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 The Best Bookmarking Apps For 2024

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 4, 2024
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    The internet is a big place, and keeping up with your favorite online content can be challenging. While your browsers come with a built-in bookmark function, your saved content can be pretty hard to manage unless you get organized. That’s where bookmark apps come in.

    Read on as we go through our best bookmarking apps this 2024.

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    What Are Bookmark Apps?

    Bookmark manager tools let you save content that you find online in an organized manner. Almost all browsers, including default ones such as Safari and Internet Explorer, already have a bookmarking function for saving websites. 

    A dedicated bookmark app lets you manage all of your saved content and carry it over across your devices through a cloud service. There are a ton of great bookmark apps that are designed for work or casual use.

    Benefits Of A Bookmarking App

    The greatest benefit of having an all-in-one bookmark manager application is that it lets you synchronize all your bookmarks, regardless of the device or browser you’re using. Also, many bookmark manager apps have social features, allowing you to share your saved content with your contacts in the exact way you’ve organized it.

    What’s more, bookmark apps have some amazing features, such as saving your content offline or on a cloud platform. Some of them even feature app integrations, allowing you to bookmark content from most major social media platforms.

    What Makes A Great Bookmark App?

    There are a few basic things any bookmarks app should have. Look out for the features below: 

    • A great bookmark app should run on Android, Windows, Mac, or web browsers. 
    • It should let you save any weblink online while giving you access to the content offline.
    • The bookmark app keeps things organized and presentable in the same app.
    • The app should have offline edit functions, especially if you want to make notes on your bookmarked page or save and edit images on that page. 
    • Your bookmark app should have basic organization tools, such as folders and subfolders for your bookmarks, a reading list function that lets you save pages for later, and tagging for easier navigation.
    • The app should have a built-in search feature that can easily sift through content on your bookmark library.

    Choosing The Right Bookmark App

    It’s important to know what kind of bookmark manager application suits your usage. For casual use, there are free browser extensions that act as sufficient bookmarking tools, but paid subscription-based ones usually offer premium features that can help you organize your content for work. 

    Whether you’re putting together office tools on a budget, or just looking for better ways to save online content, we’ve got you covered. Here are four basic categories we looked at when creating our list of the top bookmarking apps: 

    • Price point: There are a ton of great bookmark apps that are free or offer a free trial version that’s either timed or limited in function. 
    • Features: You want a bookmarks app that covers all the basics, such as folder and subfolder organization, sharing, and secure cloud storage. 
    • Accessibility: A great bookmarks app should be compatible across browsers to let you save your bookmarks, no matter where you’re browsing.
    • Integration:. A big plus would also be functions that integrate with other productivity apps and social media accounts.

    Understanding Bookmark Apps Price Tags

    There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing your next bookmarks app. When they’re not free, bookmark manager applications typically have either annual or monthly subscriptions. Some apps offer both free and paid services, with the latter providing access to additional features. There are also paid subscriptions that feature free trials for a limited time. 

    Typically, you pay a premium for additional functions that either give you the fullest version of the app or for more cloud storage to work with. 

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    Our Top Picks For The Best Bookmark Apps For 2024

    Here are our top picks for the best bookmark apps for you.


    Pinboard has been in the business for more than a decade as a reputable private bookmarking tool. As one of the first dedicated bookmarking tools on the market, Pinboard has all the basics you’d expect, such as secure cloud servers that guarantee complete privacy of your bookmarks. 


    • As a paid service, it’s less likely to disappear from the app store like most free bookmarking apps.
    • It allows you to sync tweets from certain accounts to your Pinboard.


    • Pinboard’s interface is rather dated and bare-boned. Other paid apps today have much more to offer in terms of features and services.
    • Apart from basic functionality, it does not have much to offer for its price point.


    Pinboard costs $22/year.

    Google Bookmarks

    Google Bookmarks is a free service that integrates with your Google Account. While Google Bookmarks as a standalone service is no longer functional, you can still access it through Google Chrome’s native bookmarking function.


    • Google Bookmarks performs as well as most free bookmarking apps – offline saving, reading lists, and basic organization tools included.


    • Google Bookmarks was discontinued as a separate service last 2021, so you can only use this with Chrome on your desktop or mobile devices.
    • Even in its heyday, the app had limited compatibility. It might not work for people using different browsers.


    Google Bookmarks through Chrome is free.


    Evernote is a note-taking app that includes a Cloud-based bookmark manager, giving you even more value for use. Take notes on your saved bookmarks, save clips of your bookmarked pages, and attach these clips to your PDFs, images, or documents.


    • Evernote’s premium version integrates with Google Accounts, allowing you to carry over bookmarks across your devices. 
    • The app has a Chrome extension, which works well with its paid versions.
    • Evernote has flexible service offers. You can choose from Evernote’s free version or personal subscription for larger cloud storage space. The professional subscription integrates with major platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows.


    • The free version has limited storage space, so you may feel the need to eventually subscribe. 
    • The free version doesn’t have as many features as the ad-free version.


