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4 powerful ways to use WooCommerce + Facebook Offline Conversions

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
January 23, 2023
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    Integrate WooCommerce + Facebook Offline Conversions

    A modern-day consumer inclines more towards online buying. As an outcome, the eCommerce business market is blooming more than ever. Still, online sales account for only 20% of the total average retail sales. Therefore, you need to work on both the online and offline front to make the most out of your business efforts. 

    Why Integrate WooCommerce + Facebook Offline Conversions

    For a moment, let’s assume you sell T-shirts both online and offline. Imagine a person that desires a T-shirt comes across one of your online ads but decides to visit the storefront for an in-person trial to check the quality. And eventually, he buys your product offline. 

    Now, how would you track this conversion to know that your ads are performing well? That’s the reason you need WooCommerce + Facebook Offline conversions.

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    Advantages of Connecting WooCommerce + Facebook Offline Conversions

    • Improved tracking and measurement: You can easily track and attribute offline conversions (such as in-store purchases or phone orders) to your Facebook ad campaigns. This will provide you with a holistic view of marketing analytics.
    • Better targeting: Data collection from both platforms provides you with enhanced customer insights to create targeted and effective Facebook ads. For example, you can use the purchase history of your customers to create custom audiences or lookalike audiences for future campaigns.
    • Simplified advertising: A centralized database makes it easier to manage ad campaigns. It also frees up your time and effort to focus on critical business aspects.
    • Improved Return on Investment (ROI): You can measure both offline and online returns on your ad spend and use the data to further optimize campaigns for better ROI.

    How Does WooCommerce Work?

    WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to set up an online store quickly. It enables you to manage products, inventory, payments, and more from a single dashboard.

    It provides several customizable themes and product page templates or you can even design one from scratch. The product page is where you add new products, sort them into categories, and provide the description, pricing, and other details.

    It also helps you easily set up payments, track customer data and orders, and gain access to insightful reports. For advanced functionalities, WooCommerce provides you with a plethora of extensions. However, the use of too many extensions affects the site’s performance. This is where integration platforms lend you a helping hand.

    How Does Facebook Offline Conversions Work?

    Facebook Offline Conversions comes into the picture once you feed it your offline sales data. The data may contain purchases made in-store or through phone bookings. The tool then checks this data to segregate the customers that made a purchase after viewing your ads. This will help you see the offline impact of your online ads.

    Integrate Facebook Offline Conversions With 750+ Apps In 1 Click

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    How To Integrate WooCommerce With Facebook Offline Conversions

    Follow these simple steps to integrate WooCommerce with Facebook Offline Conversions:

    Step 1: Signup for Integrately (

    Step 2: Select WooCommerce as your first app and Facebook Offline Conversions as the second one

    Select your action and trigger app to integrate WooCommerce & Facebook Offline Conversions

    Step 3: A) Choose from a list of popular ready-to-use 1-click automations

    List of popular 1-click automations for WooCommerce + Facebook Offline Conversions integration


      B) Select your custom trigger and action. 

    Choose custom trigger and action for WooCommerce + Facebook Offline Conversions integration

    Step 4: Follow the prompts to securely connect your WooCommerce account with Integrately. Refer to the video guide provided alongside for setup instructions.

    Securely connect your WooCommerce account with Integrately

    Step 5: Similarly, securely connect your Facebook Conversions account with Integrately.

    Securely connect your Facebook Offline Conversions account with Integrately

    Step 6: Once connected, map the required fields for your connection.

    Map the desired fields for setting up your automation in Integrately

    Step 7: Finally, test your automation and make it live.

    How Integrately Enables Powerful Integrations

    Integrately makes it super easy for you to automate your end-to-end business stack. It saves your time with millions of ready-to-use 1-click automations. Its powerful ‘Automation Builder’ lets you customize workflows very smoothly and it presents the advanced formatting options to you in a relatively simple manner.

    The surprises do not end here! You get a dedicated automation expert completely free of cost who takes care of all your automation needs. All this frees up your time and efforts to focus on critical business parameters.

    FAQs about WooCommerce + Facebook Offline Conversions Integrations

    Can you integrate WooCommerce with Facebook Offline Conversions?

    Yes, you can easily integrate WooCommerce with Facebook Offline Conversions using Integrately. Check out all the popular automations for this integration here.

    What is Facebook Offline Conversions?

    Facebook Offline Conversions is a powerful tool that helps you measure and optimize your Facebook Ads' impact on online and offline purchases.

    How to add offline conversion data on Facebook?

    To add offline conversions data on Facebook, create an ‘Offline Event’ in Meta Events Manager → Click the ‘Data Sources’ symbol (triangular icon on the left-hand side) → Select the desired 'Offline Event Set' where you want to upload the data → Select 'Upload Events' and choose your file.

    Should I use WooCommerce plugins or third-party integrations?

    The best practice is to install only the necessary unavoidable WooCommerce plugins and use third-party integration platforms for more functionality. A higher number of WooCommerce plugins affect your site performance and slow down your website.
    Abhishek Agrawal
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