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10 Best Background Noise Apps

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
May 2, 2022
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    In a world filled with loud chatter and honking horns, it’s good to put on some white noise to drown out the distracting sounds. Research suggests that playing nature sounds can help you think clearly, feel more relaxed, and become more creative and productive.

    But it’s not easy to find the right white noise generator. Some may contain distracting ads, while others play cheap, low-quality sound effects. Thankfully, we’re here to help! Read on to learn about the 10 best background noise apps in 2024.

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    What Makes A Great Sound App

    A great background noise app should give you the results you’re looking for within minutes. Look for those with the following features:

    • Multiple sound options: No two human brains are the same, so what works for one person may not work for you. So, it’s good to have an ambient noise app that has an extensive library of sounds, like the steady flow of rain, the crackling of campfires, and the chirping of birds. This will give you a wide range of options when looking for soothing sounds. The app should also provide you with the option to change the type of colored noise, adjust the noise levels, and mix and match sounds depending on your needs.
    • Actual high-fidelity audio recordings: Nothing’s more upsetting than listening to colored sounds and noticing that the music tracks are of poor quality. The best white noise apps should imitate real-world background noises, like ocean waves and rustling leaves.

    What Are The Benefits Of Using Sound Apps

    Noise generation apps should produce a variety of sounds, each with its specific effects. Here are the types of background noise to choose from:

    • White noise: White noise combines all sound frequencies. It blocks out distracting sounds and leaves our minds free to think. Generally, it is good for improving focus.
    • Ambient noise: Ambient sounds boost creativity. Natural sounds, like the sound of rain, fall under this category. Ambient music from a coffee shop can also produce the same effects.
    • Pink noise: This is louder at low frequencies and quieter and higher ones. It’s generally better for open offices or noisy environments because it evens out actual noises. It may also help improve sleep quality.
    • Brown noise: This type of noise has louder low frequencies. It’s similar to listening to ocean waves and strong gusts of wind. People who prefer listening to deep, bass sounds may find this comforting.
    • Blue noise: This type of color noise has louder high frequencies and lacks bass. Because of that, it may sound like hissing.

    Choosing The Right Sound App

    Here are some factors to consider when choosing among white noise apps:

    • Research-based sounds: White noise machines that are backed by science are generally the most effective. Apps that produce binaural beats, for example, are said to reduce anxiety, stress, and other related disorders.
    • Price range: A white noise generator shouldn’t take a chunk out of your daily budget. It should give you access to a wide range of your favorite sounds and sound mixes even with its basic version.

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    How We Evaluated The Best Sound Apps

    To evaluate white noise apps, we looked at their range of sounds, audio quality, and price range. We also checked how well it can integrate with other apps to maximize productivity.

    Our Top Picks For The Best Sound Apps For 2024

    Here are our top picks for the best sound apps:

    Binaural app

    Binaural app specializes in producing binaural beats that may boost productivity or sleep quality. You can also connect it to Integrately. Its most notable features include:

    • Customizable ambient sounds: Customize beat patterns and sound waves to create white noise variations that work for you.
    • Superior audio quality: Listen to high-quality environmental sounds through your phone.
    • Sleep timer: Schedule how long the music will play in the background.

    Plans & Pricing

    Binaural app is free. In-app purchases allow you to use the timer and adjust colored sounds for $2.99. is a research-backed white noise generator that aims to remove distractions in the background. Here are the top reasons we love it:

    • Developed by experts: proudly works with neuroscientists and psychologists to develop functional music that cancels out unwanted noise. 
    • AI-powered noise-canceling app: Music from this app is created by in-house composers with the use of powerful AI tools.

    Plans & Pricing is available for $6.99/month or $49.99/year.


    Coffitivity is a simple white noise generator that aims to mimic the environment in a coffee shop. The app’s best features include:

    • Background ambient sounds: Choose from a variety of colored noises. These are designed to mimic the clanking of plates, distant chatter, and nature sounds.
    • Browser version available: Listen to a range of sounds from your browser or your phone.

