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The 6 Best Calendar Apps to Stay Organized in 2024

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 25, 2024
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    Keeping a paper calendar in the workplace prevents you from missing appointments and reduces the chaos in day-to-day operations. Having individual calendars also lets you coordinate meetings better because you can see who’s available at any given time.

    Digital calendars take this to the next level by sending notifications before an appointment and providing access to the availability of your coworkers with a few clicks. However, picking the right calendar app can be tough if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Read on for a thorough guide on the best calendar apps today!

    What Is A Calendar App?

    Calendar apps, as the name implies, provide you with an electronic calendar. However, they don’t just show you dates. They often also provide address books, appointment scheduling, and other useful features. These apps are widely used by businesses since they make it easy for employees to book appointments and set meeting times.

    Some calendar applications are bundled with other software, like Outlook or Google Suite. However, you can find standalone calendar apps like Calendly.

    How Does A Calendar App Work?

    Calendar applications work much like a traditional calendar that shows you dates and what appointments you have on a given day. However, calendar apps take your time management one step further by allowing you to see your coworkers’ availability and what meetings they have that day, preventing clashing schedules.

    Many calendar apps also integrate with other applications like your email service or project management software. These integrations make it easy to schedule a meeting by email and automatically put it on your calendar.

    Why Should You Get A Calendar App

    Tracking your days with a calendar app may seem like time-consuming busywork, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are four ways calendar apps can help your day-to-day organization:

    • Schedule Appointments Easier: With calendar apps, you don’t have to email or call every single participant and find a good time for a meeting anymore. You can see everyone’s availability, find a time that’s good for everyone, and invite them to meetings in a few clicks.
      You don’t even have to get everyone in the same office anymore! Some apps like Google Workspace provide video conferences for remote team members. 
    • Improve Daily Productivity: On busy days, some tasks are bound to slip through the cracks. Many calendar apps have task trackers and to-do lists with automatic reminders so you don’t forget what you were supposed to do. If you’re blanking out on what to do next in the middle of the day, just check your daily agenda and work on whatever’s next!
    • Make Priority And Time Management Easier: On any given day, you may be juggling several different things at work. Calendar apps help you sort out which tasks you should do first based on the deadline and the task’s complexity. This way, you don’t accidentally prioritize tasks that are due next week and forget the ones that are more urgent.
    • Balance Professional And Personal Appointments: It’s easy to throw your work-life balance off if you can’t keep track of your appointments and commitments. Calendar apps usually offer filtered views that put both kinds of appointments in one calendar. This prevents you from accidentally booking an important work meeting when you were supposed to have a personal engagement or vice versa.

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    What Makes a Good Calendar App

    Not all calendar apps are created equal. So what makes a calendar app truly stand out among all the options on offer? Here are four things that a good calendar app needs to be.

    • Easy To Use: The best calendar app should be intuitive and easy to use. An easily understood user interface ensures that everyone can pick up the app and make the most of it before too long. 
    • Feature-Rich: A good calendar app should have many features and numerous integrations to make it easy for its users. Things like automatic appointment scheduling, customizable calendar views, and app integrations help you get the most out of the app. 
    • Customizable: If the app has limited features, the second-best option is for it to be customizable. Plugin-friendly calendar apps let you tailor the app to your needs. 
    • Multi-Device Support: A good calendar and scheduling app should support multiple devices. This is much more important if you travel often since you can’t always check appointments on your computer. Having a calendar app that can be accessed from mobile devices as well as computers gives you a lot of flexibility and lets you schedule appointments from anywhere.

    How Much Does a Calendar App Cost?

    Calendar and scheduling apps have varying prices. Some apps like Google Calendar come bundled with Gmail for free, while other apps like Outlook require a subscription or one-time purchase.

    Your calendar provider may also offer free and paid versions. For instance, Calendly has a free basic version for all users but also offers premium plans with more handy features.

    Is a Calendar App Worth the Cost?

    Whether a calendar app is worth the cost or not depends on how you use it. If you’re a regular user who only uses its basic features, you’ll likely be fine with just a free calendar app. However, if you’re a power user who uses all the features a calendar app offers, you may find more value in a paid calendar and scheduling app.

    How To Choose the Best Calendar Apps

    With all the options on offer, it can be tough to pick the best calendar app for you. Here are some things to consider when shopping for the ideal calendar and scheduling app.

    • Features offered: The first thing to consider is a calendar app’s features – does it do what you need it to do? While appointment scheduling is usually a standard feature, your business may need other specific features like customized meeting reminders.
    • Customizability: Even if a calendar app doesn’t do everything you need it to do, plugins may help you get the feature you need. Therefore, customizability is also essential in your calendar and scheduling app.
    • Device compatibility: Calendar apps should support a wide range of devices. This ensures your team can easily arrange appointments and check on each other’s schedules from anywhere.
    • Budget: If you’re a small or medium business, you may not have the budget to buy enterprise-level calendar app subscriptions. Take a look at your finances and find the calendar app that you can comfortably afford.
    • App integrations: Picking a calendar app with numerous third-party integrations lets you automate much of the time-consuming clerical work. For instance, integrating your calendar and email apps lets you schedule meetings directly through email.
    • Customer support: Even if a calendar app is very user-friendly, there’s always a chance that something can go wrong. Choosing a calendar app with strong customer support means you’ll get through problems quicker.

    Our Top Picks for the Best Calendar Apps

    Still can’t pick the right calendar app for your company? You don’t have to worry because we’ve compiled the six best calendar app choices on the market today!

