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10 Best Calendar Apps For iPhone In 2024 | Integrately

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 24, 2024
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    Keeping track of daily events and meetings can be time-consuming, especially with all the other things you have to do with your busy schedule. Having a decent calendar app on your iPhone can help you manage these obligations better. Read on for popular calendar apps for the iPhone!

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    What Makes A Great iPhone Calendar App? 

    A great iPhone calendar app goes above and beyond what is expected of a basic calendar app. Here are some must-have features:

    • Ease of use: A user interface that is intuitive and uncomplicated
    • Customization: The level of personalization you can do with the app
    • Integrations with third-party calendar apps and productivity tools: How easy it is to link apps together to make your life easier
    • Advanced features: What sets it apart from other apps

    Choosing The Right iPhone Calendar App 

    Choosing the right iPhone calendar app involves finding the one that suits your style and your needs. What works for someone else may not work for you. To arrive at the right decision, you may need to try out different iPhone calendar apps and take note of which features you actually use. Pay special attention to calendars that are easily customizable and can integrate with other tools and apps.

    How We Evaluated The Best iPhone Calendar Apps

    We evaluated the available iPhone calendar apps you can download based on the following:

    • How easy the basic features are to use
    • How it can make your life easier 
    • How affordable it is 
    • Smart features such as natural language input

    Read on below for our top 10 iPhone calendar apps you can download right now.

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    Our Top Picks For The Best iPhone Calendar Apps For 2024

    Google Calendar

    Google Calendar is one of the easiest iPhone calendar apps to use for a lot of users because it works well with the whole suite of Google apps, specifically Gmail. Syncing your calendar with your email is very efficient for day-to-day tasks. It automatically detects activities in your other Google apps and suggests an event for it (e.g. flight details, birthdays, vacations). You can also link it to other apps on Integrately and automate specific functions.


    • Free for download 
    • Integrates well with other Google products


    • Not as customizable


    Google Calendar is free to download and use.

    Click here to try Google Calendar. 


    Looking for a clean-looking calendar app that is easy to use? Try 24me, a calendar app that is made for your iPhone. With its sleek design matched with ease of use, it’s no wonder this calendar app is a crowd favorite.


    • Email for new tasks
    • Natural language input or natural language processing via Siri
    • Add photos and videos to your notes.


    • Strictly mobile-only
    • Not available for desktop


    While 24me offers a free version, most of the features can only be unlocked by subscribing to the premium service for $5.99/month.

    Click here to try 24me.

    Apple Calendar

    If you want a no-nonsense, default calendar app for your iPhone and Apple Watch, then the built-in Apple Calendar app may work just right for you. It’s easy to integrate with your existing email platform and comes in a simple interface that’s available both on mobile and as a desktop client. The native calendar app is naturally synced with iCloud for easy access even as you switch devices.


    • Apple Watch friendly
    • Share iCloud calendars easily


    • Limited features versus other calendar apps
    • Can’t be customized


    The Apple Calendar app is free and comes pre-installed on all iPhones.

    Click here to try Apple Calendar.

    Microsoft Outlook Calendar

    The Microsoft Outlook Calendar is considered the best calendar app for professional needs. It syncs with your Microsoft Outlook email, so it’s easy to keep track of all your work emails and upcoming events in just one app. You can also link it with different productivity tools on Integrately and make your life easier.


    • Easily create an event with a link to Microsoft Teams
    • Works efficiently with other Office 365 apps
    • Share your Outlook Calendar with your teammates


    • Needs a Microsoft Office subscription


    Outlook Calendar and the suite of Microsoft tools cost $6.99/month while the Family plan is $9.99/month. 

    Click here to try Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

    Calendars 5

    Another no-fuss calendar app for the iPhone you can try is Calendars 5. The app has functionalities that add efficiency such as a list view to get details of events at a glance, a built-in video call feature, and Apple and Google Maps integration.


    • Easily see what’s happening today, this week, this month
    • Siri-compatible with intuitive natural language processing


    • Dependent on internet connection


    Download the app for a one-time purchase of $29.99.

    Click here to try Calendars 5.

    Fantastical 2

    Fantastical 2 is a powerful calendar app that tops every “best of” app list out there, and we understand why. There are a lot of things to love about this app, such as its brand new interface with multiple views. You can even add multiple calendars and keep all your tasks and events in sync.


    • Eye-catching user interface
    • Automatic video call detection
    • Syncs seamlessly across all iOS devices


    • Free trial is good for 14 days only


    You can get the premium plan of Fantastical 2 for only $4.99/month.

    Click here to try Fantastical 2.

    Awesome Calendar

    Want a functional but cute calendar for your day-to-day needs? Check out Awesome Calendar for a fun approach to the iPhone calendar interface. It has a cute design feature that makes you feel like you’re turning a Filofax on your iPhone. You can even personalize the font, style, and colors.


    • Old-school Filofax design
    • Natural language input
    • Full text search for events, notes, and to-dos


    • Lite version is limited
    • Has issues with syncing and retrieving data
    • Prone to crashing


    Download Awesome Calendar for a one-time payment of $9.99. 

    Click here to try Awesome Calendar.


    Peek is one of the most beautiful calendar apps for the iPhone thanks to its sleek and modern interface. Much like its name, it aims to give you a visual yet comprehensive view of your daily appointments without the clutter.


    • Quick and easy inputting
    • Intuitive gesture commands 
    • Shows only the detail you need


    • Learning curve for non-techies
    • Not for context-heavy users


    Access Peek for only $2.99/month.

    Click here to try Peek.


    Calendar, formerly known as Pod, is a simple and effective calendar app made for the iPhone. There are a lot of things to like about Pod’s powerful features, but what most users like about this app is its intelligent design that shows the context for your meetings, as well as an uncluttered single view of all events and reminders. Overwhelmed by separate calendars? Hide them for your daily view and focus on the more important tasks.


    • Hide events feature to focus on important appointments
    • Easily sync existing info of your contacts from your phone into the app


    • Premium plans coming soon


    Pod is free to download on your iPhone.

    Click here to try Pod.


    Another beautiful calendar app for your iPhone is Timepage. Developed by Moleskine, it replicates the pen and paper experience we loved about Moleskin journals. Timepage is visually striking and loaded with helpful features such as a heat map for your schedule and a fully adjustable and customizable weekly calendar.


    • Several Moleskin themes to choose from for your personal calendar
    • Comes with helpful hints and reminders


    • Subscription model after the 14-day trial


    Timepage’s premium plans start at $1.99/month or $11.99/year.

    Click here to try Timepage.

    Better Manage Your Schedule 

    Never miss an appointment or meeting again. Stay on top of your schedule with the help of calendar apps for your iPhone. You can even take it one step further and make your app purchases for your iPhone more hardworking with Integrately. Enable simple automations with other productivity apps and link it to your iPhone calendar to make managing your schedule more efficient.

    FAQs about calendar apps for iPhone

    What calendar app comes with the iPhone?

    The iPhone comes preloaded with Apple Calendar.

    Which is better: Apple Calendar or Google Calendar?

    It is difficult to tell which is better - Apple Calendar or Google Calendar. Both work really well for the iPhone and have similar features. It all boils down to what interface and design you prefer.

    What is the best calendar to use with an iPhone?

    Deciding which is the best calendar to use with an iPhone really depends on what you are looking for in the app. If you want a beautiful interface, then you will like Fantastical 2 or Timepage. If you value multi-platform compatibility for office use, then the Microsoft Outlook Calendar may work best for you. What matters is that it is easy to use and it makes your day-to-day life more efficient.
    Abhishek Agrawal
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