions. Whenever an action completes or data is shared, it is counted as a task in Integrately.
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