    Google Calendar

    Google’s wildly popular email service Gmail comes with a powerful, yet simple calendar app of its own. Google Calendar is a versatile, multi-feature calendar platform with tools like:

    • Event scheduling: Book one-time events and recurring events easily. You can also invite people to these events by putting their emails in the invite list.
    • Reminder creation: Never forget an appointment again by setting detailed reminders. Set a date, time, and other info. You can even set recurring reminders for repeat tasks!
    • Multiple calendar views: Divide your appointments into several categories so you don’t accidentally mix up personal and business events.

    In addition to the above features, Integrately has over one thousand apps it can connect with Google Calendar.

    Plans & Pricing

    Google Calendar comes free with every Google account.

    Microsoft Outlook Calendar

    Similar to Gmail and Google Calendar, popular email client Microsoft Outlook also comes with a default calendar app. Since Outlook is a more business-oriented service, it provides many features tailored for work use such as:

    • Additional calendar views: Merge the schedules of everyone in a group into a unified calendar. For instance, you can use this to view the schedules of everyone in your department or check for meeting room availability.
    • Side-by-side calendars: Compare your calendar with someone else’s so you can easily schedule one-on-one meetings. You can also compare your business calendar and personal calendar to prevent clashing appointments.
    • Delegated calendars: Free up more time by granting calendar access to your personal assistant or team member so they can manage it on your behalf.

    Plans & Pricing

    Microsoft Outlook Calendar can be bought for a one-time purchase of $159.99 or as part of your Office 365 subscription at $6.99/month.


    The descriptively-named Calendar app is a desktop, iOS, and Android-compatible program for meeting scheduling and task tracking. Some of the unique features this simple calendar app offers are:

    • Smart scheduling pages: Book meetings faster by sending coworkers a personal scheduling link. This lets them choose the best time for them based on your availability.
    • Calendar analytics tool: Track how you’re spending your time at work so you can figure out how to optimize that time spent.
    • RSVP Reminders: Ensure everyone invited to a meeting confirms their availability with automated email reminders.

    Plans & Pricing

    Calendar offers a free basic plan for small teams with limited features. Subscription plans for its advanced features start at $6/month per user.

    Apple Calendar

    Apple Calendar, often called iCal, is bundled with all Apple devices, making it easy to access if you own a Mac or iPhone. Much like most Apple products, this incredible calendar app boasts a user-friendly scheduling experience through standout features like:

    • Color-coded appointments: Assign different colors to different areas of your life so you can spot which appointments are what at a glance.
    • Multi-account support: Merge appointments in your Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo calendars so you don’t have to switch between them.
    • Comprehensive event details: Get all you need to know about event invitations in a flash. Get location information, directions, and even travel times.

    Plans & Pricing

    Apple Calendar is free and comes with every Apple computer or mobile device.


    Fantastical by Flexibits is a calendar and scheduling app made for all Apple devices. This award-winning software boasts additional features not available in many other calendar tool choices like:

    • Multiple event time proposals: Get multiple time options depending on the availability of everyone involved to shorten the scheduling process.
    • Event templates: Schedule upcoming events and appointments easily with template invites.
    • Conference call support: Jump into conference calls with a single click. Fantastical supports most conference call apps like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, and many others.

    Plans & Pricing

    Fantastical offers a 14-day free trial of its premium version. Afterward, you need to pay $4.99/month to use Fantastical’s premium features.

    DigiCal Calendar

    DigiCal is an Android calendar app compatible with most major calendar services like Google Calendar, Outlook, and Exchange. In addition to widgets that give this app lots of customizability, DigiCal Calendar also comes with extra features like:

    • Calendar subscriptions: Get notifications for thousands of topics from national holidays, sports events, to TV shows.
    • Weather forecasts: Know whether to hold outdoor or indoor events with access to the latest weather information.
    • Multiple calendar views: Choose from seven customizable views to personalize your calendar experience.

    Plans & Pricing

    DigiCal Calendar offers a free plan as well as a DigiCal+ version for $4.99.

    Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Calendar App

    The best calendar apps don’t just show you dates and appointments. Your calendar app of choice also lets you book meetings with colleagues, track your time spent at work and at home, as well as remind you of upcoming tasks and deadlines.

    Need to simplify your life and connect your calendar app with other third-party apps? Try Integrately today to automate various clerical and admin tasks through thousands of app integrations!

    FAQs about calendar apps

    How much does a calendar app cost?

    Calendar app prices vary by product and brand. Many apps bundled with mail clients or devices like Apple Calendar and Google Calendar are free. Some standalone apps like Fantastical and DigiCal require a monthly subscription or one-time purchase.

    What is the easiest free calendar app?

    In terms of ease of use, most digital calendars are intuitive and you can be proficient in their use within minutes. However, some calendars like Google Calendar and Apple Calendar are much easier to access since all you need to do is create an email account or buy a certain device.

    Is there a better calendar than Google?

    The “best calendar app” depends on what you need out of it. If you already own a Gmail account or an Android device, then Google Calendar is the best calendar app in terms of convenience and ease of use. However, if you don’t own a Gmail account or an Android device, getting Google Calendar may take some effort.

    Is Apple or Google Calendar better?

    Since Apple and Google’s calendar apps generally offer the same features, they’re roughly equal. What makes them different is their accessibility and home-field advantages. Naturally, Apple calendars are better on Mac and iOS devices while Google Calendar is the best choice if you have a Gmail account or Android device.
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