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15 Best Chatbot Builders To Boost Your Conversions In 2024

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 24, 2024
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    These days, it’s not enough that you have a sales and customer support team that can handle inquiries during business hours. To stay competitive, your business needs to be available on every communication channel 24/7. That’s where chatbots come in handy: they can handle customer service requests, send promotions, and even close sales.

    Thankfully, setting up a chatbot is inexpensive and can be done within a short period of time. If you’re curious about how they can help grow your business, read on! We’ve also compiled a list of the 15 best chatbot builders on the market.

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    What Is A Chatbot Builder And What Can They Do For Your Business?

    A chatbot is an advanced automation tool that simulates natural conversations with customers. Every time a user interacts with your social media account or your website, they get automated replies based on a predetermined set of rules.

    With the help of chatbot builders, you can keep in touch with your customers without hiring additional staff. Usually, you can build two types of bots:

    • Fully automated chatbot: This type of chatbot runs completely on predetermined codes and workflows.
    • Hybrid chatbot: This type includes a built-in live chat component. If ever your customer has a question that the bot cannot address, a live chat agent can step in and resolve their concern.

    What Are The Benefits Of Using Chatbot Builders?

    Using a chatbot can automate basic communications with your customers. Here are some of its most important benefits:

    • Reduce response time: Taking hours to respond is a sign of poor customer service. With chatbots, you can be available to your customers 24/7.
    • Expand your sales and customer service team without hiring a human agent: Take the load off your sales or customer support team by making the bot do most of the work. The bot can answer customer questions, book appointments, and even close sales.
    • Get advanced analytics: Most AI-powered bots immediately generate analytics on customers. That way, you’ll see where your customers are most active and what type of assistance they usually need.

    Choosing The Right Chatbot Builder

    With the multitude of chatbot platforms available, it’s hard to choose which one is right for your business. Here are some factors to consider when choosing among marketing bots:

    • Artificial intelligence: Conversational chatbots should be able to understand the customer’s concerns and send relevant replies without human intervention. They should also be able to use their machine learning capabilities to make conversations flow naturally.
    • Simple setup: The best chatbot software should allow you to set up the tool without any programming knowledge. In some cases, companies can also offer to set up the chat tool for you.
    • Chatbot integrations: Choose a chatbot platform that can integrate with your other marketing automation tools. That way, you can make sure that everything flows smoothly, from lead generation to after-sales support.
    • Pricing plans: Most chatbot-building platforms have similar features. Select the ones that offer all of the features you need at a reasonable price.

    How We Evaluated The Best Chatbot Builders

    To evaluate the best chatbot builder, we looked at key features and pricing plans. We also selected those that offer custom integrations with other tools.

    Our Top Picks For The Best Chatbot Builders For 2024

    Here’s a list of the best AI-powered chatbot builders on the market:


    ManyChat is a chatbot-building platform that allows you to automate responses on Facebook messenger, Instagram DMs, and SMS. It also boasts several integrations with Integrately. Here are some of its main features: 

    • Drag-and-drop editor: Set automated replies without the need for coding skills.
    • Engage captured leads: Send newsletters or coupons to phone numbers or emails that the system captured through chat.

    Plans & Pricing

    The basic plan is free for up to 1000 contacts. The pro plan starts at $15/month.


    Chatfuel is a chatbot software that allows you to automate marketing and lead generation. Its best features include:

    • Connect with Facebook ads: The chatbot can connect with Facebook ads and answer questions from potential customers.
    • Qualify leads: The messenger bot can ask programmed questions to qualify leads.

    Plans & Pricing

    The basic version is free for up to 50 chats. Paid plans start at $15/month.


    WotNot is an AI-powered chatbot that aims to automate lead generation and expand customer support. Here are some of its key features:

    • Done-for-you service: Instead of setting up your own chatbot, the WotNot team will build a custom solution for you.
    • Chatbot analytics: The system generates data on leads and conversations, so you can get to know your customers better.

    Plans & Pricing

    The basic plan with unlimited chatbots is free. Paid plans start at $99/month.


    ActiveChat is an intelligent chatbot that proudly speaks human language. To sync it with other apps, you can also connect it to Integrately. Its top features include:

    • Smart chatbot: ActiveChat makes use of decision trees to automate daily communication.
    • Chat integration: The system can communicate with customers on any social media channel.

    Plans & Pricing

    ActiveChat offers a free 14-day trial and custom contract terms.


    Tidio is a popular chatbot builder that can interact with customers on social media platforms. You can also add it as a chat widget for websites. Its top features include:

    • Pre-built templates: Use a chatbot template for easy setup. No technical skills are required.
    • Boost sales: The chatbot can message customers and offer discounts before they abandon their carts.

