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Top 9 Best Business Card Scanner Software in 2024 | Integrately

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
December 12, 2023
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    Even in this digital age, business cards are still important. However, it’s also really easy to lose or damage business cards. You could be missing out on some really important connections and contacts without the right business card scanner software to help you save, archive, and organize your cards.

    Read on to learn more about the best business card scanner software on the market.

    What Makes a Great Business Card Scanner Software?

    A business card scanner software is basically a portable scanner that scans paper business cards and turns them into digital contacts. Some of the notable features of a great business card scanning software include:

    • Advanced image processing or advanced export functions
    • Productivity tool integration
    • Duplicate management tool
    • Customizable templates and color-coded options

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    Our Top Picks for the Best Business Card Scanner Software for 2024

    We chose 9 business card scanner software that goes above and beyond the scanning process and provides additional features that can improve your business card contact management. Turn hundreds of cards into a digital contact database you can actually use with these tools:


    Camcard is a full-featured business card reader for scanning, managing, syncing, and exchanging business cards with your peers. It is loved by hundreds of millions of users because of its notable features such as scanning paper cards in bulk, syncing address books across different devices, and smartly managing your phonebook. You can also link it with different productivity tools available on Integrately to make it more convenient.


    • Can access and read cards in 16 different languages
    • Easily exchange e-cards with people near you
    • Smart notifications/updates from your database of contacts


    • Needs a stable internet connection to function
    • Scanning function can miss some details


    Camcard has a free plan good for 500 contacts and a premium version for $25/month per user for unlimited scans.

    Click here to try CamCard.


    BizConnect is a business card scanner app for iOS and Android users. It promises 100% accuracy in the scanning process. It also helps with customer relationship management by turning every contact into a possible lead with productivity tool integration.


    • Lead management on top of business card contact management
    • Able to export contacts in CSV format


    • Free version is limited to 50 contacts only
    • Syncing with contacts isn’t as seamless


    BizConnect Business is available for $9.99/month and $79.99/year.

    Click here to try BizConnect.


    Sansan is a business card scanner software that maximizes personal connection in an office environment. Similar to social networks, it has a fully centralized contact network for the people in your company database.


    • Know who is in your company’s network
    • Stay updated with your contacts’ work progress
    • Organization tree to see job ranks


    • Privacy concern for corporate accounts when a business card is uploaded
    • Digitizing a physical card can take some time
    • Contacts can be worthless after moving companies


    Sansan is completely free to use.

    Click here to try Sansan.

    L-Card Pro

    L-Card Pro is a business card scanner software that allows you to personalize business cards and turn them into beautiful electronic cards. It has a state-of-the-art Card Design Suite and gives you full control over the themes, fonts, colors & formats. 


    • Stunning designs that are highly customizable
    • Able to export contacts into a CSV file and upload to Google Drive
    • Locate addresses of your contacts with the built-in Maps feature
    • Available for iOS, Android, and web 


    • Free plan has limited card sharing
    • Free plan only allows scanning and storing of 20 contacts


    The Business plan is priced at $3/month.

    Click here to try L-Card Pro

    Wantedly People

    Wantedly People is a business card scanner that allows scanning of up to 10 cards in one go, so you can spend less time organizing your contacts. It is powered by AI (artificial intelligence) which helps the app improve its data accuracy after every scan.


    • OCR (optical character recognition) detects and analyzes texts, graphics, and symbols
    • Built-in business chat platform via Wantedly Chat


    • Needs improvement on letter recognition
    • Website lacks support for English language


    Wantedly People is free to use.

    Click here to try Wantedly People.


    AABBYY is an award-winning business card scanner and contact manager for iOS and Android. It can convert paper business cards to digital contacts in just a single click thanks to its quick, accurate scanning and easy checking of recognized data.


    • Cloud support so all contacts are synced across devices
    • Multilingual feature supports 3 languages in one card
    • Apple Watch widget


    • No free version
    • Limited export options


    AABBYY charges $7.99/month after the 7-day trial.

    Click here to try AABBYY.


    ScanBizCards offers fast and accurate business card and conference badge scanning through Optical Character Recognition. You can also scan business cards & export them directly to Salesforce and other Customer Relationship Management tools.


    • Free 100 Human Transcription service credits
    • Email Signature Capture that finds contacts from email signatures


    • Free version has ads and only allows 3 card scans per week


    Upgrade to the premium version for $100/year per user.

    Click here to try ScanBizCards.


    Haystack does more than just business card scans. The Enterprise plan has notable features designed to improve sales efficiency and marketing, such as easy integrations with productivity tools and customer relationship management systems. It also tracks the employee life-cycle from new employees to promotions until departures. 


    • Find contacts and documents faster 
    • Super quick to set up and very easy to use


    • Limited integrations for the free version


    The Enterprise plan is available for $7.95/month per user and an additional $3 for every new user.

    Click here to try Haystack.


    ScanContacts is a free and accurate business card scanner for iOS and Android. It has a clear and user-friendly interface, allowing you to add contacts in just two clicks.


    • Unlimited contacts for the free version
    • Integrates with Hubspot


    • Only integrates with one app


    ScanContacts is free to use.

    Click here to try ScanContacts.

    What’s The Best Business Card Scanner Software For You?

    There is a lot of available business card scanner software available to download. We recommend finding the best one that gives you the most helpful features for personal or business use. You can also try the free versions before deciding to purchase the premium plan. 


    Go paperless and manage your contacts better through your preferred business card scanner software. You can also manage your digital contacts more efficiently through Integrately. Link the scanner software to different productivity tools available in Integrately and take your business card game one step further!

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    FAQs about business card scanner software

    How do I scan my business card?

    The app works like a regular scanner that uses your phone’s built-in camera. The photo is then saved, analyzed, and turned into a digital contact.

    Does Google have a business card scanner?

    Yes, Google does has a built-in business card scanner called Google Lens, which can be downloaded from the Play store.

    Does Apple have a business card scanner?

    Yes, Apple has a built-in business card scanner feature in the Notes app.
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