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Powerful Ways to Use Facebook Lead Ads + MailUp Integrations

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
February 7, 2023
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    Integrate Facebook Lead Ads + MailUp

    📈 The power of email marketing is evident, with 2022 conversion rates reaching a staggering 8.17%. That’s 9 out of 100 people purchasing from an advertised email! 💰

    And with a mere 15% profit margin per sale, imagine the substantial profits that can be generated.

    But wait, there’s more! How do you handle the influx of leads?🤔

    Manually transferring lead information from Facebook Lead Ads to MailUp can be time-consuming.

    It’s time to streamline the process and automate it! By integrating Facebook Lead Ads with MailUp, you’ll be able to capture and nurture leads, ultimately driving more conversions effortlessly.💰

    Why Integrate Facebook Lead Ads + MailUp

    💡Let’s consider a practical scenario:

    A real estate company runs a Facebook Lead Ad campaign to collect information from potential home buyers.

    💻 Using MailUp, the company can automatically sync the lead information from Facebook into its email list.

    📊 MailUp can then analyze the lead information and segment them based on their interests (e.g. type of home, budget, location).

    📧 The real estate company can then use this information to send personalized email campaigns to each lead segment. For example, it can send a campaign promoting homes that fit their budget and preferred location.

    💻 By integrating Facebook Lead Ads and MailUp, the real estate company can save time and resources and increase the chances of converting leads into customers. 🏠

    Therefore, integrating Facebook Lead Ads with MailUp allows businesses to streamline their lead generation and email marketing processes. By connecting these two platforms, companies can:

    • Automatically sync leads from Facebook Lead Ads to MailUp
    • Segment leads based on their interests and behaviors
    • Strategize targeted and personalized email campaigns

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    Advantages of Connecting Facebook Lead Ads + MailUp

    The advantages of using this integration are:

    • Automated lead syncing from Facebook Lead Ads to MailUp means avoiding manual data entry and saving time
    • An increased conversion rate also leads to increased ROI
    • Lead segmentation based on their interests and behaviors to create more effective email campaigns. 
    • Efficient Leads Management with centralized data.
    • Performance monitoring of email campaigns with lead scoring, conversion tracking, and advanced reporting features.

    Powerful Automations for Facebook Lead Ads + MailUp

    When leads are generated through Facebook Lead Ads, you need to save the lead info in MailUp to start a customer pipeline journey. However, manually syncing the lead info between these two applications becomes extremely bizarre and time-consuming. 

    Instead, use this👇 automation to automatically sync leads between both applications.

    Now, as an entrepreneur or a marketing manager, you won’t have time to message your team in MailUp, every time a new lead is generated from Facebook Lead Ads. However, you can automate the process by using this👇 automation.

    Find all the powerful ways to connect Facebook Lead Ads + MailUp or create your own integration in clicks.

    How Does Facebook Lead Ads Work?

    Picture this: Your potential customers are scrolling through their Facebook feed📱 when they come across one of your lead ads. With just a single click, they are presented with a form containing their pre-filled information – name, email address, phone number – all they have to do is hit submit. And just like that, their lead information is automatically captured! 💥

    This is how Facebook Lead Ads work. However, these ads are shown on other Meta applications like Instagram also. Just imagine the time and effort⏳ saved from manually entering lead information. Once they submit the form, you can download all your contacts through your Meta Ads Manager.

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    How Does MailUp Work?

    MailUp is an all-in-one platform that streamlines email marketing efforts. With MailUp, businesses can easily create, send, and track email campaigns.

    Its user-friendly BEE editor and drag-and-drop features make creating visually appealing emails a breeze💨.

    But that’s not all – MailUp also offers integration with other tools and platforms, allowing for a comprehensive marketing stack and automation of the marketing process🤖. With it you can easily manage your subscribers, segmenting them based on behaviors and interests, for targeted and personalized campaigns.

    You can also track the success of your campaigns with MailUp’s detailed statistics, including click-through and conversion rates, and get a complete overview with the Aggregate Report feature📊.

    Take your email marketing to the next level with MailUp! 🚀

    MailUp Work

    How To Integrate Facebook Lead Ads With MailUp

    Follow these simple steps to integrate Facebook Lead Ads with MailUp:

    Step 1: Signup for Integrately (

    Step 2: Select Facebook Lead Ads as your first app and MailUp as the second one

    Step 3: A) Choose from a list of popular ready-to-use 1-click automations


     B) Select your custom trigger and action

    How to connect and set up automations for Facebook Lead Ads & MailUp integration in Integrately?

    Step 4: Follow the prompts to securely connect your Facebook Lead Ads and MailUp account with Integrately.

    Step 5: Once connected, map the required fields for your connection and make your automation LIVE!

    Mapping of fields for Facebook Lead Ads + MailUp integration

    How Integrately Enables Powerful Integrations

    Integrately is a powerful automation tool that eliminates redundancies and manual tasks to help your business thrive. Offering support for over 1000+ applications, Integrately streamlines workflow processes and 🚀boosts efficiency – allowing you to focus on the bigger picture instead of time-consuming activities.

    Integrately provides

    ✅ 24/5 customer support

    ✅ Dedicated automation expert at no additional cost

    ✅ Millions of ready-to-use 1-click automations

    ✅ A user-friendly interface

    ✅ Powerful automation builder for customizable workflows

    But you don’t need to take our word for it! Consider what G2 has to say about Integrately. Try it out for yourself and be amongst the 10000+ satisfied customers 😃.

    FAQs about Facebook Lead Ads + MailUp Integrations

    Does Facebook Lead Ads integrate with MailUp?

    Yes, Facebook Lead Ads easily integrates with MailUp using Integrately. Find all the popular automations for Facebook Lead Ads + MailUp.

    Can you integrate Facebook Lead Ads with MailUp for free?

    You can integrate Facebook Lead Ads with MailUp. But as MailUp doesn’t offer a native integration for Facebook Lead Ads, you can use Integrately instead.
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