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Top 10 Best Email Clients For Windows In 2024 | Integrately

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 21, 2024
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    Answering and writing emails can be quite time-consuming, especially if you are managing more than one email address. While most email activities can be done via the web browser, having a desktop email client can be life-changing. Aside from streamlining multiple emails in one unified inbox, you can also integrate it with other productivity tools for a seamless email experience. 

    Read on to learn about the best email clients you can use for Windows and the different features that can help you manage your emails better.

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    What Makes A Great Email Client For Windows?

    A great email client will help you be more productive and more efficient with your time. It typically has features such as:

    • App integrations

    • Customization options

    • Message encryption

    • Simple user interface

    Choosing The Right Email Client For Windows

    Choosing the right email client for Windows can be tricky with the different options available, both free and paid. We recommend checking in with your I.T. representative to know which email clients can be synced easily with your work email.

    How We Evaluated The Best Email Clients For Windows

    We evaluated the best email clients for Windows based on the range of features they offer and which popular email clients they can integrate with. We also reviewed some of the more helpful features based on customer reviews.

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    Our Top Picks For The Best Email Clients For Windows

    Microsoft Outlook

    The default email client in the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Office is the best-known email client for any business size. You can also maximize Outlook by linking it with different productivity tools using Integrately.


    • Has a built-in calendar

    • Available for desktop, iOS, and Android

    • Works with the rest of the Microsoft Office tools


    • Can be slow to load/sync 

    • Can look cluttered because of its outdated design 


    Microsoft Outlooks is included in the Office 365 Business Standard plan, priced at $12.50/month per user.

    eM Client

    eM Client is a well-loved email client thanks to its simple yet intuitive design. Its easy-to-use interface and sidebar improve productivity, whether for work or personal use.


    • Easily import data from popular email clients

    • Customizable user interface with a unique sidebar for communication history

    • Free license (for up to two accounts)


    • Slow tech support 

    • Can be buggy/prone to crashing


    eM Client is available for a one-time purchase of $49.95.


    Thunderbird is an uncomplicated email client for Windows. If you’re looking for a secure email client to manage your important emails, Thunderbird’s robust privacy features may be right for you.


    • Completely free and open-source

    • Easy to set up and customize

    • Secure and private with end-to-end encryption


    • Outdated user interface 

    • Slow to send and receive emails versus other email clients


    Thunderbird is free to use.


    Mailbird is an award-winning email client that’s both powerful and intuitive. If you’re easily overwhelmed by your email inbox, then you will appreciate the clean and uncluttered interface of Mailbird’s dashboard.


    • Beautiful and highly intuitive interface with a unified inbox

    • Easy to use even for multiple email accounts

    • Highly customizable with a selection of beautiful email themes


    • Hard to reach customer service

    • Limited integration with other apps for the free version


    Mailbird Personal is available for $39/year while the Business plan with unlimited email tracking is $59/year.

    Windows Mail

    Windows Mail is a free and dependable email client that’s designed for both work and personal use. Its simple inbox interface and tagging tools make it easy to manage your email communications.


    • Built-in Microsoft Word feature

    • Intuitive navigation bar to toggle easily between your email and calendar

    • Calendar that integrates with Microsoft Exchange

    • Focused inbox tagging to prioritize your more important emails


    • Not a lot of extra features versus other email clients

    • No native iOS app


    Windows Mail is completely free to download.

    Kiwi for Gmail

    Kiwi for Gmail is the perfect email client for you if you are used to the Gmail interface. It is a powerful desktop email client that replicates the Gmail browser experience through its user interface, making it easy to pick up and learn. In addition, it comes with features such as managing multiple accounts in one inbox, global shortcuts for composing email away from your inbox, and seamless integration with the full Google suite.


    • Works well with Google’s productivity tools

    • Features a Today view for a focused and filtered inbox


    • Multiple Calendar windows that clutter the user interface


    The Basic plan for one account is priced at $9/year while the Premium account for six users is $34/year.

    The Bat!

    The Bat! is a highly secure and privacy-focused email client. If you are protective of your emails, then you will appreciate its powerful end-to-end encryption feature.


    • “On The Fly” encryption for all your emails and address book

    • Generates QR code for your emails and messages


    • Packed with powerful features that may need a bit of a learning curve

    • User interface can look cluttered and outdated


    The Bat! Home version is available for a one-time purchase of $49.99.


    Inky is a cloud-based email client that prioritizes privacy and security. It actively scans all inbound and outbound emails to ensure a safe email experience.


    • Manages data leaks 

    • Detect and block phishing attacks

    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning 

    • Adds an informative banner to every email


    • Free version is limited to integrations with iCloud, Gmail, and Outlook only

    • Needs to be integrated with an email client as there is no native app


    Upgrade to Inky Pro to link your business IMAP email account, Exchange, and Office 365 for $5/month.


    Hiri is built specifically for the Microsoft email ecosystem. Its breathtaking design will entice you to use your email more.


    • Beautiful, uncluttered inbox view

    • Intuitive and adjustable user interface


    • Free trial is limited to 7 days only

    • Limited integrations with email clients

    • Doesn’t have a mobile version


    Get Hiri for $39/year or $119 for lifetime access.


    If you receive hundreds of emails daily and work with a big team, then Spike is the perfect email client for you. It promotes efficiency and collaborations via instant messaging and conversational email within the app.


    • Share notes with your team members with the dynamic Notes app

    • Transforms your email inbox into a real-time chatbox


    • Limited storage up to 5 GB for the free version


    Upgrade to the Pro plan at $4/month for essential features and additional storage.

    Which Windows Email Client Should You Choose?

    Choosing the right email client for Windows is all about knowing which additional tools and third-party integrations you need. The right cross-platform email client will sync well with your existing email platform, promote productivity and efficiency even while managing multiple emails, and have a user interface that is both beautiful and easy to use.


    Remove inbox clutter and work better with an email client for Windows. You can also integrate powerful productivity tools with your chosen email client via Integrately. Check it out to make your email apps work more efficiently for you!

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    FAQs about best email clients for Windows

    Is there a better email client than Outlook?

    Outlook is the preferred email client of most businesses with a budget for Office 365. If you’re looking for a cheaper or free alternative, you can try similar email clients with common features.

    Which email client is most like Windows Live?

    Windows Mail is the closest to the Windows Live client in terms of interface and key features.

    What is an inexpensive tool to track email opens?

    Most email clients offer email tracking even with the free version.
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