    Plans & Pricing

    The basic plan is free. Paid plans start at $39/month.


    SnatchBot is a multi-platform chatbot builder. Here are some of its best features:

    • Create hybrid chatbots: Build a purely automated chatbot from scratch or make it a human-hybrid chatbot. Once you’ve set up the custom chatbot, you can launch it on all social media channels.
    • Multilingual chatbot: The chatbot can translate and understand messages in multiple languages.

    Plans & Pricing

    The basic chatbot service is free. Paid plans start at $75/month.


    SendPulse is a simple chatbot builder that sends auto-replies to users any time of the day. Its best features include:

    • Automate business processes: The chatbot can perform simple tasks, like scheduling appointments or talking to customers about your products.
    • Close sales: The bot can collect payments and close sales without forcing customers out of the messaging channel.

    Plans & Pricing

    The basic plan is free. Paid plans start at $9.60/month.


    Pandorabots is an advanced chatbot builder that allows people to communicate with a special chatbot avatar. Here are its best features:

    • Design your own chatbot avatar: Add a human touch to your chatbot by creating a custom brand avatar.
    • Context-aware chat tool: The chatbot can send context-aware responses instead of relying on a decision tree.

    Plans & Pricing

    The basic version is free. Paid plans start at $19/month.


    With Giosg you can add chatbot widgets to websites. Try it for the following features:

    • Send the right message: Chat conversations come with more than 30 targeting rules to ensure that you’re sending the right message depending on customer behavior.
    • Multiple integrations: Giosg can integrate with multiple platforms like Hubspot and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

    Plans & Pricing

    Giosg offers customized quotes.


    Botsify is an omnichannel live chat service. Here’s a quick look at its best features:

    • Intuitive drag-and-drop builder: Build a custom chatbot using a no-code building platform.
    • Capture leads using conversational forms: The chatbot can capture leads from users and instantly export the information onto a spreadsheet or to your CRM software.

    Plans & Pricing

    Personal chatbots start at $49/month for up to two chatbots. Professional plans start at $149/month for up to five chatbots.


    Dialogflow is a custom chatbot builder powered by Google AI. Here are some reasons it’s a cut above other bot builders:

    • Natural interactions: Diagflow uses natural language understanding models to understand the users’ concerns and come up with natural responses.
    • Visual flow builder: Use a highly intuitive builder platform that allows you to create a custom chatbot in a short period of time. 

    Plans & Pricing

    Contact the sales team for pricing details.

    Flow XO

    Flow XO is a powerful chatbot builder that can connect to any social media platform. Try it for the following features:

    • Powerful chatbot builder: Aside from creating basic chat workflows, you can also add HTTP requests, record details on chatbot users, and add several conditions that allow people to jump around workflows.
    • Multiple integrations: Flow XO can connect to more than 100 cloud apps, like MailChimp or Salesforce.

    Plans & Pricing

    The starter plan is available for free for up to 500 interactions or 5 bots. The standard business plan starts at $19/month for up to 5,000 interactions or 15 bots. is an open-source app and bot builder. Here are some of its best features:

    • Build your own code: Learn how to create a chatbot from scratch. Read extensive tutorials to learn how to write and understand code.
    • Multilingual support: The platform is available in multiple languages, including Chinese, German, Korean, and more.

    Plans & Pricing is free.


    MobileMonkey is a chatbot maker for social media, websites, and SMS. Its best features include:

    • Message scheduling: Send scheduled promotions and messages based on customer behavior and past interactions.
    • Unified chat inbox: Get messages from any communication channel in one inbox. That way, you never have to worry about any message getting lost or being left unread.

    Plans & Pricing

    MobileMonkey offers custom payment plans.

    What’s The Best Chatbot Builder For You?

    The best Chatbot builder for most people will be ManyChat. ManyChat is a popular app that’s very easy to use and has really affordable pricing for the quality of the product. But regardless of which you pick, the best chatbot platform needs to be a natural extension of your customer service and sales team. It should allow your business to respond to customers across all social media platforms, as well as on your website.

    Whichever chatbot platform you choose, sign up for Integrately and manage all your marketing tools in one platform! 

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    Chatbot Builders FAQs

    Chatbot platform tools can be intimidating to novice users. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on chatbot technology:

    FAQs about Chatbot Builders

    How do chatbots work?

    Chatbots work by simulating natural human conversations via message chat or even voice prompts. They interpret the users' questions and send pre-determined answers based on decision trees or codes.

    What chat automation functions are most important?

    The most important chat automation functions are the following:

    • Provide basic customer support

    • Send newsletters and promotions

    • Collect and qualify leads

    • Send pricing details

    • Book appointments

    Abhishek Agrawal
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