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Top Texting Apps: Send SMS Messages From Anywhere

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
March 1, 2022
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    If you have a mobile device, you probably use it to send text messages to clients and team members. However, some native text messaging apps lack MMS support or cannot receive video messages, making communication challenging. 

    Thankfully, many third-party SMS clients for Android and iOS can bridge this gap. If you’re looking for a more efficient way to communicate through text, we’ve compiled a list of the best texting apps for different operating systems. 

    What Makes A Great Texting App?

    The best texting app should allow you to keep in touch with anyone. You’ll also want to look out for these factors.

    • Device compatibility: You never know when the person you’re texting is using an Android or iOS device. For good measure, prioritize messaging apps that are compatible with multiple devices.
    • Security: When sending messages with sensitive information, you’ll want to find an app with end-to-end encryption.
    • Interactive experiences: While additional features like video calls and games are not always necessary, they can enhance how you communicate. 

    What Are The Benefits Of Using Texting Apps?

    While most of your consumer base may prefer email or chat as their primary form of communication, texting is far from obsolete. If you plan on investing in a texting app, here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy.

    • Instant communication: There is no quicker way to communicate than by sending a text, which does not require an internet connection to work.
    • Affordable: Nowadays, the cost of texting isn’t as expensive as it used to be, and you don’t even need a smartphone to do it.
    • Accessible: Virtually everyone knows how to send and receive text messages, making them one of the most accessible ways to communicate.

    How Much Do Texting Apps Cost?

    Most party texting apps are free and have basic features like file attachments and notifications. However, some software for business users may charge for additional features like scheduled or batch texting. 

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    Our Top Picks For The Best Texting Apps For 2024

    These are our top picks for the best texting apps, a quick and easy way to communicate with others.


    WhatsApp is one of the most popular and secure messaging apps on the market. Since 2017, it has catered to more than a billion daily users. WhatsApp supports video and voice calls, file sharing, and group chats. 


    • Sizable chat channels: Include up to 256 participants in a single chat.
    • Robust security settings: WhatsApp clears encrypted messages from their servers once delivered when utilizing private chats.
    • Private, self-destructing message feature: Set your chats to disappear within seven days when exchanging confidential information.


    • Number-sharing required: Users cannot contact you via username only – you’ll have to share your mobile number.


    WhatsApp is free to use.


    Like WhatsApp, Viber boasts more than 1 billion daily users. It’s often praised for its video messaging capabilities and satisfies security-conscious users with end-to-end encryption.


    • Viber Out: Call any mobile or landline number globally for affordable rates.
    • Mute and snooze features: If you’re away for the weekend or want to take a break from a lively chat, you can mute or snooze for a given period.


    • Frequent, disruptive updates: While generally user-friendly, sudden and regular updates can become a nuisance and cause the app to quit unexpectedly.


    Viber is free to use.


    One of the best chat apps for mobile and desktop users is Telegram. This popular chat app can support groups of up to 200,000 participants and is also famed for its secret chats for security-conscious texters. Even better, you can automate actions on Telegram with Integrately.


    • Open API: Voracious coders will love how easy it is to build unofficial apps using Telegram.
    • Voice messages: Can’t text at the moment? You can easily leave video or voice messages using the mic or camera icon on the bottom right of the chat screen. 


    • No video calls: While you can make voice calls with Telegram, video calls are out of the question.


    Telegram is free to use.


    If you’re looking for a basic text chat app, Signal is remarkably unfussy and easy to use. Many recommend it as an alternative to WhatsApp with an impressive unlimited message history and no cap to group participants.


    • Note to Self: This neat feature allows you to quickly jot down notes that you can save for future reference.
    • Replace stock SMS app: Users with Android devices can send Signal and SMS direct messages to non-Signal users from one interface. 


    • Limited advanced features for Apple users: Unfortunately, there’s no sending direct SMS messages from your iPhone.


    Signal is free to use.

    Apple Messages

    If you have an iPhone and user privacy is at the top of your priority list, you might as well stick with iMessage, Apple’s built-in texting app.


    • Animojis: If you want to inject a bit of personality into your multimedia messages, using Animojis is a charming way to do so.
    • Free for Apple users: Sending an iMessage to other Apple users is entirely free, given that you have an internet or data connection.


    • Fallback SMS sending: If your iMessage doesn’t go through without an internet connection, your device may potentially send it out as an SMS, leaving your message unencrypted.


    iMessage is free to use for Apple users.

    Facebook Messenger

    Did you know that you can sign up for Facebook Messenger without a Facebook account? Just plug in your mobile number and get access to plenty of features like video chats, groups with up to 150 people, message reactions, and stickers.


    • Polls: Get group opinions on an idea by creating polls within standard chats.
    • Send money: You can send allowances or tips through Facebook Messenger via PayPal.


    • No encryption: If you’re a stickler for keeping your standard chats protected, you’re not going to get end-to-end encryption with Facebook Messenger.


    Facebook Messenger is free to use.

    Which Texting App Should You Choose?

    What popular chat app is best for you will ultimately depend on the major features you’re looking for and what kind of device you use. For instance, if you are an Apple user contacting other apple users, using iMessage might make the most sense. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an app with video calling capabilities for all operating systems, you might prefer something like Viber.

    In Conclusion

    If you want to be able to send a standard text message with a few other perks, any of these free messaging apps should do the trick. Each is equipped with strong encryption and a raft of messaging features, and all for free.

    Make your communications even simpler with Integrately, an automation service that helps you spend your time more wisely. Other texting apps you can use with Integrately include Text Magic, Simple Texting, and Twilio!

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    FAQs about texting apps

    Are texting apps safe?

    Safe texting apps are the ones with end-to-end encryption.

    What’s the best way to send a mass SMS text message from a computer?

    The best way to send a mass SMS text message from a computer is to use the app - Signal. It has no cap with regards to how many people you can add to your chat channels.

    How do you track a text message from a fake number?

    In order to track a text message from a fake number, report it to your mobile operator.
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