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 Top 16 Free Apps For Creating Survey Forms

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 5, 2022
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    If you’re looking for a way to help with your academic research or get your customers’ or employees’ feedback, survey form apps are a great tool. These enable you to customize your questions for your target audience, set logical flows based on responses, and so much more. 

    But which of the free survey apps should you go with? We’ve put together the top picks that make your polls and surveys more efficient and effective. Read on to learn more about the best free survey form apps.

    What Makes A Great Free Survey Tool Form App?

    The best free survey tool form apps allow you to ask unlimited questions and make sense of the collected data. Look for these features to help you make the right choice:

    Survey Question Variety

    To get the best results possible, your survey app should give you the flexibility to ask the best questions possible for the kind of data you want to collect. 

    Questions typically fall into one of two categories: closed-ended or open-ended. While open-ended questions give your respondents the freedom to type out their answers in a comment box, the closed-ended format limits their answers to a given number of options. 

    If you prefer closed-ended questions, a great survey app should offer these options:

    • Multiple-choice questions

    • Rating scale questions

    • Likert scale questions

    • Matrix questions

    • Dropdown questions

    • Demographic questions

    • Ranking questions

    • Image choice questions

    • Click map questions

    • File upload questions

    • Slider questions

    Conditional Logic

    You may find that a follow-up question is necessary based on your respondents’ answer to a certain question. Great online survey tools with conditional logic should guide your respondents to an appropriate follow-up question, depending on the response they gave to the previous question. 

    For example, if your respondent answers no to the question, “Have you ever been to the beach?” the follow-up question, “How many times have you been to the beach?” will not show up in their questionnaire.

    Branding And Design

    Is your survey for your business? A good survey app will allow you to change the background design or add a logo to fit your branding and aesthetic preferences. If the survey is designed well, it will also be easy to read and keep your respondents engaged.

    What Are The Benefits Of Using Free Survey Tool Form Apps?

    Apart from being free, the pros of using survey tool form apps that don’t charge a fee include:

    • Convenience

    • Cost-efficiency

    • Time-efficiency

    • Accessibility

    • Reach and scalability

    • Customizability

    • Anonymity

    • Reduced human error

    • Automated analysis

    • Results presentation options

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    Our Top Picks For The Best Free Survey Tool Form Apps For 2024

    The following online survey creators are our favorite on the market:

    Google Forms

    The tech giant’s survey app, Google Forms, is easy to use and saves responses automatically. A bonus is that you can easily export data to spreadsheets, aside from getting thousands of other app integrations using Integrately


    • Easy to create questions

    • Real-time response collation


    • Image and video integration is difficult

    • No provision for adding text to images

    Microsoft Forms

    Microsoft Forms lets you create questionnaires and polls using basic survey logic. After receiving the answers from your respondents, you can easily export them to Microsoft Excel for further study and analysis.


    • Quick and easy survey building

    • Supports collaboration amongst team members


    • Limited question types

    • Internet access is crucial for use

    Cognito Forms

    Cognito Forms allows one to quickly create custom online feedback forms and embed them into their website. In addition to offering integrations through Integrately, the platform provides an easy way of collecting, analyzing, and sharing data via web or mobile devices.


    • Flexible, attractive-looking forms

    • Can set how many answers respondents can give per question


    • Limited features for presenting survey results

    • Cannot customize fonts

    • Cannot upload images

    HubSpot Forms

    If you’re planning to conduct customer satisfaction surveys, HubSpot Forms might be the app for you. The form maker comes from HubSpot, a software service that caters to the marketing and customer relationship management industry.


    • Easy to use

    • Integration with HubSpot CRM software


    • Limited options to customize forms 

    • Limited reporting tools


    SurveyPlanet is an online survey builder that allows for product feedback management. The user-friendly interface allows you to create simple surveys, share the data, and review the results. 


    • Unlimited surveys

    • Easily customizable


    • Limited features for data organization

    • Display logic is not supported

    Survey Sparrow

    SurveySparrow is an easy way to build, host, and collect data for multilingual surveys. The app lets you create quick mobile surveys with your phone, while supporting thousands of app integrations through Integrately.


    • Allows image uploads

    • Multiple answer types 


    • Limited template options

    • Underdeveloped reporting and analysis

    Zoho Survey

    Whether you’re looking for customer feedback or conducting product reviews, Zoho Survey offers unlimited forms for free, hundreds of templates, and a drag-and-drop interface.


    • Variety of question types

    • Answers are presented in an easy-to-analyze format


    • Live surveys may be difficult to navigate

    • Limited options for layouts and themes


    Built by a team that prioritizes simplicity, JotForm is an online form builder that lets you create easy-to-use feedback forms, quizzes, and surveys. Moreover, it allows you to integrate with thousands of apps through Integrately.


    • Advanced survey logic

    • Compatible with a wide range of devices


    • Interface is not easy to understand

    • Requires paid subscription to create a lot of forms

    • Slow-loading results page

    With, you can create a mobile form on Android and iOS with several response options. If you’re ever in a fix, you can send a message to the live support chat for a quick solution.


    • User-friendly interface

    • Diverse range of question types


    • Underdeveloped data presentation

    • Can only remove the logo with a premium subscription


    Typeform is a smart online form builder that lets you quickly create mobile surveys without any design skills. Collect and analyze data with confidence using the platform’s powerful analytics, and automate your analysis with over 50,000 integrations through Integrately.


    • Easy to share results

    • Intuitive interface


    • Icon menu is difficult to navigate

    • Limited responses


    Along with the added benefit of being able to integrate with thousands of other apps on Integrately, SurveyMonkey lets you easily build customizable questionnaires and collect feedback by email or via social media.


    • Easy to use

    • Secure

    • Easy for respondents to engage with


    • Underdeveloped data analysis feature

    • Limited customization options

    ProProfs Survey Maker

    One of the most attractive features of ProProfs Survey Maker is its unlimited surveys. This online survey app also lets you analyze your survey results in graphic form.


    • Detailed AI-generated reporting

    • Supports collaboration


    • Limited question types

    • Lacks security


    Though SoGoSurvey only allows you to collect a maximum of 200 responses a year, it offers unlimited surveys and questions, plus more than 20 question types.


    • Smart Editor lets you customize your form with different question types

    • Easy distribution


    • Skip logic may be confusing

    • Difficult to download data


    SurveyLegend offers advanced logic that lets you create mobile-friendly and gorgeous survey forms with ease. 


    • Easy distribution on social media and websites

    • Plenty of customization options

    • Visual question types


    • Limited features on the free version

    • Cannot view individual responses


    Survicate lets you run surveys in real time. It is a cross-channel feedback management software that allows businesses to measure customer experience across multiple channels. You can even automate your analysis with over 400 automations through Integrately


    • Easy to build surveys and integrate

    • Can easily contact customer support


    • Delays from launch/editing survey to going live

    • Responses are not easy to navigate

    What’s The Best Free Survey Tool Form App For You?

    The subject matter and complexity of your survey will play a significant role in determining which free survey tool form app is best for you. When you’re ready to superpower your surveys, sign up for Integrately to get thousands of free integrations!

    FAQs about Free Survey Tool Form Apps

    What are survey tools?

    Survey tools are digital software that can be used to ask questions and collect responses from your target audience. They use different question types, including open-ended, rating scale, multiple-choice, etc.

    What is an online survey?

    An online survey is a means of collecting data from a target audience using a questionnaire that respondents fill out over the internet. Online surveys may come in many different lengths and formats.

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