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The Best Greeting Card Apps In 2024

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 13, 2024
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    If you thought greeting cards were a thing of the past, think again. Digital cards are an excellent way to express thanks to someone who may live far away from you and even remove the hassle of sending physical mail. 

    If you don’t have the time to handwrite a card, address an envelope, add a postage stamp, and travel to the post office, these greeting card software can save you time and effort.

    What Makes A Great Greeting Card App?

    No two greeting card software are the same, but the best ones have these features in common. 

    • Ease of use: Are the design tools easy to use? It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to create custom cards.

    • Templates: Pre-made cards are easier to use if you’re short on time. 

    • Customizable elements: Depending on how personalized you want your card to be, a wide selection of typefaces and custom design features can be helpful.

    • Integrations: Some card design software can integrate with your business tools, sending cards automatically when a specific action occurs, such as making a sale on your website.

    Are Greeting Cards Still Relevant Today?

    As we mentioned before, greeting cards are still very much relevant today. But why? Here are a few reasons.

    • Personalization: Even in business, sending custom greeting cards to commemorate a milestone can feel less static than an email. Personal messages are typically more encouraging to the recipient.

    • Increased productivity: If you are a business owner, sending an employee a custom message can be incredibly motivating.

    • Enhanced communication: Sending a photoless email with a skeletal design can make you and your recipient feel disconnected. On the other hand, a custom message can be more encouraging.

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    Our Top Picks For The Best Greeting Card Apps In 2024

    Here are the top six apps we recommend to send custom and beautiful greeting cards.


    As its title suggests, Handwrytten is perfect for senders who want to create something with a handwritten feel. You can even choose the style of handwriting you want and when you want it sent out to your recipient. If you’re sending a digital card, you can automate it with Integrately according to specific actions like signing up for a newsletter or making a sale.


    • Gift card inclusions: For a small added fee, you can attach gift cards to your letter.

    • Handwriting machines: Handwrytten employs “real robotic handwriting machines” that create believable penmanship.


    • Slow loading site: Due to its popularity, the site sometimes loads slowly.


    Cards start at $3.50 with postage.


    Once featured on Shark Tank, Felt is a virtual greeting card app that you can customize using a stylus and tablet. You can also upload your own photos and choose whether you want to send a flat, a two-sided card, or a folded card.


    • Many sending options: There is a lot you can do with Felt, including scheduling delayed delivery, adding a gift card, or creating an address book for regular recipients.

    • Drafts: If you need to get back to a card later, you can save it as a draft. 


    • Mobile-only: Unfortunately, the Felt app is limited only to mobile use. 


    Felt cards start at $4 with postage.


    For senders who like the added touch of beautiful photos to their greeting cards, Postagram – the sister app of Ink Cards – is for you. With it, you can upload Facebook, Instagram, and camera roll photos to create custom postcards. 


    • Photo-quality: Because Postagram produces photo cards, you can expect high-quality prints every time. 


    • Limited-character message: If you have a lot to say, the bad news is your messages on Postagram have a 140-character limit.


    U.S. deliveries start at $0.99/card, while international deliveries cost $1.99/card.


    Of all the card maker apps we’ve reviewed, Postable has to have the widest range of card templates. There are hundreds of designs for every occasion and print quality is high.


    • Saved dates: Save important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. You can even get automatic reminders to send a card!

    • Blank packs: Prefer to handwrite your cards? You can order packs of physical cards with your chosen design and photos.


    • Small size: Compared to cards from other apps, Postable’s paper cards might be smaller than you expect.


    Customizable postcards from Postable start at $4.50 with postage.


    If you enjoy a lot of add-ons to your physical postcards, you’ll love PunkPost. For a few extra dollars, you can send physical cards with confetti, glitter, a gift card, and more.


    • Bulk orders: If you run a business and want to send cards to your employees, you can put in a minimum bulk order of 100 cards.


    • Sloppy inking: While the handwritten option is great for sending cards to friends, many users have claimed that they are sometimes messily written and often smudge.

    • Expensive: PunkPost cards cost nearly double your typical greeting card services.


    Cards at PunkPost start at $6 with postage.


    Business customers will love Thankster because of its bulk orders and straightforward interface. You can even send a sample of your handwriting if you want to send a personalized message in your own penmanship.


    • Suggestion bank: It can be challenging to send cards with messages when you run out of things to say. Thankfully, you can pick from premade customizable messages in Thankster’s suggestion bank.

    • Affordable bulk orders: Pay less than $2 per card when you order a big batch of greeting cards. 


    • Older-looking interface: While Thankster provides a sizable collection of cards, its interface is a little old-looking and may not be as intuitive to use.


    Individual Thankster cards start at $3.05 plus postage.

    What’s The Best Greeting Card App For You?

    Several things will determine what the best greeting card app is for you. For instance, businesses looking to buy cards in bulk might enjoy Thankster, while people who enjoy handwritten packs of cards might prefer Felt. Overall, Postable has the widest array of cards and customizability.

    In Conclusion

    Whether you send greeting cards on special occasions or simply to say thanks, having the right medium to create something visually stunning is imperative. We hope that the options listed above can help you achieve your card goals without the hassle of making a personal appearance at the post office.

    Do you run a business and want to send greeting cards at the click of a button? Use Integrately to prompt actions like sending a card every time someone makes a purchase on your website or signs up for an email newsletter!

    FAQs about Greeting Card Apps

    Is there a free greeting card app?

    Most free greeting card apps are for sending digital postcards. Sending physical postcards costs a standard rate.

    What app can I use to make a birthday card?

    Generally, most card apps will have the templates you need to create physical and digital birthday cards – just browse their available templates.

    Is there an app for American greeting cards?

    Postable has the most varied packs of cards, so you can expect to find something America-themed there!

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    Abhishek Agrawal
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