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Top 12 Best Online Form Builder Software for 2024

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 27, 2024
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    As a business owner, gathering information from your customers or employees is often an integral part of your work. However, building an online form from scratch every single time you need one takes a lot of time and effort. 

    That’s where online form builder software comes in. It provides templates and guidelines so you can make online forms in a flash. However, not all online form builders are created equal. Some of them may have features that put them ahead of the pack, while some others offer flexibility that other form builders don’t. 

    Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 12 best online form builder software options on the market today!

    How to Create Online Forms 

    Before you look for online form builder tools, it’s important to know how to create effective and simple forms. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to creating an online form for any purpose:

    Step 1: Identify Your Goals

    A good online form always starts with an objective. This objective informs what questions you ask in your form, which means different objectives will require different forms. Some examples of online form goals include:

    • Gathering employee address and contact information

    • Event registration

    • Membership program signups

    Step 2: Inquire About Personal Detail & Contact Information

    While the type of details you should ask for vary depending on the form’s objectives, online forms should always request the responder’s personal details and contact information. Consider asking for basic personal data such as:

    • Name

    • Email address

    • Street address

    • Phone number

    Step 3: Ask For Essential Demographic Information

    Depending on what you need from your responders, there’s a wide variety of demographic information you can ask for. Some common examples are:

    • Gender

    • Socioeconomic status

    • Product preference

    Step 4: Input Relevant Questions

    This is typically the “meat” of your online form. The questions asked in this part should directly address your objective. For example, a membership signup form should include questions like which membership level the responder would like to apply for as well as how long they want the membership to last.

    Step 5: Create A Follow-Up Message

    It’s bad etiquette to ask the responder for their time and energy and just leave it at that. Create a follow-up email or a message at the end of the form to thank them for their participation – this demonstrates that you value the information they provided.

    What Do Online Form Builders Do?

    Simply put, online form builders create online forms. While this may seem as simple as it gets, the best online form builder software creates forms for all kinds of purposes. You can use it to create surveys, quizzes, polls, contact requests, etc.

    What Makes a Great Online Form Builder?

    Just about every single online form builder tool out there does one thing: build online forms. But what sets the best ones apart from the rest? Here are four things that should be in the best online form builder software.

    • Simple To Use: An intuitive form building interface goes a long way. A good selection of templates and pre-built form examples reduces the time spent creating the forms and leaves you with more time to distribute them and analyze responses.

      Simplicity is also key when you’re just starting to build forms. An easy-to-learn software has a much easier learning curve, allowing new users to become proficient in a matter of minutes.

    • Customizable: Your online forms should represent your company. Look for form builder software that lets you customize forms by adding your company logo, custom field types, and color schemes.

    • Easy To Spread Around: Online forms aren’t worth much if people aren’t responding to them. Your online form builder software should integrate with email management software or other distribution channels to ensure your forms get out to the right people.

    • Robust Data Analysis Tools: Once you have the forms filled out, the next essential thing to do is to examine the data. Doing it by yourself is a lot of work, so having a form builder software with strong data analysis tools is a big plus.

    Why You Should Definitely Have an Online Form in Your Website

    Linking to an online form on your website is a great way to collect responses with very little effort. Here are four reasons why business owners should have an online form on their website.

    • Improve Visitor Engagement: Increasing visitor engagement enables you to convert more users into leads. However, if there’s nothing much to do on your site other than reading product information and looking at pictures, they’ll quickly get bored and leave. Having a form on your site gives them something to do and keeps visitors on your site longer.

    • Protect Your Company: If you don’t have a contact form, you’ve likely written down your business email somewhere on your page. However, listing your email publicly means you’re exposing your email to lots of spam. If you’re using that email address to log in to services, that also means hackers have half of what they need to break into your accounts.

      Contact forms protect your company since it protects your email from being taken advantage of. Instead, you’ll be the one reaching out.

    • Get The Answers You Need: With online forms, you can dictate what information you need out of visitors. For instance, if you place a purchase form on your website, you can see which products are most requested simply by filtering the data. 

    • Help Marketing Efforts: Since most contact forms ask for the visitor’s email, it’s a great way to build a contact list. When you’ve amassed enough email addresses of customers who are interested in your product, you can then build email marketing campaigns that directly target those people. Since they’ve already shown interest, they’re more likely to respond positively to these emails.

    How to Pick the Best Online Form Builder Software for Your Business 

    It’s a challenge to choose the best online form builder software among all the options available. Here are three key factors you need to consider when choosing the best online form builder for your company. 

    • User-friendliness: Most form builders have an easily-understood drag-and-drop interface. Still, you should test its user-friendliness yourself to ensure that your team won’t have difficulties using it. Some important things to think about include:

      • Ease of navigation

      • Clear, easy to follow instructions

      • Well-organized features

    • Ease Of Implementation: Most online forms are either spread around as links or placed on a website. You need to ensure that your form builder software makes it easy to do both. If your form builder comes with a ready-made code snippet when you finish the online form, it’ll make implementation on your website much easier. 

