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    Best IFTTT Alternatives | Integrately

    By Abhishek A Agrawal
    June 24, 2022
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      You have been using too many apps lately to keep up with your business outputs. Whether it is account management, finances, records, communication, collaboration, or anything of that sort, each of the required services has its own app running in your workflow. 

      Now that you want to connect all of these apps and automate your workflow, you are confused about which integration platform to go for. 

      Some say this is good, some say that is good – and you may have come across IFTTT being the best tool. 

      Yes, IFTTT is indeed a great automation tool. It has provided value to many users. However, it doesn’t anymore offer the same user experience. 

      In fact, many other tools have outgrown IFTTT in several areas, which makes them a better alternative to this platform. 

      In this article, we show you some best IFTTT alternatives you wouldn’t want to miss trying. Then you can decide which one would suit your business needs.

      The Best IFTTT Alternatives are

      Here are the best alternatives to IFTTT –

      8 Million+ Ready Automations
      For 750+ Apps


      The basic difference between Integrately and IFTTT is the performance and features. 

      Integrately aims at providing easy-creating integrations. You can connect apps in just 1-click and be guided through the entire process. 

      They offer ready-to-use automation so one doesn’t have to worry about coding or technical skills. Any user with even minimal technical knowledge can create simple to complex integrations.

      Integrately literally makes it obvious and easier for organisations and businesses to simplify their workflow. 

      If now it takes them a considerate time to perform tasks, integrately will reduce that time and help invest the same on other projects – resulting in increased productivity.

      It has all the key features that you may require to adapt to an automation tool –

      • One-click integrations
      • 850+ applications
      • Suggested triggers and recommendations
      • Zero learning curve
      • Chat support
      • Ready guides and solutions

      And it has all the key features required to create automation –

      • Easy app connections
      • Modify data 
      • Add additional apps
      • Set conditions
      • Multi steps
      • Speedy & good response time
      • Extremely inexpensive

      Whereas, IFTTT lacks several features and updates. It even lacks highly recommended apps and is found to be useful for businesses. 

      You cannot modify or add extra apps to your triggers unless you upgrade the account. Although there are reviews on the internet claiming they are extremely free, they have too many limitations.

      While Integrately in its free version offers a lot more. You get 200 tasks, 5 automation, and webhooks.

      IFTTT also has –

      • Slow performance
      • Nearly 25 minutes of update time
      • Update time depends on applications
      • Expensive
      • Complicated user interface
      • Learning curve

      So looking at the differences, Integrately is actually a better alternative to IFTTT. It’s easy, fast, and offers plenty of features at a very reasonable price.

      User InterfaceEasy and SimpleLearning Curve
      Customization optionsAvailable in free versionAvailable in the pro version
      TasksStarts @ 14,000 tasks/mStarts @ 20 Applets/m
      SolutionsProvides safety tips, Steps, and SolutionsNil
      SupportChat, Telephone, EmailForm submission


      Starter / Pro$19 14,000 Tasks – 20 Automation$5 20 Applets
      Professional / Pro+$39 40,000 Tasks – 50 Automation$10 Unlimited Applets
      Growth$99 150,000 Tasks – Unlimited Automation
      Business$239 700,000 Tasks – Unlimited Automation


      Workato is the most popular Enterprise Automation Platform on the market. 

      It allows business and IT teams to integrate apps and simplify business workflows while maintaining security and governance. It also allows businesses to get real-time results from business events.

      Pros and Cons


      Ease of use

      Incredible support staff

      Easy configuration

      Low learning curve



      Requires technical skills at times

      Pre-built recipe is not available for all apps

      Fewer solutions


      Workato quotes pricing depending on your requirements from the tool. 

      WorkSpace (Required) –

      • Unlimited apps
      • Unlimited connections
      • Unlimited users

      Add Ons (As Needed) –

      • Recipe individually or in packs
      • Pack sizes – 10, 25, 50, and 100
      • Access 400,000+ pre-built recipes


      Outfunnel synchronises customer data across sales and marketing technologies, as well as tracking all marketing actions in your CRM. This frees up time for marketing and allows sales to concentrate on the most potential leads.

      It’s great for small to medium-sized firms where Sales and Marketing work closely.

      Pros and Cons


      Training and documentation available

      Value for money

      Easy automation

      Collect data in CRM


      Not suitable for complex triggers

      Limited features


      EnterpriseContact Sales


      Exalate is the most comprehensive and adaptable synchronisation solution available for issue trackers, task management systems and service desks. 

      Experience seamless team collaboration across trackers with Exalate. It is for any type of collaboration, including internal and external teams. Exalate has the ability to connect everything useful.

      Pros and Cons


      Easy to configure

      Excellent support

      a Good number of integrations


      High learning curve


      Zendesk Cloud$95/m billed annually
      Github Cloud
      Azure DevOps
      $295/m billed annually
      HP QC/ALM
      Contact sales

      FAQs about IFTTT

      Who are IFTTT's Competitors?

      Some of the IFTTT’s competitors are -

      • Integrately
      • Zapier
      • Outfunnel
      • Automate.io, etc

      Is there anything better than IFTTT?

      Yes, Integrately is a lot better than IFTTT.

      Is there a free version of IFTTT?

      Yes, IFTTT offers a free version to its customers before they upgrade.

      What is IFTTT pro?

      IFTTT pro is a pricing plan costs $5 and offers 20 Applets.
      Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
      Abhishek is the founder of Integrately, CompanyHub, and Dreamwares. He is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. He is always looking to leverage technology for the growth of the business. He has a deep understanding of how businesses work and uses this knowledge to build products that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
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