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Top 10 Best Time Blocking Apps In 2024 | Integrately

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 20, 2024
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    Does it feel like there are not enough hours in a day to do all the work and personal tasks you need to be doing? Do you feel like you’ve done so much work but there is still more work to be done? If you need help increasing and managing your productivity, then time blocking might just be what you need. 

    Time blocking is a time management technique that breaks down your work hours into chunks of time dedicated to specific tasks. This helps you be more productive and forces you to set aside time for essential work. 

    Read on to learn more about the different time blocking apps that can help you with time blocking and manage your schedule more efficiently.

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    What Makes A Great Time Blocking App?

    While there are a lot of apps for time blocking available, the best apps have the following key benefits:

    • Simple design: Makes it very easy to use
    • Time management technique: Anti-multitasking features allow you to focus on the task at hand and set aside time per task
    • Calendar integration: Can be synced with your existing calendar app
    • Project management tools: Doubles as a task manager and a daily planner

    What Are The Benefits Of Using Time Blocking Apps?

    A time tracking app will help you focus more at work while also increasing your productivity. It also gives you the time to do more of your actual work, rather than doing menial and obtrusive tasks like replying to emails or work messages.

    Choosing The Best Time Blocking App That Fits Your Workflow

    Choosing the right time blocking app for you is all about finding the app with the features that are aligned with what you need the most. It’s also important to try different apps to find one that works best for you personally. Look for apps that are easy to use, allow you to track multiple projects and clients, and sync with other apps to save time.

    How We Evaluated The Best Time Blocking Apps

    We evaluated 10 time blocking apps for you based on the following:

    • Unique features
    • Pros and cons 
    • Pricing 

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    Our Top Picks For The Best Time Blocking Apps For 2024


    Todoist is basically a to-do app that is also a simple productivity app. It helps you with task management by letting you schedule to-dos in time blocks. You can even link Todoist with productivity tools and set up automations for certain tasks with Integrately.


    • Has a very intuitive user interface
    • Can easily add tasks using Siri
    • Can easily prioritize tasks using deadlines


    • Can’t add subtasks in the inbox view


    There is a free plan plus a premium plan for $36/year.


    Plan is another time blocking app that also acts as a to-do list. You can integrate it with your Gmail or Microsoft Outlook to make time blocking easier. 


    • Can be synced with Salesforce, Zendesk, Jira, and Github
    • Team feed for centralizing all work conversations 
    • Analysis of all your activities, such as total meetings in a month or time you spend on certain tasks


    • Limited integrations with other task management apps


    There is a free plan and a paid plan for $5/month.

    Click here to try Plan.


    Sunsama is an instinctive to-do list app that makes time blocking very easy. If you’re a beginner time blocker, then you will appreciate Sunsama’s guided approach to time blocking. It has a lot of helpful features to ease you into the habit.


    • Schedules time for deep work
    • Can be synced with Slack for more efficient teamwork


    • No free version
    • More expensive versus other time blocking apps


    After the 14-day free trial, you can get the individual plan at $20/month. 

    Click here to try Sunsama.


    Hourstack’s tagline is “the time tracking software you actually want to use”, and we agree. It removes the need for timesheets that take up a lot of everyone’s time. It can also be used to track the number of projects per team member for better workload management.


    • Allows bulk editing of tasks
    • Provides productivity analysis for better insights


    • More expensive premium plan


    The personal plan is $9/month per user, while the Team plan is $12/month per user.

    Click here to try Hourstack.

    TickTick Premium

    Get things done easily with TickTick Premium. It also doubles as a productivity app because it promotes the Pomodoro technique along with time blocking.


    • Built-in Pomodoro timer
    • Flexible and customizable calendar views


    • Doesn’t directly manage calendar appointments from other apps 
    • No calendar view for the free version


    The TickTick Premium plan starts at $2.79/month.
    Click here to try TickTick Premium.


    Timecamp ensures you work smarter, not harder. It offers a variety of features, like an attendance tracker and overtime calculator, that are perfect for business owners managing a whole team.


    • Generates invoices for you
    • Tracks billable and non-billable work
    • Built-in attendance and overtime tracker


    • Limited features for the free plan


    The Basic plan starts at $6.30/month, while the Pro plan is priced at $9/month.

    Click here to try Timecamp.


    If you’re an iOS user, then you will like Fantastical and how seamlessly it integrates with all your Apple devices. 


    • Easy calendar view across all team members for scheduling of meetings
    • Supports widgets for your iPhone and Apple Watch with smart notifications


    • Cluttered dashboard view


    The basic plan is priced at $3.33/month per user, while the Family plan is $5.42/month for 5 users.

    Click here to Fantastical.


    Planyway is the best time blocking app for existing Trello users. You can integrate both apps for a more seamless work experience.


    • Timeline view to keep track of everyone’s progress at a glance
    • Know actual time spent per project versus projected time via the assessment feature


    • Doesn’t work offline


    Planyway has a free plan and a Business plan that starts at $4/month. 

    Click here to try Planyway.

    Focus Booster

    Another time management app that seamlessly integrates the Pomodoro Technique is Focus Booster. It alternates focus time and frequent breaks after every task to help your brain focus better.


    • Digital Pomodoro timer to record your session 
    • Available on mobile, desktop, and web browser 


    • Only 20 sessions per month on the starter plan


    Upgrade to the Professional plan for only $4.99/month.

    Click here to try Focus Booster.


    TimeBloc is a time blocking app for iOS and Android users. It helps beginners get into the habit because of its highly visual approach to time-blocking and its intuitive design.


    • Helps you plan out every part of your day easily via the timeline
    • Get visual statistics of your progress over time


    • Prone to crashing


    TimeBloc Premium is available for a one-time purchase of $19.99.

    Click here to try TimeBloc.

    Find The Best Time Blocking App For You

    To find the time blocking app that works best for you, note the features that you like and try different ones. What works for someone else may not be the best choice for you. That being said, Toggl and Todoist are particularly popular for their intuitive interfaces and useful features.


    Get more out of your day-to-day through time blocking apps, productivity techniques, and Integrately. Automate simple tasks and have free time for other, more productive work, such as growing your business!

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    FAQs about time blocking apps

    Is time blocking really effective?

    Time blocking is really effective for increasing productivity and making more efficient use of your time. Elon Musk and Bill Gates swear by time blocking to track time and manage their daily schedule.

    Is Google Calendar good for time blocking?

    Google Calendar is good for time blocking as it has all the basic features. But if you are looking for more advanced time blocking features, you may want to check out the other apps mentioned in the above list.

    Why is time blocking helpful?

    Time blocking is helpful because it allows you to use your time more efficiently and create higher-impact work, making you more productive in the long run.
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