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Top 5 Best PDF Editor Apps In 2024

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 22, 2024
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    PDFs, or Portable Document Files, are the closest thing we have to digital paper. Whether you need to edit or sign them, having the right PDF editor software can simplify annotating PDF files. 

    However, not all editors are built the same. If you’re looking for the best PDF editor apps and software to read and edit PDF files, here are the top six we recommend. 

    What Makes A Great PDF Editor App?

    No two PDF editing software are identical. However, the best PDF editor apps will share these key features:

    • Annotation features: The most versatile apps will let you highlight text, rearrange pages, fill out forms, and upload notes to your PDF documents.
    • Mobile support: While editing PDFs is easiest on a desktop, software that’s compatible with your mobile device can make it convenient to annotate files on the go.
    • Security: Some PDF documents contain sensitive information. The best editing tools should also have options for password protection, content redaction, and authorization options. 

    What Are The Benefits Of Using PDF Editor Apps?

    Unlike other document types, PDFs are accessible to everyone and offer the following advantages.

    • File sharing: It’s easy to compile various file types into single PDF documents that recipients can quickly read, edit, and share.
    • File size management: If your original files contain lots of media, you can compress them into smaller sizes that don’t impact your layout or formatting.
    • Security options: Some official documents carry sensitive information that you can redact or lock using a PDF basic editor. 

    Instant paperless sharing: Not only is printing on paper wasteful, but it also takes time to deliver physical documents to your recipient. In contrast, you can send digital copies in an instant.

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    Our Top Picks For The Best PDF Editor Apps In 2024

    Here are our top recommendations for a powerful PDF editor 


    If you frequently use Google Docs or any other word processor, CloudConvert could be the best online PDF editor for you. It effectively extracts image files while preserving as much of your original formatting as possible. Plus, you can automate actions such as uploading or converting with Integrately.


    • Compatible with 200 file formats: Convert all types of files, from plain text files and Word documents to HTML web pages and ePubs.
    • Generous free tier: CloudConvert is free for up to 1GB worth of files.


    • Imperfect formatting: While CloudConvert does an acceptable job of keeping converted documents similar to their original counterparts, you may experience some formatting issues.


    It costs $8 for 500 conversion minutes and unlimited file sizes.


    Are you working on an entire document with your team? Xodo is an online PDF reader that has a markup tool you can access without having to create an account. With it, you can fill out forms, upload digital signatures, and annotate pages.


    • Collaborative editing options: Xodo offers the best markup features for teams. You can invite people to collaborate via email or send out a link to your document.
    • Mobile-friendly: Merge PDF documents and convert them all from your mobile phone.


    • No direct text editing: While Xodo has a long list of basic features, you can’t access documents in a fully-editable format, so you’ll have to change any text using another software.


    You can use Xodo for free.


    If you need to directly edit text on a PDF, Sejda is the best app for you. In addition to direct text editing, you can also merge documents, edit page orientation, annotate, and recognize text using OCR.


    • Versatile signature tool: Sign documents in three different ways: uploading an image, using your mouse, or typing in your name.
    • Auto-delete: Uploading documents that contain sensitive information? Sejda automatically wipes documents from its servers every five hours.


    • Poor custom font recognition: If your PDF incorporates an uncommon font, Sejda isn’t likely to recognize it.
    • Unreliable text editing: While Sejda is one of the few apps that allow you to directly edit text, you can’t edit entire paragraphs at a time.


    Sejda is free for up to three documents a day for a maximum of 200 pages each. You can unlock unlimited edits for $5/week or a one-time fee of $69.95.

    PDF Blocks

    PDF Blocks is a secure full-featured PDF editor that integrates with all Microsoft apps. With it, you can merge documents, watermark files, and edit page formats. You’ll also be pleased to know that PDF Blocks has dozens of Integrately functions!


    • Enterprise-grade encryption: Businesses that handle highly confidential documents can request private PDF servers.
    • Customizable servers: Designate locations for your servers from within Europe or the U.S.


    • PDF Blocks account required: Because you need an account to access PDF Blocks, it may not be suitable for people who need to make quick edits.


    A Hobby plan costs $29/month, while a Business plan costs $99/month.


    If you’re looking for a Mac-based PDF editor, Preview is the best built-in option out there. If you have an iPad, you can even use your Apple Pencil to sign documents.


    • Advanced signature tool: You can sign and store signatures using your trackpad or even scan a written copy using your Macbook’s iSight feature.
    • Save individual pages: Need to share only specific pages? You can save them as images before sending.
    • QuickLook: Want to access Preview’s editing tools without opening up the app? You can do so through QuickLook and access all its markup features.


    • No direct text editing: Unfortunately, you can’t edit original text or image files, nor can you add new form fields. 


    Preview is free with any Apple device.

    What’s The Best Pdf Editor App For You?

    To determine what the best PDF editor app for you is, you’ll have to consider what you need one for. For instance, if you’re an Apple user and need a PDF reader to sign documents, Preview may be the best choice. Meanwhile, if you need to edit text directly, Sejda may be a better option.

    In Conclusion

    PDFs have been around since the 1990s and remain a favorite for reading and sharing documents today. If PDF editing is part of your day-to-day, we hope these editor recommendations can help make your job easier.

    Want a quicker way to convert and share documents? Use Integrately to automate actions with over eight million configurations.

    FAQs about PDF editor apps

    Is there a truly free PDF editor?

    Free PDF editor apps like Preview or Xodo let you read, compress, and share files. But that's about it. If you are looking for advanced features like editing text or adding and removing images, then you would need to opt for paid apps.

    How can I edit a PDF in Adobe for free?

    You can edit a PDF in Adobe for free by accessing Adobe’s PDF editing tools online through Acrobat. You can add comments from any web browser, adding sticky notes, text, and freehand drawings.

    What can PDF editor apps on Android do?

    PDF editor apps on Android allow you to read, annotate, and fill out forms. You can also use specific Android software to convert PDF files into editable formats like Microsoft Word.
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