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Top 8 Best Free CRM Software In 2024 | Integrately

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 11, 2024
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    If you’re a small-to-medium business owner, you know that retaining your loyal customers is the key to a successful enterprise. This is why CRM or Customer Relationship Management is very important. 

    Read on to know more about CRM, its importance for your business, and free CRM software we recommend.

    How Does A CRM Software Work?

    CRM software helps you manage complex business processes with the goal of better supporting your customer at every point of the consumer journey. It does this through a powerful system that connects and analyzes all the information from your customer base and sales data.

    What Makes A Great Free CRM?

    CRM software will help you build a sustainable relationship with your customers. A great CRM software has core features that will help you grow your business efficiently without disrupting operations or giving you a hard time.

    • Beginner-friendly: Should be operated easily by your entire team and not add to the complexity of running a business
    • Scalable: Can expand to the needs of your growing business 
    • Streamline operations: Will help you organize the different functions of your business and automate them

    What Are The Benefits Of Using A CRM?

    With the help of CRM, you can automate how you communicate to your customers, improve sales management, do bulk email marketing, and upsell easily. If done effectively, CRM can help you retain and grow your customer base.

    Choosing The Right CRM

    Doing customer communication on a larger scale can be quite challenging, especially if you do it manually. Thankfully, there is free CRM software you can use in your day-to-day operations. The right CRM software for your business will integrate with your tools easily and help you get the job done. 

    How We Evaluated The Best Free CRMs

    We evaluated the best and free CRM software based on the following:

    • Unique core features
    • Integration with other business tools
    • How easy it is to use

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    Our Top Picks For The Best Free CRM For 2024

    Read on below to know about the best free CRM software we think you should try.


    Engagebay is one of the newest CRM software on the market that offers a multitude of functions for your business. It promises to be the single platform for all your marketing, sales, and even after-sales, thanks to its all-in-one suite of CRM tools. You can also automate marketing communications, resolve queries through the helpdesk software, or integrate it with other business apps via Integrately.


    • Can automate marketing and selling to a base of 500 customers
    • Provides customer data at every stage of the customer journey
    • Has templates for communication materials


    • Limited features in the free plan like automating workflows and sales sequences
    • Free access for up to 15 users only


    Upgrading to the premium plan costs $10.79/month per user.

    Click here to try Engagebay 


    Bitrix24 aims to be the ultimate workspace for your business. Aside from its basic features, it also has HR functions such as employee directory and work time tracking/reports, as well as collaboration tools such as workgroups. You can also automate functions using Integrately and its vast library of productivity tools.


    • Has unlimited users 
    • Can manage unlimited customers


    • Free plan has a storage limit of 5GB
    • Complex and intimidating user interface


    Upgrade to the Basic plan for $39/month for up to 5 users.

    Click here to try Bitrix24.

    Zoho CRM

    Zoho CRM’s goal is to convert every transaction into a lead or a sale for your business and empower you to nurture your relationship with your customers. Its range of features includes automating routine sales, marketing, and support functions. It also optimizes workflows to speed up your operations, helps you avoid manual data entry, and removes redundancies. You can link it with other productivity tools via Integrately.


    • Personalized CRM interface through Canvas 
    • Powerful customer insights that could be a basis for marketing campaigns


    • Limited integration to SalesIQ for the free plan
    • Limited to 5,000 records or customer base
    • Free access for up to 3 users only


    Upgrade to the premium plan starting at $14/month per user.

    Click here to try Zoho CRM.

    HubSpot CRM

    Hubspot CRM is a powerful CRM software that has comprehensive features that includes social media tools, chat features, messenger integration, and even pipeline management tools. Plus, you can automate certain functions and processes via Integrately integrations.


    • Can manage up to 1,000,000 customers
    • Easy to use even for non-techies 
    • Has over 900 integrations with productivity apps


    • Advanced hubs (e.g. Service hub, Marketing hub) are available only with the paid version


    Unlock additional features or hubs starting at $23/month.

    Click here to try HubSpot CRM.


    Insightly is another easy-to-use CRM software that helps you nurture your customer relationships from the first touchpoint by tracking milestones, managing processes, and providing amazing customer service. Use Integrately to connect it with dozens of apps.


    • Prevent mismanaging and improve communications via a single database of customer information
    • Automate workflows (e.g. assigning of tasks, order detail checks, inventory checks, project milestone setting)


    • Free version allows 2 users only
    • Free version tracks up to 2,500 customers only


    Upgrade to the paid plan starting at $29/month per user.

    Click here to try Insightly.


    Capsule may look plain versus other CRM software but its simplicity is actually its strength. It helps you be more organized with your customer information by saving it all in one place. You’ll even be able to see the entire history of your interactions with customers such as emails, calls, files, and notes. Capsule can be automated with Integrately and its different productivity tools.


    • Uncomplicated dashboard makes CRM work easy
    • Has an email add-on feature for Gmail and Outlook for easier integration


    • Not as customizable versus other CRM software
    • No additional features on top of basic CRM functionalities
    • Contact limit of 250 customers for the free version
    • Limited to 2 users for the free version


    Upgrade to the premium plan for $18/month per user.

    Click here to try Capsule.


    Vtiger is an all-in-one platform that empowers you with real-time customer data at a glance, which helps you provide consistent service and avoid churn. Another key feature is the Process Designer that optimizes your business processes and workflow.


    • Real-time view of your team’s activities 
    • Customizable reporting dashboard with metrics and standard reports of your choosing
    • Improve customer service response time
    • Improved business process and workflow rule 


    • Steep learning curve for the interface and navigation
    • Free version has limited credits
    • Free version has limited access to up to 10 users


    Paid plans start at $10/month per user.

    Click here to try Vtiger.


    Streak is Gmail native CRM software that can be enabled via a Google extension. It’s a no-frills CRM software with an interface similar to Excel or Google Sheets. You can also connect it to different apps via Integrately.


    • No need to download a new app as Streak is accessed through your Gmail
    • Email tracking feature that notifies you when your email has been opened by the customer


    • Limited to one user only with the free version


    Upgrade to the premium version priced at $49/month.

    Click here to use Streak. 

    What’s The Best Free CRM For You?

    Finding the best CRM software for your business is a process of trial and error. You can prioritize which advanced features you find most useful (e.g. email tracking, email marketing tools, sales automation, workflow automation) and start from there. We recommend you try out the different CRMs and find out for yourself which best fits your business style.


    Taking care of your customers is important to business success. Take your CRM game one step higher through Integrately. You can automate your CRM software, level up your sales management, streamline complex business processes, and focus your time and energy on running and growing your business. 

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    FAQs about free CRM software

    Is there a totally free CRM?

    Yes, there are many free CRM software available in the market. In fact, all of the CRM software listed above offer free plans. If you are managing a bigger customer base or need to extend access to more team members, then you might need to upgrade to a paid plan.

    Does Google have a free CRM?

    Google doesn’t have free CRM software, although Streak is used primarily via the Gmail application.

    Which CRM is easiest to use?

    Capsule, Insightly, and HubSpot CRM are all easy-to-use and beginner-friendly.
    Abhishek Agrawal
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