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Organize Your Day With These Mac To-Do List Apps

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
May 2, 2022
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    If pen-and-paper to-do lists just don’t cut it, a Mac-based to-do list app might make for a helpful alternative. Some of these apps provide key features like attachments, reminders, and notes, which you can use to streamline your daily routine and personal tasks.

    If you’re looking for a better way to organize your tasks, consider these to-do apps and project management software. Plus, our recommendations are fully Mac-friendly and can integrate with many of your existing productivity tools.

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    What Makes A Great To-Do List App For Mac

    While most basic to-do list management apps provide everything you need, some notable features make them extra-compatible with Mac users, including:

    • Cross-platform support: If you use multiple devices or operating systems, you should be able to sync your tasks across each one.
    • Keyboard shortcuts: Manually creating tasks can quickly become time-consuming. As such, Mac-friendly keyboard shortcuts can be beneficial.
    • Integrations: The best to-do list apps for Mac should integrate with existing tools like Apple Reminders or Apple Calendar. Some apps even work across multiple devices like your iPhone or Apple Watch.
    • Automatic backups: If you have a long list of tasks or often add new ones, automatic saving is essential.

    Why Should I Use A To-Do List App

    While there is nothing inherently wrong with pen-and-paper to-do lists, they may not be as helpful as their digital counterparts. Here are a few ways you can benefit from using task management apps.

    • Automatic task reminders: It can be all too easy to forget a few assignments when dealing with multiple projects. Fortunately, you can use software to get time and location-based reminders to keep you on track.
    • Calendar integration: Do you like to see your tasks spread across a calendar? Apps with a built-in calendar view can help you manage your day or week better.
    • Better organization: Filter tasks to quickly sift through your assignments for the day.

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    Our Top Picks For The Best To-Do List Apps For Mac In 2024

    Here are the best to-do app in the market that we recommend for Mac users.


    For users who don’t mind going outside of the Apple ecosystem, an app like Todoist can provide everything you need. It is an advanced task management platform with Mac-based notifications and keyboard shortcuts. You can also schedule reminders and invites using Integrately.


    • Custom views: Get a look at all of your tasks in calendar view or as part of a kanban board.
    • Extensions: You can get reminders via browser extensions if you want to keep track of your tasks throughout the workday.


    • Limited freemium plan: If you want to get access to all of Todoist’s extra features, expect to pay for its premium version. Otherwise, its basic version has limited features.


    Todoist’s Pro plan costs $3/month per user, while a Business plan costs $5/month per user.


    Things offers the best combination of design and functionality, with powerful features like task hierarchies, a built-in calendar app, native notifications, and more.


    • Task nesting: Organize areas into projects with tasks and sub-tasks. Create a clear hierarchy of assignments with an abundance of additional features. You can also set recurring tasks.
    • Mac integrations: Things integrates with nearly every built-in Apple software.


    • No natural language processing: Using Siri with the Things app can get clunky – you’ll have to input your tasks precisely.


    You can get Things for Mac for a one-time purchase of $49.99. It also comes with a 15-day free trial.


    If you’re looking for power user applications and are very precise about how you organize your tasks, we recommend OmniFocus. Take advantage of three project types and six task views to customize your assignments fully. Professional project managers will love this!


    • Forecast: See upcoming tasks in banner or notification view a few hours or days before they’re due.
    • Review: Go over and archive tasks you’ve already completed.


    • Cluttered interface: Because of all the advanced features and task views OmniFocus offers, using the app can be confusing at times. Unless you’re working on complex projects and require recurring tasks management, we don’t recommend OmniFocus.


    You can get OmniFocus for Mac for a one-time fee of $49.99 with a 14-day free trial.

    Microsoft To Do

    Try Microsoft To Do if you’re looking for a to-do list app with basic features. This aesthetically pleasing project management app comes with all the key features you need and integrates well with dozens of software. You can also automate collaborative functions with Integrately.


    • Customization options: Keep better track of your tasks using custom filters and backdrops. 
    • Collaboration features: Enjoy list sharing and update tasks with different team members.


    • No keyboard shortcuts: You’ll have to add tasks manually, as there are no quick keyboard shortcuts.


    Microsoft To Do is free to use.


    For users with multiple devices, 2Do has the most powerful syncing options. You can use it on your desktop or mobile devices (including your Android device if you have one).


    • Today widget: Get a clear overview of your tasks for the day while looking over upcoming assignments.
    • Smart lists: Get multiple views of your tasks and automatically filter them according to pre-set tags.


    • No calendar integration: There’s no way to view calendar events via Google Calendar or Apple Calendar – you’ll have to rely entirely on the 2Do app.


    2Do for Mac costs a one-time fee of $49.99 with a 21-day free trial.


    If native integrations mean a lot to you, TickTick works with virtually every Mac software there is. It also has a clean interface similar to many Mac apps and native notifications.


    • Menu bar view: Get a quick look at your tasks for the day with a mini to-do list view.
    • Keyboard shortcuts: If you use TickTick in unison with other compatible apps, you can quickly create new unlimited tasks using a universal keyboard shortcut.


    • No free trial: The only way to try out TickTick’s advanced features is to pay for a premium plan.


    Pricing plans with TickTick start at $2.99/user/month.


    Freelance workers will love 7todos for its multiple workspaces and Integrately compatibility. It is also an excellent collaboration tool that allows you to share lists with others.


    • Collaborative projects: Create shared workspaces for work and home.
    • Intelligent filters: Filter daily tasks using smart filters.


    • No free task exports: You can only export unlimited tasks with a Beyond plan.


    An Advance 7todos plan costs $11.99/year per user, while a Beyond plan costs $29.99/year per user.

    What’s The Best Mac To-Do List App For You

    The best Mac to-do list app for you will depend on whether you need software for work or as a daily tasks planner. For instance, if you need something with a strong collaboration option, you should consider TickTick. If you’re on a budget and are looking for something with a simple interface, we recommend Microsoft To Do.

    If you’re a Mac user, finding the best to-do list app for your specific needs can be challenging. To pick the right product, you’ll need to figure out what you’re going to be using the app for, and what extra features you might find useful. If you’re able to do that, then one of the products listed above can help simplify your workday. 

    And if you want to add on other integrations to your To-do list app, you can try Integrately!

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    FAQs about To-Do List Apps For Mac

    Does Apple have a to-do list app?

    Yes. Apple’s built-in to-do list app is Apple Reminders.

    Is there a sticky note app for Mac?

    Yes. Stickies is the sticky note app for Mac.
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