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8 Best Texting & SMS Apps For 2024

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 2, 2024
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    Text messages or SMS have taken a back seat in recent years thanks to the popularity of messenger apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. However, SMS marketing is still a powerful tool in a business owner’s kit, especially if you run a small business and complemented with other tools like email marketing. Read on for a list of our favorite text message apps on the market today!

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    How Do SMS Apps Work? 

    SMS apps work just like your everyday SMS texts, but on a larger scale. If you have a list of people who’ve opted into your marketing campaigns, you can simply hit send and your SMS messages will be sent to all of them. This saves much more time compared to copy-pasting and sending those messages one by one. 

    You can also time these messages so your marketing campaign is even more effective. For instance, if you run a delivery restaurant, you can set your message to be sent at mealtimes, so people remember to order takeaway from your company.

    What Makes A Great SMS App 

    You need to have several things to be crowned the best SMS app on the market. Here are three things we’ve found to be essential in the best SMS apps: 

    • Easy To Use For Non-Tech Savvy People: SMS marketing shouldn’t require specialists. To save time and money on training, you need an SMS app that’s easy to learn and use. 
    • Offers Low-Volume Premium Plans: As a small-to-medium business owner, you probably don’t need to send texts to hundreds of thousands of people just yet. The best SMS app should let you send messages to a small number of recipients without high monthly costs. 
    • Capable Of Two-Way Messaging: Many SMS apps are one-way text apps. However, you may want to connect better with your customers. With a two-way SMS app, you can hold short conversations to improve customer engagement.

    How We Evaluated The Best SMS Apps 

    It’s tough to look for the best software without any criteria. Here are the four factors we used in picking the best SMS apps: 

    • Features & functionality: Your SMS app needs to do one thing flawlessly – deliver messages to customers. Once that part is covered, then you can look into other supporting features like contact importing.

    • Budget: The best SMS app needs to fit your budget. If you run a small business, you’ll likely have a limited amount of money to afford SMS marketing. Find an app that offers low-volume premium plans or a low monthly cost.

    • Third-party app integrations: An SMS app that’s able to integrate with third-party apps can save time. For instance, integrating your SMS app with Excel lets you import contact lists from CSV files.

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    Our Top Picks For The Best SMS Apps For 2024 

    Here are the eight best SMS apps available today in the market. 


    TextMagic lets you convert emails into SMS messages and send them out to any mobile device. You can also boost its functionality by integrating it with other apps through Integrately. Other excellent features offered by TextMagic are:

    • Two-way messaging: Communicate with clients easily through SMS.

    • SMS attachments: Send images and documents alongside your SMS messages.

    Plans & Pricing

    TextMagic has a pay-as-you-go mechanism. Signing up for an account is free, and messages cost $0.04/text.


    SimpleTexting is an SMS marketing app trusted by major companies like Samsung and Starbucks. Its two-way messaging lets you hold conversations with customers easily. Moreover, you can connect it with thousands of other apps through Integrately. It also offers various advanced features like:

    • Marketing campaign insights: Check on key metrics like click-throughs and delivery on a dashboard.

    • Customer segmentation: Define segments to further personalize your promotional campaigns.

    Plans & Pricing

    SimpleTexting offers monthly plans based on texts sent. Its entry plan costs $29/month for 500 texts.


    Salesmsg ensures your business looks legitimate by providing you with toll-free business phone numbers that can receive calls. Other key features you can find in Salesmsg include:

    • Shared team inbox: Collaborate with your team to reply to texts together.

    • Text scheduling: Send your SMS blasts at the right time – set the date and time, and the app will do the rest.

    Plans & Pricing

    Salesmsg’s monthly plans start at $25/month for 500 texts.

    EZ Texting

    EZ Texting offers a texting service for marketing, customer service, and HR teams. It does so with features such as:

    • Mobile support: Create and send SMS blasts from EZ Texting’s free iOS app.

    • Text design tools: Use Shutterstock photos and hundreds of free templates to create good-looking designs.

    Plans & Pricing

     EZ Texting’s paid plans start at $24/month.


    Twilio is a customer management and marketing platform that lets you communicate with customers through different means – including SMS texts. It also offers thousands of integrations with other apps through Integrately. Some features enjoyed by Twilio users include:

    • Global coverage: Send messages to customers anywhere in the world.

    • Scalable platform: Easily expand your messaging toolbox with support for other messaging apps and multimedia messages.

    Plans & Pricing

    Twilio offers pay-as-you-go SMS pricing at $0.0075/text.


    Wigzo offers bulk message deliveries through an automated SMS platform. Some of its most advanced features are:

    • Abandoned cart reminders: Salvage missed sales with automatic texts to customers who didn’t complete their purchase.

    • Frequency capping: Put an incoming message limit on each customer so your texts won’t be seen as spam.

    Plans & Pricing

    Wigzo allows you to build your own payment plan. SMS-only plans start at $100/month for up to 5000 texts.


    Firepush is one of the best message marketing app choices if you use Shopify. This app helps bring more traffic into your online store through basic features like:

    • Automated SMS messages: Offer a great customer experience through automated messages at every step of the process.

    • Detailed reporting dashboard: Review your SMS campaigns by analyzing ROI, revenue, conversion, and other vital statistics.

    Plans & Pricing

    Firepush has a free plan for up to 250 people on your contact list. It also offers custom pricing for enterprise clients.


    SMSBump is an SMS marketing app available on many e-commerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce. Some of its key features include:

    • Audience targeting: Filter your customers to create a highly-personalized text campaign.

    • SMS tracking: Monitor the performance of your text campaigns on a comprehensive dashboard.

    Plans & Pricing

    Texts through SMSBump costs $0.0149/message.

    Which Texting App Should You Choose? 

    The best texting app for your business should be able to fulfill all your marketing needs at an affordable price. Because there’s no one best SMS app for everyone, be sure to look for one that fulfills all your needs. 

    If you need more functionality from your SMS app, we recommend signing up for Integrately. Create an account today and get access to thousands of free app automations!

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    SMS Apps FAQs 

    There’s a lot to learn when it comes to SMS apps. To help make it easier, here are two of the most common SMS app questions, answered.

    FAQs about SMS Apps

    What is SMS message marketing?

    SMS message marketing is how your company communicates with your audience through SMS messages. This can include campaigns, promotions, sales, or any other marketing activity.

    How can I send free SMS?

    Many SMS marketing apps offer a limited free SMS quota. Once you’ve exceeded that quota, you’ll be charged for every text sent.
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