    Plans & Pricing

    The basic version is available for free. You’ll get access to additional background noises for $9 per year.


    myNoise is a versatile ambient noise generation app with an extensive music library. Here are some reasons you should try it:

    • Wide variety of noises available: Pick from a range of sounds depending on your goal. Whether you want to improve focus, get quality sleep, or drown out unwanted noise, you’ll find something that works for you.
    • Adjustable level of noise: Adjust the volume of each type of sound to your liking. If you prefer louder ocean waves and softer rustling wind, you can adjust each using sliders to create the exact sound you want.

    Plans & Pricing

    The basic version is free. Patrons can get privileged access for $5/month.


    Naturespace plays realistic, tranquil natural sounds to drown out the noise in a busy workspace. Use it for the following:

    • Emulate a natural environment: Naturespace uses holographic microphones to record the real sounds of thunderstorms, ocean waves, snowstorms, and more.
    • Listen to professionally mixed and mastered audio: Choose from more than 120 nature soundscapes produced and recorded by professional sound engineers.

    Plans & Pricing

    Naturespace is available for free. 


    Noisli is a simple background noise app that masks distracting noise. Here are some reasons it’s worth a try:

    • Mix and match nature sounds: Mix and match various noises, like rustling wind or thunder. 
    • Curated playlists: Noisli includes curated playlists for various situations, like work or sleep.

    Plans & Pricing

    The basic version of Noisli is free for one user. Paid plans start at $10/ month.


    Listen to various sounds of nature on Noizio. Through the app, you can listen to a steady stream of flowing water to chirping birds in the park. It also boasts of the following features:

    • Easy controls: Adjust the volume of each noise using sliders.
    • Extensive sound combinations: Pick from 40+ available sounds and create up to 780+ sound combinations.

    Plans & Pricing

    The basic version is available for free. Paid plans start at $9.99.

    Rainy Mood

    If you’re looking for a background noise app specifically to listen to the sounds of rain, try Rainy Mood. Its top features include:

    • Straightforward white noise: Unlike other apps that require extensive customization and mixing, this one-step app plays an endless recording of rainfall in just one tap.
    • Special effects available: Mix in special sound effects along with the steady flow of rain. Choose from unique thunder claps, cricket chirps, and other effects.

    Plans & Pricing

    Rainy Mood has a free web version and a paid iOS/Android version that starts at $2.99.


    SimplyNoise is a noise generator that allows you to pick from several types of white, pink, and brown noise. Here are the top reasons to try the app:

    • Quality soundscapes: Hi-fidelity sounds and content are available. You can also add binaural beats to improve focus and productivity.
    • Intuitive interface: The simple interface allows you to pick and produce the sound you’re looking for within minutes.

    Plans & Pricing

    Paid plans for SimplyNoise start at $0.99.


    OmmWriter is a productivity app that’s designed to help writers improve their concentration and become more prolific. Here are some reasons it’s super effective:

    • Distraction-free mode: This allows you to write in full-screen mode so you can be free from distractions.
    • Natural backgrounds and audio tracks: Listen to relaxing sounds from nature, like ocean waves or a soft breeze.

    Plans & Pricing

    OmmWriter has no set price. The minimum purchase is $8.05, but you can also pay more depending on how useful you find the platform.

    What’s The Best Sound App For You

    The best background noise app should generate various types of ambient noise to help you focus and become more productive. Try one of these apps today and see how well they can improve your performance at work. 

    You can also connect your background noise app with Integrately, which helps you manage all your productivity apps in one platform.

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    Sound Apps FAQs

    If you’re still confused about whether or not noise killer apps are right for you, don’t worry. Here are answers to some of the most common questions on background sound generators:

    FAQs about Sound Apps

    What are ambient noise apps?

    Ambient noise apps are phone apps that produce a range of sounds that cancel out distracting noises. Using these apps, you can listen to static sounds or ambient music to improve your focus and productivity.

    What’s the best background noise?

    The best background noise for most people is white noise like the sound of heavy rain. However, ambient sounds like the whirring of a washing machine or the echoes from a Tibetan singing bowl can also be effective.
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