    • App Integrations: One of the greatest advantages of online forms is that you can connect them with other software. For instance, a purchase form can be linked to financial platforms for easier payment collection. Make sure that your chosen online form builder can connect to other essential software you already use.

    What We Look For in the Best Online Form Builders 

    It takes a lot of legwork to find the best online form builder software. To narrow down your choices and choose the best one, use these key criteria that we also used to build our list:

    • Key features: All great online form builders need to perform their primary function well. In addition to form-building, having more features like extra security, flexible customization, and other perks make an online form builder stand out from the rest. 

    • Cost: Most businesses on a tight budget may not be willing to shell out money for more advanced form builder software. Consider choosing software that still fulfills your objectives without breaking the bank. 

    • Third-party integrations: Most online forms work best if paired with other apps. Native integrations with payment processors, customer databases, and other key software can sway your decision.

    • Customer support: Something’s bound to go wrong when you’re processing thousands of forms a day. Choosing software with a helpful customer service team lets you solve problems quicker.

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    Our Top Picks For The Best Online Form Builder Software 

    Here are 12 of our top picks for the best online form builder softwares

    Google Forms

    Google’s entry into the online form builder game is perhaps one of the most well-known form builders around, as it lets you create and distribute online forms within minutes. Its block-style form creator also lets you choose what visitors can input into each question. What makes Google Forms even more versatile is that it features thousands of app integrations through Integrately.

    Here are some additional features that land Google Forms in our list:

    • Pre-built templates: Create forms from dozens of existing templates to save time.

    • Automatic Google Docs integration: Record all results directly into a Google Sheets document within seconds.

    • Question requirement settings: Mark questions as optional or required to better guide your responders.

    Plans & Pricing

    Google Forms is free for anyone with a Google account.


    Jotform is a customizable online form builder that lets you design professional-looking forms. It provides over 10,000 templates from its community so you never have to build a form from scratch. You can also integrate Jotform with hundreds of apps through Integrately to save even more time. 

    Some extra features you’ll find as a Jotform user include:

    • Approval flow creation: Reduce red tape with smooth, easy-to-understand approval flows.

    • No-code app builder: Create your own apps to take customer orders and requests without writing a single line of code.

    • HIPAA-compliant forms: Provide a secure platform to gather patient data with forms that fulfill HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards. 

    Plans & Pricing

    Jotform offers a free starter plan with limited storage space. Paid plans start at $29/month.


    Formstack is a workplace productivity platform used by major companies like Netflix and the NHL. It lets you create forms within minutes through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Formstack even has thousands of app integrations if you connect it with Integrately. Formstack offers advanced features like:

    • Electronic signature tool: Get forms signed and approved without leaving your desk.

    • Conditional logic on forms: Create forms that respond and adjust based on user input.

    • Flexible implementation: Spread your forms through web pages, email, and other distribution methods. 

    Plans & Pricing

    Formstack offers a 14-day free trial. Paid plans start at $59/month.


    Typeform helps you make vibrant, eye-catching forms that people enjoy looking at. Unlike other form builders that display all its questions at once, Typeform creates a “conversation” by asking people one question at a time. You can also expand Typeform’s functionality by connecting it to hundreds of apps through Integrately. Some features that make Typeform one of the best choices for great form design include:

    • Built-in photo and video library: Create beautiful and engaging designs with thousands of photos and videos.

    • Conversational flow logic: Program responses to any kind of answer to make your forms even more conversational.

    • Shareable reporting tool: Send custom reports to your favorite analysis tools for further interpretation.

    Plans & Pricing

    Typeform’s paid plans start at $29/month.


    Trusted by companies like The World Bank, Paperform offers an easy way to create unique and engaging forms. The tool doesn’t just accept questions and answers in text form, it also accommodates pictures and videos for a better-looking and more engaging interface. Paperform also integrates with dozens of apps through Integrately which expands its functionality.

    Other powerful features that make Paperform stand out include:

    • Payment processing compatibility: Take payments through major providers like Stripe, Paypal, and Square.

    • Google Calendar sync: Sync your RSVP forms directly to Google Calendar to ensure you don’t miss an appointment.

    • Built-in dashboard: Analyze form data without leaving the app through Paperform Analytics.

    Plans & Pricing

    Paperform’s premium plans start at $24/month.


    Formsite boasts over 100 customizable templates that let you create beautiful and professional-looking forms. More than that, Formsite also boasts thousands of integrations with other apps through Integrately. Other standout features you’ll find on Formsite include:

    • Drag-and-drop controls: Create great-looking forms within minutes.

    • In-form calculation function: Calculate values and numbers directly in your form fields.

    • QR code support: Make distributing forms easier through a QR code generator.

    Plans & Pricing

    Formsite’s plans start at $24.95/month. All plans come with a 14-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee.


    HappyForms is a WordPress form builder plugin designed for simplicity as you can directly build forms on your WordPress customizer page. It also offers unparalleled versatility through thousands of app integrations with Integrately. Some features HappyForms offer include:

    • Secure file uploader: Upload files to your form easily with drag-and-drop controls.

    • Question randomizer: Prevent response biases by randomizing the order of your questions.

    • Form availability scheduler: Set your form to only open during certain hours to match your workday.

