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Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
August 4, 2022
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    What is Integrately

    Integrately landing page

    Integrately is a highly effective automation tool. Its primary aim is to offer ready-to-use ‘1-click’ automation that can be set up immediately.

    It is one of integromate’s or even Zapier’s most cost-effective alternatives, costing 18 times less. It has no’ learning curve and an extremely user-friendly UX. So even if you are not a technical person, you will be able to create automation easily. 

    In fact, Integrately makes it easier to determine the reasons for any error and offers video solutions in case you make a mistake. It is genuine as we are not always familiar with such tools and may make mistakes while using them.

    They are best known for their –

    • Guides and videos with solutions
    • Simple steps with simple modifications
    • Pre-installed applications
    • Free Applications
    • There are no additional steps for customisation.
    • It works on both the mobile and desktop versions.

    How Integrately Works

    Since Integrately has a very smooth onboarding process and easy-to-use interface, it makes it simpler to automate your entire workflow.

    As a professional tool, it works like any other but has better and more engaging features.

    When you get started, you can easily connect applications that matter to you and wish to automate. And then they suggest recipes for all applications you wish to integrate. 

    If their suggestions include the trigger you want to get started with, you can directly select and go through the process of creating automation. If not, then you can do the modifications.

    The best part is – you are guided through the process. There are no extra steps, or extra tabs to be followed. Integrately has an interface unlike any other tool. Which makes you do everything as in map field, conditions, and modifications all at one place and then also get video solutions if you think you are making a mistake.

    As a new user, you can get started with a basic plan. 

    That will help you in –

    • Exploring the tool
    • Understanding and analysing the time you saved
    • Tracking the results
    • Managing the tasks well
    • And seeing the improvements in your workflow

    The basic plan offers –

    • 14,000 tasks/m
    • 20 automations
    • 3 premium applications
    • Multi-step
    • Modifications and Conditions
    • Premium support 
    • Webhooks, etc

    Starting with a basic plan helps you know the benefits of using Integrately. Then accordingly, you can upgrade.

    How to Use Integrately

    Integrately is easy to use. You can simply –

    • Sign up and register on the tool
    • Choose applications to connect
    • Select a trigger to start with
    • Connect applications to Integrately
    • Map fields, modify and set conditions
    • Send a trial

    If you are going for complex automation, you will be guided and offered video solutions. But you will enjoy the simple process.

    Automate Overview page is a popular integration on the Internet. Like Integrately, this tool also helps you connect web applications that you utilize daily and are highly useful for your business.

    However, due to its complex user interface and bad user experiences, also announced its shut in October

    So many users started to show their frustrations on social platforms due to their bad experiences and recommended going for alternatives.

    Although is a popular tool and has served a good number of customers – it certainly is not as simple and easygoing as Integrately. 

    It lacks in –

    • Performance
    • Simplicity
    • Pricing
    • & Quality

    We all understand the need for a quick and easy interface as it saves our time and doesn’t require much exploration. But, there is a good learning curve here.

    Plus, it also doesn’t fit well because –

    • Has extra steps,
    • Expensive,
    • Good technicality,
    • Technical glitches, 
    •  Lack of guidance and support.

    In that case, Integrately is much a better alternative. Here you get more features at a reasonable cost and a highly experienced support team.

    8 Million+ Ready Automations
    For 750+ Apps

    Make Overview

    Make page

    Make is yet another integration platform where you can connect important applications and automate workflow.

    Make, also known as integromate, has been in the market for some time now. It has gained a good reputation over the years. In fact, many users appreciate the tool for its contribution to their businesses and projects.

    However, over time, users have also realized the fact that make is too much of a technical tool. For instance, if you are from a non-technical background and you wish to automate your projects, you may find it certainly difficult to use.

    The reason being, it has –

    • High learning curve
    • Complicated terms
    • Complicated interface
    • Plus, has certain drawbacks when it comes to creating automation

    The drawbacks while creating automation are –

    • Complex interface
    • Consumes time – one wastes half of their time finding features and steps
    • Complex modification options
    • Counts tasks even when no record is found
    • No previews of input and output results

    Comparing Integrately, and Integromat

    FeaturesIntegratelyAutomate.ioMake / Integromate
    InterfaceEasy Navigation, simple to useLearning curve, technical, requires explorationRequires technical skills, high learning curve
    On-boardingSelect and immediately connect appsSuggests common integrations to start withTechnical and a bit unclear navigation experience
    AutomationCreate easy to complex automation with in-process guidanceConsumes time and multiple steps involvedOne needs to explore before setting up an automation
    Customer SupportExpert support offered through chat, email and telephoneChat SupportTicket support
    Costing14,000 Tasks/m for $19.99600 Actions/m for $9.99Unlimited Scenarios for $9/m

    Integrately Vs Vs Integromat Price Comparison

    Integrately Pricing

    Starter$19/m (14,000 tasks/m
    Professional$39/m (40,000 tasks/m)
    Growth$99/m (150,000 tasks/m)
    Business$239/m (7,00,000 tasks/m) Pricing

    Personal$9.99/m (600 actions/m)
    Professional$29/m (2,000 actions/m)
    Startup$49/m (10,000 actions/m)
    Growth$99/m (30,000 actions/m)
    Business$199/m (1,00,000 actions/m)

    Make Pricing


    Bottom Line

    Automation has been a savior to thousands and millions of businesses. It has assisted them in managing, collaborating and improving productivity.

    Being a newbie at it may take you a while to get along, but automation will offer you the utmost benefits in terms of – saving time, better results, more productivity and simplified workflow., Integromate and Integrately are some of the best automation platforms out there. However, all of them have their differences. If you are looking for simplicity, ease of use and suitable for both technical and non-technical, then Integrately is certainly the right choice for you!

    Abhishek Agrawal
    Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
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