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The Best Read-It-Later Apps In 2024

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
December 1, 2023
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    Whether you’re a voracious reader or more of a casual article browser, you’re bound to find lots of new and interesting reading experiences on the internet. However, keeping track of all of them can be pretty challenging – and that’s where read-it-later apps can make your life significantly easier.

    With just a swipe of your finger or click of a button, you can send any article to your read-it-later app, and it’ll keep everything organized until you’re ready to read. But which app is best for you? Read on to find out about the top 10 best read-it-later apps for 2024.

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    What Makes A Great Read-It-Later App?

    There are plenty of read-it-later apps available, but the vast majority of them have a clunky user interface or are platform-locked. So what sets apart the bad from the good? Here are a few things that make any read-it-later app stand out:

    • Accessibility across computers and mobile devices: Whether you’re grabbing articles off Apple News or CNN, you’ll want easy access wherever you go. Great apps work across all iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows platforms and a variety of websites and software.

    • Easy article saving for offline reading: Offline reading capabilities are a game-changer. Having a feed of articles available on-demand is great for when you’re on your commute or in a waiting room. 

    • Customizable fonts and color scheme: Vibrant colors can make your reading experience more engaging. Great apps give you free rein to mix-and-match fonts and color palettes to suit your preferences.

    • Article storage: Access to unlimited articles might seem excessive, but the internet provides an endless stream of high-quality reads. If you’re a voracious reader, this is a must-have for your read-it-later app.

    What Are The Benefits Of Using Read-It-Later Apps?

    Read-it-later apps are a must-have for every digital native. They keep everything stored and stashed away while ensuring you don’t lose track of interesting articles, which means you read more overall. These apps also keep your browser tabs and bookmarks neat and tidy, so you don’t get overwhelmed with choice.

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    Our Top Picks For The Best Read-It-Later Apps For 2024


    Instapaper is a reader-oriented app with a laundry list of unique features, like a speed-reading function that flashes words on your screen in quick succession. Despite its relatively simple UI, users can choose from a few vibrant colors to spice up their feed of articles. Instapaper is also compatible with Integrately.


    • Has highlighting and note-taking capabilities

    • Great article organization with unlimited folders


    • Uninspired user interface


    Basic Instapaper is free to use, while Instapaper Premium is $2.99/month for premium features like text search, unlimited notes, and text-to-speech.


    Pocket is a great all-rounder for people who want a casual reading list on the go. It stores all your articles with their corresponding cover image, making your homepage feel less clogged. Additionally, users can select their color scheme even with the free version. 


    • Text-to-speech capabilities

    • Cover image quality is maintained from the source website


    • Text-to-speech voices can be a bit robotic


    Pocket is free to use, but you can unlock extra features (permanent storage for offline reading, text search, etc.) for $4.99/month.


    One of the biggest failings of read-it-later apps is that you actually have to open them to access your casual reading list – but there is a solution. EmailThis collects all your saved articles and sends them directly to your email address, eliminating the need for an app.


    • Functions through a lightweight browser extension

    • No need for a separate app


    • Minimal organization and customization options


    EmailThis is free for up to 20 articles a month and $20/year for unlimited reads.

    Safari Reading List

    If you’re an Apple loyalist, you’ll want to make sure that your read-it-later app is compatible throughout your devices’ ecosystem. As its name suggests, Safari Reading List comes built-in with the Mac-exclusive browser, making it a no-brainer choice for Apple users.


    • No additional downloads required

    • Articles can be saved for offline reading


    • Not accessible on other platforms


    Safari Reading List is free to use on Apple devices.


    Wallabag is an open-source read-it-later app, which means there are many options for people who like to tinker with their software. Users can choose to host their own servers, integrate their articles with RSS feeds, and even send text to e-readers.


    • Very transparent about their privacy policy

    • Self-hosting capabilities 


    • Confusing and unintuitive UI


    Wallabag is €3/3 months after a 14-day free trial.


    PaperSpan has one of the best text-to-speech implementations on this list, making it a great contender if you’re a multitasker or simply prefer “listening” to your articles. Everything is about convenience with PaperSpan, from the automatic article sorting to sending your to-reads off to an Amazon Kindle or other e-reader.


    • Excellent text-to-speech implementation

    • Compatible with Amazon Kindles and other e-readers


    • Not as customizable as alternatives


    PaperSpan costs $8.99/year. is a unique entry on this list because it’s designed to cater to folks who repeatedly need to revisit the same articles. As a self-described “bookmark manager”, it isn’t as reading-focused as some other apps. However, its beautiful interface, vibrant colors, and offline reading capabilities make it worth consideration.


    • Full-text search is included in the free version

    • Backs up all saved content automatically


    • Not very reading-focused

    Pricing is free to use, while the Pro version is $3/month.


    Flashbackr is less of a read-it-later app and more of a save-everything app. Yes, it can store your articles, but it also has a video tab, photo tab, and even a built-in file storage system. Think of Flashbackr as a grown-up, more mature Pinterest that’s built into your browser as an extension.


    • Can save a wide range of content types

    • Great for sharing content with other users


    • Not reading focused


    Flashbackr is free to use.


    As the name suggests, Tagpacker organizes and tags all your saved links so you can come back to them later. Users can select their own cover images or leave them up to Tagpacker, adding a layer of customization. But, full disclosure: this is more of a bookmark manager than a reading-oriented app.


    • Automatically tags new content for easy searching

    • Quick import features work like a charm


    • Uses affiliate links, which can feel like an invasion of privacy


    Tagpacker is free to use.

    What’s The Best Read-It-Later App For You?

    There is no shortage of read-it-later apps available to mobile and desktop users, making it hard to find the perfect one without a good review. Luckily, we’ve already done all the work for you – just pick one that suits you best.

    But what if your workflow could still be better and more efficient? Use Integrately with your bookmarking and read-it-later apps to automate millions of actions!

    FAQs about Read It Later Apps

    How do I save articles for later?

    Most read-it-later apps have browser plugins for one-click saving on desktop, while mobile users may have to manually copy the link to their app. However, some programs may have quick share options even on mobile.

    How do you keep track of articles read?

    Programs like Pocket tend to gray out articles you’ve already finished reading – giving you an easy way to distinguish finished articles from unread ones.

    Is there an app to read books for free?

    Yes. If you have a digital copy of a book already available, you can read it on Apple Books if you’re on iPhone or Amazon Kindle Reader on Android. However, some read-it-later apps may also support sideloading books.

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