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Meistertask vs Trello

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
May 6, 2022
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    The main difference between Meistertask and Trello is how they help organize and manage projects. While Trello allows users to assign tasks to multiple members of the team, Meistertask has a different approach to this. Meistertask doesn’t have a similar feature, therefore, in contrast to Trello, it comes with dependencies from tasks as well as the concept of recurring tasks. 

    Meistertask and Trello are known for helping teams get more organized and expand their work in virtual workspaces through optimized project management. Both of these tools are popular enough to look at them when you are looking for similar solutions. So, in this article, we will discuss the features for each, what the differences are, and which one is the best for you.

    Meistertask is one of the best project management tools developed by the German company Meister. It is

    1. Easy to use,
    2. Rich with many features,
    3. Has a nice-looking user interface,
    4. Can be used for free with basic features, and there is a premium plan if you want to unlock all power-ups.

    Moreover, it has a friendly, simple, and Kanban-style board that allows organizing tasks to track the progress the way users like.

    On the other hand, Trello is a project management tool that is

    1. Known worldwide for its simplicity and advanced capabilities;
    2. Primarily famous for its adaptability with different types of users and purposes, whether it’s a small company, a big one, or an individual;
    3. Anyone can use it for free or pay for a premium plan to use all features.

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    Meistertask vs. Trello: Comparison Table

    ConceptProject management toolProject management tool
    LayoutBoards, cards, agendas, tags, colorful backgrounds, and reportsBoards with lists and cards
    User experienceEasy to use, even with complicated projectsSimple and easy to understand, limited for bigger projects
    Mobile appAvailable on both Android and iOSAvailable on both Android and iOS
    InterfacesModern style, lovely to work withSimple and easy to use
    AutomationAvailable in pro and business plansButler power-up is available for free with basic features
    Real-time updateCloud-based with a real-time updateCloud-based with a real-time update
    PrivacyGDPR compliant and better protection and notificationsGDPR compliant with good protection and notifications
    Assigning TasksOne member for each taskMultiple members for each tas
    Pricing4 plans, free one, and the rest for a reasonable price4 plans, free one, and the rest for a reasonable price

    Detailed Comparison of Features.

    Apparently, both Meistertask and Trello are suitable for individuals and companies. Still, some differences should be considered when choosing between them, depending on the features for each, and what services the user is interested in having.

    User Interface (UI)

    Trello has a classic, simple, easy-to-use user interface. The board feels more traditional user-friendly than Meistertask, and it has some colors like card tags and wallpapers. The cards are easy to configure and edit, and you can personalize them by adding attachments like images and links. However, the more complicated the project, the more limitations you may experience.

    Trello columns n cards

    Meistertask, on the other hand, has a modern user interface, with colors and counters and many different tabs that make it more flexible, organized, and easy to use. No matter how complicated your project is, Meistertask will stay functional and the workspace will be organized.

    Overall, Meistertask wins for its simplicity and its configuration. The modern design makes it lovely to use, which we should expect from software developed using a German prescriptive. However, Trello is also known for its ease of use and features, but not Meistertask.

    Privacy Policy

    It is one of the most important concerns we should look for. Trello is trusted and used by millions of individuals worldwide and has a good level of security, but data protection and communication encryption are not enough in the privacy policy. However, Trello is GDPR-compliant, which is very suitable for EU users.

    Meistertask is doing great when it comes to privacy and security. However, besides its GDPR-compliant, Meistertask offers good protection against cyberattacks and data breaches. However, it lacks the required interaction via user notifications about policy updates and collected data.

    Regarding the privacy policy, both tools are good to work across a number of countries depending on their GDPR-compliant features.

    Assigning Tasks

    When using Trello, you can assign the same task to multiple users, which benefits many projects where every task is assigned to various team members. However, assigning a single task to multiple members could make your board messy if your project is complicated, which could affect productivity.

    Trello Chatting

    On the other hand, Meistertask doesn’t allow assigning a task to more than one user, but other users can view it, track its progress, and get notified about it. Furthermore, Meistertask allows its users to limit the number of tasks in each column.

    Today’s business world is pushing users into collaborating on different tasks, and that’s why Trello might be a better option in business collaboration environments since it allows assigning various users for the same task.


    When it comes to automation, Trello offers a power-up called butler, which helps with automating tasks and saving time. Butler is available for free, and it becomes more functional in premium plans.

    Meistertask also has automation, which is easy to apply and configure, but it’s available for pro and enterprise plan users only. Using automation in Meistertask enables automatically assigning tasks, adding checklists, adding due dates, and many other configurations to save time and keep productivity.

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    Both Trello and Meistertask offer free plans with basic features. Furthermore, Trello’s free plan offers ten boards per workspace, custom backgrounds, and unlimited storage (10 MB/file). On the other hand, Meistertask offers three projects maximum for free with 20 MB of attachment size, but you will not get features such as automation, timeline, and agendas.

    Trello has a standard plan for $5 per user per month, a premium plan for $10 per user per month, and an enterprise plan which costs around $17.5 per user per month; it could be less depending on the number of members.

    Trello Pricing

    Meistertask also has paid plans, a pro plan for $8.25 per user per month, a business plan for $20.75 per user per month, and an enterprise plan which you can customize depending on your requirements.

    MeisterTask Pricing

    Overall, Trello is a better option if you want a free plan because it offers more features than Meistertask. However, Meistertask pro and business plan have more features than Trello with a better price.


    Suppose you work on a different platform and transfer data between that platform and Trello or Meistertask. In similar situations, you will need to look into integration services such as Integrately.

    Integrately is one of the best integration platforms, and it supports tons of apps to integrate with. Furthermore, Integrately enables creating customized integration to automate tasks in Trello and Meistertask with no-code and only a few clicks.

    Integrately offers its services for a better price than other integration platforms. So, you can enhance your work with lower costs.

    Native integration is concerned with a software’s ability to integrate with other platforms without a medium. Trello has many native integrations, like Slack and Jira. Meanwhile, Meistertask also natively integrates with many platforms like Microsoft Teams and G-Suit.

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    Project management tools provide organizations and companies with a big advantage by organizing the work and increasing productivity, and it’s also helpful for freelancers too. However, Trello and Meistertask are almost similar, known for ease of use and simplicity. Meistertask offers great features and modern user interfaces, making it more attractive, and Trello provides more features in the free plan, unlike Meistertask. 

    So, Trello is a good solution for people who want to start using project management tools. Still, Meistertask is better and cheaper if you’re going to pay for it and has more integrations which is a significant advantage.

    Abhishek Agrawal
    Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
    Abhishek is the founder of Integrately, CompanyHub, and Dreamwares. He is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. He is always looking to leverage technology for the growth of the business. He has a deep understanding of how businesses work and uses this knowledge to build products that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
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