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Powerful Ways to Use Facebook Lead Ads + SendGrid Integrations

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
February 2, 2023
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    Integrate Facebook Lead Ads + SendGrid

    If you have been looking forward to improving your marketing funnels and sales, you must include marketing automation in your business. 

    If you’re wondering why, the answer is that it makes it easier for you to handle your leads and clients, giving you more time to concentrate on other tasks. Software for marketing automation comes in a variety of forms, each with a unique set of characteristics. 

    The few typical features are – Email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and website tracking.

    The two common marketing tools are Facebook Lead Ads (for generating leads) and SendGrid (for marketing email campaigns). And the efficiency of your lead generation efforts can be greatly improved by integrating the two – Facebook Lead Ads + SendGrid. 

    This will not only help you generate leads but also help follow up with potential customers more quickly by sending leads directly to your email marketing service, leading to more chances of converting customers.

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    How Does Facebook Lead Ads Work?

    A sort of advertising called Facebook Lead Ads enables businesses to receive leads directly from Facebook. Without leaving Facebook, lead advertising let you gather details from prospective customers, such as their names and email addresses. 

    When someone clicks on your lead ad, they are redirected to a form where they can fill up their data or use the automatic data-filling feature. The data now is automatically added to your Facebook Lead Ads database after they submit the form. Following that, the integration enables you to automatically add the data to your email marketing platform and creates a list.

    How Does SendGrid Work?

    A cloud-based email service called SendGrid enables companies to send out bulk emails. It functions by integrating with a company’s website and then using the website’s data to create email marketing campaigns. SendGrid also keeps track of how many receivers open and click through the emails, enabling them to determine which campaigns are effective and which ones require improvement.

    Why Integrate Facebook Lead Ads + SendGrid

    There are many reasons why you should integrate Facebook lead ads with SendGrid. The integration assists you in collecting more leads from the target audience you set in your Facebook Lead Ads, and then helps you send automated marketing emails from SendGrid. 

    This connection between the two tools can automatically increase the chances of more and better customer conversions. In fact, using SendGrid for your email marketing campaigns can help you improve your email deliverability rates, ensuring that all of your emails arrive in the inboxes of your audiences.

    Advantages of Connecting Facebook Lead Ads + SendGrid

    Here are a few advantages of connecting Facebook Lead Ads + SendGrid

    • Improves your email marketing campaigns
    • Automatically Sends customer information collected from Facebook Lead Ads to the SendGrid email list. 
    • Improves email deliverability and clickthrough rates
    • The integration can reduce and save time invested in generating manual leads
    • Facebook prompts automated information filling makes it simpler for users to respond to Facebook Lead Ads,
    • And, improves the chances of better and heightened returns on marketing investments.

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    Powerful Ways To Connect Facebook Lead Ads + SendGrid

    1. Send SendGrid email for new Facebook Lead Ads lead

    Find all the powerful ways to connect Facebook Lead Ads + SendGrid or create your own integration In clicks.

    How To Integrate Facebook Lead Ads With SendGrid

    To create a Facebook Lead Ads + SendGrid integration using Integrately, you need to follow these steps –

    • Sign up and create an Integrately account if you don’t have one already
    • Search for Facebook Lead Ads in the search bar from the home page
    Facebook Lead Ads
    • Now search for the SendGrid application to connect both apps
    Facebook Lead Ads Integrations
    • Now click on the trigger or create your own to get started
    • Integrately will ask you to connect Facebook Lead Ads
    • Connect to your Facebook Lead Ads account using your credentials
    Facebook Lead Ads Login page
    • Once this is connected, Integrately will ask you to connect SendGrib
    • Connect the SendGrid account using your login credentials
    • Then you will be redirected to the automation page
    • Follow all the automation steps and run a test
    • And boom! You are ready to make the automation live.

    How Integrately Enables Powerful Integrations

    Integrately enables powerful integrations by offering an easy-to-navigate interface and simple ways to create automation. It helps you throughout the journey of creating the required automation and provides you with relevant video solutions. 

    Businesses can easily manage, improve and enhance efficiency in their work using integrately. 

    FAQs about Facebook Lead Ads + SendGrid Integrations

    Does Facebook Lead Ads integrate with SendGrid?

    Yes, Facebook Lead Ads integrate with SendGrid!

    Can you integrate Facebook Lead Ads with SendGrid for free?

    Yes, you can integrate Facebook Lead Ads with SendGrid for free depending on the tool you use and how long they offer free trials.
    Abhishek Agrawal
    Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
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