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The Top 12 Xero Integrations

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
January 18, 2023
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    What is Xero?

    Xero Software is a popular cloud-based system for accounting. This system is specially created for new, small and growing companies. This has helped many businesses with purchases, billings, invoices, records, transactions, tracking and so much more. 

    Because Xero Software is cloud-based, it makes it easier for the user to access it from anywhere and on any device – making the accounting process effective in the business.

    How Does Xero Work?

    Xero Software works simply. Let’s consider the tool as a manager who assigns you tasks, tracks your working time and manages the team. 

    In order to provide automated transaction feeds, Xero has strong integration capabilities and can link with various systems and bank accounts. The main advantage of using Xero software, which has several applications, is that it gives a transparent financial picture of the company.

    You can always see the snippets of your transactions, history, bank balances, etc from the system. So you can track the in and out of money from your business account.

    Optimise Your Workflow with Xero Integrations

    Since Xero Software is an important tool in the business, you may need to use it daily. In fact, you may sync data between the apps and simultaneously use different applications. So, to reduce the time used in jumping from one app to another, you can connect them together to automate the processes. 

    Like, you can automatically create a row in Google Sheets for new purchases for the day. So you don’t have to copy-paste them. 

    Xero Software can be connected to many applications you use in your daily business. Below are some top integrations for your reference.

    The Top 12 Xero Integrations

    Xero + ActiveDEMAND

    ActiveDEMAND is an email marketing tool. Which integrates with many other businesses, sales, and marketing tools and allows marketers, agencies, and companies to turbocharge their marketing efforts through streamlined campaign administration, campaign recipes, and attribution reporting.

    One can connect both apps together for synchronization and to simplify their workflow.

    Xero + Autopilot

    Email marketing is one of the priority works in the business work list. You wouldn’t want to miss on any customer – whether new, upcoming or lost. Autopilot is also an email marketing tool. This can help you in managing campaigns, customer data and so much more to sustain a healthy relationship with them. 

    When connected to Xero Software and Autopilot, you can automatically perform certain actions and sync data between them.

    Xero + Chatwork

    Chatwork is a communication app used in businesses to communicate with team members about work and tasks. It allows video calls, secures messages, manages tasks, and manages files. Moreover, this can help you complete and collaborate on tasks easily. 

    Plus point if you connect Chatwork with Xero, then you can automate certain activities like automatically sending a message to a member on a new Xero contact. And so much more.

    Xero + ClickSend SMS

    ClickSend SMS is a tool to notify and alert your customers and clients of important things in your business. It lets you send and receive professional messages, emails, etc. So, when you connect Xero and ClickSend SMS, you can automatically notify customers with invoices, alerts, added to the contact list, etc.

    Xero + Clockify

    With Xero and Clockify integration, you can manage your team and project effectively. Clockify can help you with time tracking, records, attendance tracking, etc. Plus, it’s completely a free tool. Because both are powerful tools, connecting them together can increase productivity.

    Xero + Freshdesk

    A cloud-based online customer service platform called Freshdesk offers help desk support with all the necessary intelligent automations to complete tasks faster. For companies looking to boost customer engagement and manage clients as they expand, Freshdesk has been a great option. And connecting these both apps together can help you save a lot of time and improve results. 

    Xero + MailerLite

    MailerLite is an email marketing tool to manage all your email campaigns and marketing purposes in one place. It offers top and plenty of features. With MailerLite, it’s easy to create automations and landing pages so you can keep up with your customers. 

    Xero + Mailgun

    Mailgun is another popular email marketing platform to connect with your customers. You can let them know you are excited to work with them or create a relationship with them through automated messages. This can work well by integrating Xero and Mailgun.

    Xero + Ontraport

    Incorporating technologies like CRM, marketing automation, ECommerce, and reporting, Ontraport bills itself as “business automation software for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small firms.”

    The Xero and Ontraport combo can help sync data between the apps for better coordination and customer management.

    Xero + Pipedrive

    We all know how businesses want to function when it comes to customer interaction. Customer relationship management plays an important role in the company for its concerns with user experience and growth. 

    Pipedrive is also a CRM tool that you can integrate with Xero for effective workflow in your business. It will assist in connecting important data between the apps and improving productivity. 

    Xero + Pushover

    Pushover is a tool to receive instant push notifications on any device. This tool can help you in sending instant notifications to your clients and customers for updates and progress. Like, in case if you connect Xero and Pushover, you can automatically notify customers when you add their contact to Xero Software. And they will know that you are ready to work with them. It’s that simple.

    Xero + Trello

    Trello is a project management tool and is highly popular in the market. Businesses can use this tool to collaborate with the team and clients to manage projects. It offers a variety of features and has easy navigation. You can easily connect Trello with Xero for effectiveness in your projects, save time and increase productivity.

    Connecting Xero to Your Apps

    Connecting Xero to any of your apps is super simple. What you can do is get familiar with Integrately. Integrately is a recommended and popular automation tool that helps businesses and organizations save time by offering an integration platform.

    To get started you can –

    • Go to
    • Sign up with your credentials 
    • Go to the search bar on the top right side
    • Search for Xero
    • Now search for other apps you want to connect with Xero
    • Once your apps are selected, you will be redirected to the automation page
    • Now you can connect individuals apps using their individual credentials
    • And boom! Integrately will map the fields for you

    Later if you want to modify or set conditions, you can do so easily using Integrately smart features.

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    How Integrately Helps to Automate Your Tools

    Integrately is a simple and go-to integration platform. It offers plenty of features that assist in automating your business. These features play a role in connecting useful applications, map fielding, data sync, and collaboration. 

    In fact, Integrately provides a wide range of solutions, expert support, and video tutorials to help you connect, automate, and manage your workflow.

    It is far more simple and clear than other tools. This tool does not require any technical knowledge to use. As soon as you sign up and get started, it helps you through every step.

    FAQs about Top Xero Integrations

    Can Xero integrate with other software?

    Yes, Xero can be integrated with a variety of applications. You can check some here.

    How many Xero integrations are there?

    Xero has over 1,000 software integrations.

    How do you integrate apps in Xero?

    You can integrate apps in Xero by visiting the Xero app store and choosing the apps you want to connect.

    What other companies offer Xero Integrations?

    Other companies like Integrately offer Xero Integrations.
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