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What Are The 12 Best Calendar Apps For Android?

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
May 2, 2022
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    Managing your schedule and remembering dates is key to better time management. Sometimes, all you need are calendar applications to help you plan out your day or week. But the best ones will have other features that will boost your productivity, such as to-do lists or smart templates.

    If you’re looking for a great Android calendar app, check out this guide. We’ll give you the scoop on how calendar apps can improve your workflow and which apps we recommend.

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    What Makes A Great Android Calendar App?

    The best calendar and scheduling apps for Android users should have a streamlined interface and be easy to use. However, there are other features that you’ll need to compare, such as:

    • Device syncing: Your calendar and its updates should sync across multiple Android devices.
    • Editing features: Adding and editing upcoming appointments should only take a few simple steps. Look for features that speed this up, such as one-key shortcuts or natural language processing.
    • Integrations: You should be able to automatically import existing schedules and events from other apps and programs.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Using Android Calendar Apps?

    Android Calendar apps are helpful tools for many reasons, including the following:

    • Easier time management: Color-coded tags and notifications for events will make it easier to manage a busy schedule. With just a few taps, you should be able to see your monthly, weekly, and daily agenda to plan your tasks.
    • Improved collaboration: Teams can sync to a shared calendar app to schedule meetings, monitor deadlines, and check the most convenient time for events.
    • Unique insights: The best apps can offer relevant information that makes your work easier. A weather forecast option is great if you’re traveling, while checking invitee availability improves team attendance.

    Our Top Picks For The Best Android Calendar Apps For 2024

    here are our recommendations for an Android app with calendar features:

    Google Calendar

    Google Calendar is the default calendar app for an Android mobile device. It’s still a popular calendar app because of its cross-functionality with other calendar providers. You can also use Integrately to automate tasks like creating events or tasks!


    • Integration with productivity apps: It works with other apps like Trello, Todoist, and Asana, helping you track tasks and link projects to deadlines.
    • Email invitations: You can email Google Meets, group chat, and event invitations to your team through the app.


    • Limited customization: You can’t customize meeting themes and colors to distinguish them.


    Google Calendar is free. Business Starter for Google Workspace includes Google Calendar and all other Google apps. It starts at $4.20/month per user.


    For those who want a fully customizable calendar, aCalendar has multiple aspects that you can customize, like font size and color schemes.


    • Customizable calendar widgets: You can add widgets for customizable views for agenda, monthly, weekly, and daily planning.
    • Easy view switching: With a swipe, you can switch to day, week, and month views.


    • Confusing: The customization options for views and designs can feel overwhelming.


    aCalendar is free. aCalendar+ costs $5.99 and comes with advanced features like a public holiday list and ad removal.


    If you prefer monthly layouts, CloudCal is a customizable monthly-view calendar app that features an agenda view with event descriptions.


    • Daily donut graphs: A quick glance lets you see how full or free a day is before scheduling more meetings.
    • Natural language entry: Use the voice button to quickly add events to your calendar.


    • Price: You’ll have to get the paid version to attach files or integrate with other apps like Trello.


    CloudCal is free with in-app purchases.

    Microsoft Outlook

    One of the older calendar apps, Microsoft Outlook is popular with users because it combines a calendar, email, and contacts in just one app. You can even automate features on Outlook through Integrately!


    • Sync: Outlook syncs with multiple apps such as Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar.
    • Appointment creation: Change emails into appointments on your calendar.


    • No smart entry: Outlook doesn’t input frequently-used details into fields.


    Microsoft Outlook is free with in-app purchases.


    For those who want customization without overly complicated features, DigiCal is a great choice. It’s easy to navigate the interface to change colors, fonts, and view settings.


    • Weather forecasts: Detailed hourly 48-hour forecasts keep you prepared for all conditions.
    • Dark theme design: Save energy and improve screen visibility at night.


    • Ads: Unless you pay for the premium version, you’ll have to view ads.


    DigiCal Calendar is free. You can buy the ad-free DigiCal+ Calendar for $4.99 for extra features like added color themes.