    Evernote has a free version, a Personal Subscription at $21.07/year, and a Professional Subscription at $32.56/year.


    This “online notebook” is a flexible note-taking app that comes with Microsoft 365. OneNote is available on most Windows computers and can be downloaded from the Windows Store, Android app store, and iOS store.


    • OneNote is built-in with your Windows Office Suite, so you don’t even have to download it as a separate app – you can go straight to using it with your devices.
    • OneNote functions as a social bookmarking app, allowing you to share bookmarks with your groups.


    • The free Cloud service that comes with Windows has limited storage of 5GB, shared with all of the other files you have on OneDrive.
    • OneNote isn’t a dedicated bookmarking app and only features a clip-and-save function.


    OneNote is free with the Microsoft Office Suite.


    Historious is a sleek and user-friendly bookmark manager that stays true to function and form. With lots of powerful features for organizing and planning, Historious offers great value if you’re looking for a bookmarks manager app that does it all.


    • Historious has basic functions covered, such as tags, filtering by date, and offline reading. 
    • It is compatible with most web browsers (Android, Chrome, Safari Opera)
    • It is a powerful search tool that lets you sift through your bookmarks.
    • Share your saved pages with contacts through social bookmarking.


    • As a dedicated bookmark app, Historious doesn’t have the bells and whistles that often come with productivity apps and bookmark manager tools. 


    Historious offers a free version, while its premium version is available at $3.97/month or $29.95/year.


    Dubbed as “the web’s highlighter app,” Liner is intuitive to use and allows you to save not only portions of web pages but also clips of Youtube videos. It is ideal for content writers who need to save quotes from the internet.


    • Liner presents suggestions based on your saved content.
    • Organize your highlights by color.
    • Liner is compatible across devices, such as Android, Mac, mobile, and desktop.


    • Liner is good for saving quotes or portions of web pages, but it can get clunky once you start accumulating more bookmarked content.


    Liner is currently free to download.


    Larder has a clean interface compared to other bookmark manager applications without sacrificing basic functionality. This is a bookmarking app made with web designers in mind – it is the perfect bookmark tool for developers who want to save snippets of code.


    • Arrange your bookmarks with colored tags.
    • Save snippets of code.
    • API docs give web developers freedom to integrate Larder as one of their tools.


    • Larder is only free for six months – after that, it’s a paid subscription.
    • It’s a little pricier compared to its competition.


    Larder is free for the first 6 months, then it’s $24/year.


    Combining social media and bookmarking, Pinterest is perfect for both industry and personal use. As one of the biggest social bookmarking apps, Pinterest integrates with dozens of productivity and automation apps such as Integrately.


    • Pinterest lets you create “boards” (aka folders) for specific interests.
    • Get recommended content for your collection.
    • The app features basic organization tools, image storage, and a social media feed from other accounts.


    • Your Pinterest feed may get homogenous, as a majority of its content is managed by an algorithm and pulled from other accounts.


    Pinterest is free.

    Raindrop is a bookmarking app that understands the importance of a clean interface. Raindrop features a visual bookmarking UI that lets you organize your bookmarks according to topic and tags.


    • Raindrop’s pro version features powerful bookmarking tools and an import tool that lets you move all past bookmarks into your Raindrop account. 
    • The app’s “Suggestions” show you other relevant content based on your saved bookmarks.
    • The best thing about the pro version is the “broken link” function, which automatically gets rid of dead links or duplicates of past bookmarks.


    • The best features are locked behind the paid version.
    • Raindrop doesn’t save bookmarks for offline reading.


    Raindrop has a free version and a paid version at $3/month or $28/year.


    Dropmark is a social bookmarking platform designed for sharing resources with team members. Use this bookmarking app for remote team-working and presentations.


    • Control access to your collections with “permissions” for privacy.
    • Keep your teammates up-to-date with customizable notifications for your collections.
    • Create presentations that can include your bookmarked SoundCloud tracks or YouTube videos.


    • The free version has very limited cloud storage (just 250MB).


    Dropmark has a free version, while its pro version is available at $48/year.

    What’s The Best Bookmark App For You?

    The best bookmark app for most people will be Pinboard. Pinboard has been around for a long time and is well respected and extremely user-friendly. 

    It’s important to keep in mind that you should be looking for an app that’s ideally suited to your everyday use. You should also note that most useful features, such as mass editing of bookmarks, are hidden behind a paywall. Some services also provide limited cloud storage with their free versions to encourage you to go premium.

    But for basic and everyday use, you might find that even the free apps will do just fine. Not everyone needs complete control over a dozen or more paid features.

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    FAQs about Bookmarking Apps

    What is a bookmarking app?

    A bookmarking application lets you save content that you access through your internet browser for easy access. It can do this by either saving the link or a copy of the website on your computer for offline access.

    What can I use instead of Google Bookmarks?

    In place of Google Bookmarks, you can use any bookmarking application that integrates with Chrome. Google Bookmarks was a free bookmarking service that was discontinued on September 30, 2021. However, all content saved through Google Bookmarks is still saved on your Google account and can be accessed through the bookmarks folder on Google Chrome.

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