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The Ultimate Guide to Airtable Automations

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
July 10, 2023
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    Looking to streamline your workflows and increase productivity? Airtable has got you covered with its powerful automation features πŸš€! In this ultimate guide to Airtable automations, I will walk you through everything you need to know to automate your tasks, save time, and get the most out of this versatile platform. So let’s dive in!

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    What is an automation in Airtable?

    Automation in Airtable is the simplest way to integrate multiple apps. Simply put, it is like connecting apps so they can talk and exchange information. It helps you streamline your workflows and eliminate manual and time-consuming tasks.

    What are the types of Airtable Automations

    There are 2 types of Airtable Automations:

    πŸ‘‰Native Airtable automation: These automations come in-built with Airtable and include popular apps like HubSpot, Jira, Salesforce, Google Apps, etc. They are a quick go-to for setting up those simple automations in your business processes.

    πŸ‘‰ Automation platforms: Though you can natively integrate many popular tools with Airtable, your number of available integrations expands even more when you leverage popular integration platforms as service (iPaaS) connectors. Several automation tools can help you do so are:

    • Integrately: Best no-code automation platform for the Non-Techies; it provides millions of ready-to-use, 1-click automations. You only need a few clicks to set up and make your automations live. Well known for its excellent 24 X 5 support and a dedicated automation expert, is is now a first choice of automators around the globe 🀩.
    • Zapier: One of the oldest players in the automation industry, it helps you streamline your workflows without writing any code. With Zapier, users can create `Zaps` that are automated workflows connecting two or more apps to perform specific actions based on triggers. However all this comes at a hefty price πŸ’°.
    • Make (Formerly Integomat): It is another cloud-based integration platform that helps create automation scenarios called `Flows`. It offers a visual builder and powerful features like error handling, version control, detailed logs, and reports. It is best suited for tech-savvy people πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» but is difficult to adopt for the Non-Techies.
    • IFTTT: ‘If this Then That’ is one more popular player in the automation industry that helps you create `applets`. They help you connect software apps and smart devices like Alexa. Best suited for home automation 🏠 and personal use, it is one of the best free platforms available in the market.
    • Power Automate: For all those Microsoft lovers, Power Automate is the ultimate tool to automate your workflows. It helps you connect apps & streamline workflows and leverages the power of AI & machine learning to improve them further. Best suited when you have a range of Microsoft tools in your technology stack, you also need a bit of technical expertise to handle it swiftly.

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    10 powerful examples of Airtable automations

    Let us now go through 10 powerful examples of Airtable automations that can help level up your productivity:

    Airtable + Email Automation

    If you use Airtable to manage your customer information, this Automation can help you increase customer engagement. How? When a new record is created in Airtable, you can auto-send a welcome email to that customer and provide them with basic information about your products or services. This helps improve customer experience.

    Airtable + Project Management Tools Automation

    By combining popular project management tools like Trello with Airtable’s spreadsheet capabilities, you can boost your productivity. For example, a content creation team using Trello can create a card and automatically generate a corresponding Airtable record to track information like content topic, due date, and assigned writer. This helps the team stay organized and ensures that each piece of content is completed on time.

    Airtable + Forms Automation

    For all those who are into event management and use forms for capturing information, Airtable Automation + Forms app can be your best friend. If you’re using a Google Form to capture registration details, this automation can create a new Airtable record for each form response. This record can include all important details like the attendee’s name, email, phone number, registration date, and preferences. By doing this, you can:

    • Track all registrations in one central place, 
    • Manage them more efficiently, and 
    • Use Airtable’s filtering and sorting features to segment attendees and send personalized communication or updates related to the event

    Airtable + Communication Apps Automation

    Automating customer support processes using Airtable and Communication apps like Telegram can be very useful for customer support teams. By using Airtable, the team can easily log support tickets and keep track of customer issues.  These details can be forwarded to the Support team on any of your preferred channels. This way  support team respond quickly to customer issues, prioritize their workload, and ensure tha no one is left unattended.

    Airtable + Calendar Automation

    It is a handy Automation for the Sales Team that uses Airtable for lead management. You can set up an automation to create a new event in Google Calendar for each new record added to your Airtable base. The event can include important details such as the lead’s name, company, contact information, and any other relevant information you’ve stored in Airtable. You can also set the event start and end times to correspond with the lead’s availability or any scheduled follow-up calls or meetings.

    Airtable + CRM Automation

    By integrating your existing CRM system, like Salesforce/PipeDrive, etc., with Airtable, you can automatically create a new record in Airtable for each new lead created in the CRM. Later, you can use Airtable’s filtering and sorting features to segment your leads based on various criteria such as location, industry, or product interest. 

    You can even track your sales pipeline, create different stages for each opportunity, and use Airtable’s automation features to move leads from one stage to another as they progress through the sales cycle. 

    Airtable + E-commerce apps Automation

    With several businesses running online stores, this Airtable Automation helps improve your marketing efforts. For example: integrating Shopify with Airtable helps you create an Airtable record for each new order in Shopify. This consolidates important details like name, email, and shipping address into one easily sortable and filterable database. By leveraging this data, you can personalize your communication and marketing efforts to drive sales and customer loyalty.

    Airtable + Payment Gateway Automation

    Using Airtable integrations with payment gateway apps like Stripe simplifies revenue tracking. You can set up Automation to create Airtable records for new Stripe charges, which include customer information, payment amount, payment date, and other transaction details. It helps businesses to keep track of their revenue and expenses in a central location and use Airtable’s powerful filtering and sorting tools to gain insights into their financial data.

    Airtable + Time tracking apps Automation

    For companies operating on billable hours, Airtable’s integration with time-tracking apps helps you easily track your team’s work hours and billable time. For  instance, you can set up an automation to create a new Airtable record (with  details like project name, time, etc) whenever an entry is made in the time tracking app. This way, you can monitor your team’s productivity and bill clients accurately based on the hours worked.

    Airtable + Invoice generation Apps

    Invoicing is an inevitable part of any business; automating the invoice generation process can help reduce a lot of jargon. Integrating Airtable with Invoice generation apps and setting up Automation like: when a new order is created in Airtable, create an invoice in Xero can help save a lot of time and reduce manual errors. You can include relevant customer information, order details, and pricing. The invoice can then be sent directly to the customer, and the record can be updated in Airtable to reflect the invoice status (e.g., paid, overdue, etc.).

    Bottom Line

    Airtable Automations can help you streamline workflows and save time by integrating different apps.  Native Airtable integrations do help you set up simple workflows. But, if you need extensive features and want to automate complex scenarios, automation tools like Integrately is definitely a better choice. With the 10 powerful Airtable automations discussed above, you can automate almost every aspect of your business and achieve efficient and productive workflows. Whether managing projects, tracking inventory, or collecting customer data, Airtable Automations can help you simplify your processes and get more done in less time. So, to take your business to the next level, consider implementing Airtable Automations today and see the difference for yourself!

    FAQ's about Airtable Automations

    Can you automate emails from Airtable?

    Yes, you can automate emails from Airtable either by using Airtable's native integration or automation tools like Integrately.

    What is the maximum automation in Airtable?

    The maximum number of automations in Airtable that you can add is 50. That means you can add 50 automation to an Airtable base. It's important to note that automations turned off (inactive) still count against this limit of 50 automations. Additionally, you can create up to 25 actions in one Automation. For more information, visit this link.

    How do I set up Airtable automation

    You can set up Airtable Automation using its native integration or automation tools like Integrately.
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