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How to Create a Form in Asana

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 8, 2022
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    Asana is a systematic and powerful project management tool. It offers a wide range of features so you can collaborate effectively and generate efficient results.

    Among so many features, Form is one of the interesting customization options Asana provides. It lets you collect essential information about your team and helps in project management.

    Each form you create will be connected to its specific project. So when someone fills the form you created, it will be visible as a new task under that project. 

    This will assist you in collecting, updating, and generating necessary data. 

    Asana actually offers this customization feature to paid customers under Premium, Business and Enterprise categories. In case you have been provided with a free 30-days trial, you can utilize the feature for some time. 

    Otherwise, you can upgrade your Asana account and make the most of the many features available to simplify your workflow.

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    How to Create a Form in Asana

    To create a form in Asana,

    • Sign in to your Asana account

    • Click ‘Customize’ on the right

    • Scroll down to ‘Forms’

      Create form in asana

    • Click ‘Add Form’

    • Customize your Form

      Customize Form

    • And hit ‘Done’. Your Form is created!

      form Created

    Asana Form template comes with two default questions. You can choose to keep or delete it accordingly. 

    On the right-hand side, you can see customization options. You can select the question types, attachments, dates and more as required to collaborate effectively with your team. 


    Key Point – If you are deleting the email address section, the form fillers will not receive notification of submission. 

    For additional settings to your Form,

    • Go to ‘Settings’, next to ‘Questions’ on the right sidebar

    • Select a question response for the task title

      Task Setting

    • Set a default assignee

    • Set a custom confirmation message

      Confirmation message

    • Enable copying responses to task description if you wish

    • Hit done!

    How to Share and Use your Asana Form

    To share your Asana Form,

    • Go to ‘Add Form’

      Asana Add Form

    • Create a ‘Form’

    • Head to the ‘Share’ button on the top right corner

      Share Form

    • Choose who should have access to the form

    • Click ‘Copy Link’

    • Now share the link with your team

    As they fill and submit the form, a new task will be created under the project connected to the form. And the submitters will receive a confirmation email for their submission.

    When should you Use Asana Forms

    You should use Asana forms to collect the necessary information to complete your tasks and responsibilities. Every time a new form is submitted, you receive data important for your projects and business.

    You can then export Asana data for further analytics and sharing.

    Key Features of Forms in Asana

    Here are key features of forms in Asana

    • Create a questionnaire as per your requirements

    • Create a custom submission message

    • Send an instant confirmation email

    • Set default assignee

    • Add attachments

    • Set due dates

    • Share forms

    FAQs about Asana

    Can you Create Multiple Forms for a Project in Asana?

    Yes, you can create multiple forms for a project in Asana if you have a business account.
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