    If you frequently coordinate with large groups like your team or family, TimeTree is the calendar app for you. It can make calendars for specific plans like work or personal use.


    • Keep section: Got upcoming events with undetermined dates? This section will hold them until you set a day and time.
    • Invitation options: Invite people to your calendar through email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and more.


    • Overwhelming: Seeing everyone’s appointments on a shared calendar can get messy.


    TimeTree is free.

    If you need help getting organized, you’ll love’s combination of to-lists, reminders, and calendars in just one app.


    • Reminders: Set recurring or one-time reminders, plus voice or location reminders.
    • Planner view: Organize calendar events with your to-do list on the same screen.


    • No Microsoft Calendar integration: Microsoft users won’t be able to integrate it with their default desktop calendar.


    Any.Do Calendar is free with in-app purchases.

    Tiny Calendar

    If you want different views for your personal calendar, try Tiny Calendar. You can manipulate your calendar to show eight different layouts: agenda, day, week, week agenda, month, mini-month, 4-days, and year views.


    • Smart event creation: Use gestures or smart features like drag-and-drop to quickly create and edit events.
    • Location adding: Your device’s GPS can add specific locations to your events.


    • No natural language support: Unlike the iOs version, this doesn’t allow natural language entries.


    The Android version of Tiny Calendar is free with in-app purchases.

    Business Calendar 2

    If you work in event management, download Business Calendar 2 for quick appointment scheduling and editing.


    • Natural language processing: Speak to add events to your calendar.
    • Fast agenda updating: Add repeating events, postpone tasks with one tap, or move events to a different day or time.


    • Learning curve: Figuring out the custom features takes time.


    Business Calendar 2 is free with in-app purchases.

    Calendar Notify

    People who prefer the at-a-glance convenience of widgets should download Calendar Notify. It shows upcoming events in a widget, on your lock screen, or in the status bar.


    • Integrations: It works with Google Calendar and other Android calendar apps.
    • Simple viewing: View your events on your lock screen or status bar, then zoom to get event details.


    • Cost: You’ll have to pay for access to advanced design customization for notifications and widget designs.


    Calendar Notify is free with in-app purchases.

    Calendar Widget by Home Agenda

    If you want quick information access and beautiful design, try Calendar Widget. Add it to your home screen to see grouped events with just a glance. 


    • Fully customizable design: Set custom backgrounds for events, change toolbar and events text colors, and tweak other visual options.
    • Event display: View past events up to 7 days from the present, hide declined events, and highlight events.


    • Lacks Google integrations: You can’t pull Google Tasks or fetch Google Calendar Reminders.


    Buy Calendar Widget by Home Agenda for $0.99.

    Simple Calendar

    Try Simple Calendar if you want a free customizable calendar and schedule planner without ads, pop-ups, or unnecessary app permissions.


    • Offline editing: Internet access isn’t necessary to use the app.
    • Event creation: Set times, reminders, rules for repeating events, and event duration.


    • No more updates: For fixes and upgrades, you’ll have to switch to the pro version.


    Simple Calendar is free. Simple Calendar Pro costs $1.39.

    What’s The Best Android Calendar App For You?

    The best calendar app for you will depend on the device you plan on using it on and how you’ll be using the app. For many Android users, Google Calendar is the best calendar app that’s free and easy to use for tracking events. Business users who want more productivity services will love because it comes with reminders, goals, and to-do lists.

    A good calendar app is one of the best productivity tools that you can use to reinforce your daily schedule. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find an excellent choice that suits your workflow. If you’re looking for faster, easier ways to schedule meetings and track appointments, try Integrately. It automates millions of actions for better time management!

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    FAQs about Android Calendar Apps

    Is there a better app than Google Calendar?

    There are several apps better than Google Calendar if you are looking to schedule appointments. Many of the calendars on this list can provide other functionalities, especially for businesses.

    What calendar app comes with Android?

    Google Calendar is the default calendar app for Android users.

    Does Google have a planner app?

    Yes. Google has a planner app called Google Tasks, a to-do list app with Google Calendar and Gmail integrations.

    Abhishek Agrawal
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