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Top 6 Best Email Clients For Mac To Manage Your Emails In 2024

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
December 2, 2023
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    Despite all the new ways you can reach out to consumers, email is here to stay. Thankfully, you can make email communications easier and more effective with the right email client.

    If you are an Apple user on the market for the best email client for Mac, this guide is for you! In it, you’ll learn what features to look out for, the benefits of a Mac-based emailing platform, and what our top picks are.

    What Makes A Great Email Client For Mac?

    While most email clients function under the same principles, some of these criteria might make an app stand out above the rest:

    • Advanced features: Nowadays, the best email apps boast innovative features like unsending, custom notifications, filters, and more.
    • Third-party apps: If you have existing email clients, they should be easy to integrate into your new software.
    • Security: Because email remains the most popular communication tool for businesses, excellent security is paramount. The best email clients for Mac use OAuth technology, which ensures that an app has no access to your passwords. Keep in mind, understanding the benefits of other protocols, and it’s essential to secure your passwords and login info. Depending on your needs, OAuth vs. saml would be a comparison you would like to look into.
    • Operating system support: If you use multiple devices to access your email, the best email clients for Mac should also be compatible with Windows systems.

    What Are The Benefits Of Using Email Clients For Mac?

    If you spend hours opening, reading, and replying to emails, the best email clients for Mac should make the process easier for you. Some of the benefits of having one include: 

    • Email management: Spend less time on emails through Mac keyboard shortcuts and functions.
    • Inbox cleaning: Filter through spam emails with an “email clean” feature.
    • Anti-virus: Flag unsafe emails with built-in antivirus software on your Mac.

    How We Evaluated The Best Email Clients For Mac

    To help you select the best email clients for Mac, we made the following considerations:

    • Does it save time?
    • Does it increase productivity?
    • Does it support offline functionality?
    • Does it fit into smaller budgets?
    • Does it provide optimal security?
    • Is it also compatible with Windows devices?

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    Our Top Picks For The Best Email Clients For Mac For 2024

    If you’re looking for a way to make your email experience smoother, these email provider solutions for Mac might do the trick!

    Microsoft Outlook

    If you’re looking into an Office 365 subscription, you’ll be pleased to know that its Mac version boasts dozens of powerful features. These modern email features include a task manager, chatbox, and notebook, just to name a few. The even better news is that you can automate custom actions on Microsoft Outlook with Integrately!


    • Focused inbox: Automatically separate important messages from spam to save time filtering through emails.
    • Mentions: Tag co-workers in emails to drive specific attention to message details. 
    • Email templates: Use custom themes to inject your business’ unique branding into client emails. 


    • No native support for iCloud: While Outlook automatically syncs with Microsoft and Google calendars, you’ll have to look into third-party apps to sync your iCloud calendar.
    • Lacks automations: Though Outlook is famed for its robust essential features, it lacks customization options for scheduled sending or snoozing.


    Outlook costs $5.99/month per user with an Office 365 Personal plan. 

    Apple Mail

    For Mac users who want a free option with basic features, Apple Mail is the way to go. This built-in mobile and desktop app is compatible with iCloud and Google Workspace.


    • OAuth support: Automatically integrate your contacts and calendars from Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.
    • Smart mailboxes: Receive mail according to custom shortcuts like attachments, unread emails, and more.


    • Limited range of features: Unfortunately, there is no way to manage tasks, send scheduled emails, or snooze items.
    • Account bugs: While Apple Mail can integrate with Microsoft, Live, and Hotmail, expect some latency and bugs.


    Apple Mail is free.


    Teams looking for a collaborative platform will love Spark. Multiple users can collaborate on and proofread emails in real-time – just like Google Docs!


    • Secure links: Redirect readers to specific threads and messages as necessary.
    • Smart inbox: Segregate your emails into newsletters, alerts, teams, users, and more for easy access.


    • Complete access to emails: To enjoy all of Spark’s excellent features, you’ll have to give complete access to your emails – this means you won’t get full encryption.


    You can use Spark for free for up to two users with 5GB of storage. A Premium plan costs $7.99/month per user.

    Canary Mail

    Does your business value robust security? If so, Canary Mail supports end-to-end encryption using PGP. Thanks to this handy feature, no one can gain access to your emails other than the intended recipients – not even your email provider. 


    • Powerful security: Protect your email accounts via biometric app lock, on-device fetch, end-to-end encryption, no data mining, and more.
    • Category support: Sort incoming email messages by socials, promotions, or forums.


    • Lacking power user features: Sadly, you can’t send scheduled emails with Canary Mail, nor does it support any task management features.


    Canary Mail costs $19.99/month per user and comes with a 30-day free trial.


    Designed specifically for Mac users, Airmail supports major email provider solutions like Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Outlook, and more. It also integrates with task management apps like Todoist, Calendar 5, and Omnifocus.


    • Custom actions: Automatically forward emails, apply labels, or archive messages.
    • Keyboard shortcuts: Apply keyboard shortcuts from Gmail and custom touch shortcuts like swiping left and right to sort through messages.


    • Lack of integrations: If you want to use Airmail with popular apps like Slack or Google Drive, you’re out of luck (for now).


    Airmail has a freemium option and paid plan that costs $2.99/month per user.


    Famed for its extensive keyboard control, MailMate is ideal for Mac users who frequently use lots of shortcuts. With it, you can compose emails on various text editors like Atom or Sublime Text.


    • Bundle extensions: Connect to external editors when composing your message for greater customizability. 
    • Natural language search: Search emails according to your native language and in conversational format. 


    • Steep learning curve: The last thing MailMate is is simple. If you’re not used to advanced commands, it may end up being too complex.


    A single license from MailMate costs $49.99.

    What’s the best email client for Mac?

    The best email client software application for Mac will depend on what you need. For instance, if you want to automatically sort your existing email accounts, Apple Mail might be for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an app for teams, Spark can take you a long way. 

    When sorting through major email services, think about:

    • Key features like link-sharing or email filtering
    • Your company budget
    • A clean interface with a minimal learning curve
    • Important third-party integrations

    The Bottom Line

    The fact of the matter is that email marketing isn’t becoming obsolete anytime soon. With that in mind, a functional email client that can help Mac users manage their communication channels is the key to success. 

    With Integrately, you can make your email communication as easy as the click of a button! With over 8 million automations, you can create smart folders, save time on manual tasks, and quicken your email workflow in just a few clicks.

    FAQs for email clients for Mac

    Does Apple have an email service?

    Yes, Apple has a built-in email service called Apple Mail.

    What are the main differences between IMAP and Exchange?

    The main differences between IMAP and Exchange is that only Exchange provides the ability to sync tasks, calendars, and media. It also offers the benefit of offline access.

    What is the best email client for Mac that doesn’t save email locally?

    Canary Mail is the best email client for Mac users who doesn’t save email locally.
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