    Plans & Pricing

    HappyForms’ paid plans start at $53.80/year. You also get a free 7-day trial to test out its features.

    Zoho Forms

    Part of the Zoho all-in-one platform, Zoho Forms provides a feature-rich form builder where you can create beautiful forms without any coding. In addition to other software in the Zoho family, Zoho Forms also connects with hundreds of apps through Integrately. Zoho Forms users can also enjoy features like:

    • Link tracking: Refine your leads by checking which of your channels led respondents to your form. 

    • Save and resume functionality: Allow users to save their form progress and resume filling it out another time.

    • CSV & PDF exporter: Save your form responses as CSV or PDF files for download.

    Plans & Pricing

    Zoho Forms’ premium plans start at $12/month. 

    Fluent Forms

    Fluent Forms touts itself to be the fastest WordPress form builder. It achieves this through no-code, drag-and-drop controls with dozens of templates. In addition to its fast form creation, you can save even more time through thousands of third-party integrations with Integrately. Fluent Forms complements its speed and convenience with key features like:

    • Automatic mobile resizing: Instantly resize mobile forms for the best user experience.

    • Easy payment integration: Process payment forms through major providers like Stripe and PayPal.

    • Fast user notifications: Send instant notifications to users who filled your form through text or email. 

    Plans & Pricing

    A Fluent Forms license for one site costs $59/year. Aside from its yearly plan, you can also get a lifetime license for $299.

    Ninja Forms

    Boasting over 20 million downloads, Ninja Forms is a fast and versatile WordPress form builder. Its drag-and-drop interface is as newbie-friendly as it gets, enabling you to breeze through the form creation process without any technical expertise. Like other form builders on this list, you can also expand its functionality through thousands of integrations thanks to Integrately.

    Here are some of the features that make Ninja Forms popular among users:

    • Multi-page form navigation: Place progress bars for easier navigation on longer forms.

    • Intuitive layout tool: Make beautiful forms even without any design background.

    • Easy booking form creation: Integrate Ninja Forms with your calendar app to allow users to book appointments.

    Plans & Pricing

    Ninja Forms’ paid plans start at $49.50/year. You can also buy individual features at varying prices.

    Cognito Forms

    Cognito Forms is a form builder that lets you create anything from surveys to registration forms in a flash. Since Cognito Forms requires no coding ability, just about anyone can make great forms with it. Cognito’s versatility is further improved thanks to thousands of app integrations through Integrately. Other powerful features that landed Cognito Forms on our list are:

    • Online payment processing: Process payments through Stripe, Square, and PayPal easily.

    • Document generation: Instantly create individual Word or PDF documents with every form submission.

    • Electronic signatures: Create legally binding documents easier with in-form electronic signatures.

    Plans & Pricing

    Cognito’s most affordable paid plan costs $15/month and comes with a 14-day free trial.

    Gravity Forms

    Gravity Forms is a secure form builder for WordPress used by major companies like ESPN and Airbnb. Its state-of-the-art security is complemented by thousands of app integrations through Integrately. Other key features offered by Gravity Forms include:

    • Adaptive form resolution: Automatically fit your form on any mobile or computer screen.

    • Form CSS customization: Create beautiful and unique forms by implementing your own CSS code.

    • Automated payment manager: Process subscriptions and recurring payments.

    Plans & Pricing

    Paid plans for Gravity Forms start at $59/year.

    So Which Online Form Builder Is The Best?

    The best online form builder for your company is the one that caters to your most critical needs. For instance, if you need a quick and free way to create and distribute forms, then Google Forms is the right option for you. If you’re a power user looking to tweak every aspect of your form, Gravity Forms is a good option. Identify what you need out of your forms and choose the software that fulfills those needs.

    Closing Thoughts On The Best Online Form Builder Software 

    Form builders save you time by providing an easy way to create and distribute online forms. They also make it easier to analyze user data by compiling all form responses into a convenient document. To get the most out of form builder software, be sure to choose one that fulfills your company’s needs.

    If you’d like to supercharge your form-building experience, try Integrately for free today! Sign up to get access to thousands of third-party integrations across hundreds of apps.

    Common Questions About The Best Online Form Builder Software 

    Searching for great online form builders is a challenge. To help you navigate the market, we’ve answered some common questions about online form builders.

    FAQs about online form builder softwares

    What do online form builders do?

    An online form builder app creates forms that users can fill out to provide information. These forms can range anywhere from surveys, registration forms, to quizzes. Some online form builders like Google Forms have to be filled out on a certain site, but other software like Ninja Forms lets you embed the forms on your own site.

    How do I create an online form to fill out?

    Generally, creating an online form is a five-step process:

    • Write down your objectives

    • Ask for personal identification

    • Identify user’s demographics

    • Ask questions related to your objective

    • Follow up with the user through email or text

    Hwoever, different platforms have different ways of creating forms.

    What are the best online form builders?

    There’s no one “best online form builder software” that caters to everyone’s needs. The best online form builder for you is whichever one fulfills your needs the best. That’s why it’s important to do research and try out form builders before you decide which one to buy.
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