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The Top 19 Twilio Integrations

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
January 19, 2023
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    What is Twilio?

    Twilio is a customer managing platform which offers communication-based services over a few channels like voice, text, video, and email. It allows you to notify your customers with essential updates and information.

    Let’s say some of your customers uses Whatsapp and some are email-dependent, so you can quickly notify them about their orders on convenient platforms using the Twilio API system.

    It’s just like any other marketing tool to connect with your customers better and help in business growth.

    How Does Twilio Work?

    Twilio makes online communication with clients easier with its ability to communicate across multiple channels. The platforms offer programmable voice API, and text and video call services. Each of them has its own process to build a healthier connection with customers.

    Programmable chat (text) helps create a meaningful chat experience with message notifications and text history. Programmable Voice API helps build a calling environment and Programmable Video call offers video connections where you don’t need to depend on network conditions. 

    Optimise Your Workflow with Twilio Integrations

    Twilio, being an amazing marketing tool also offers quick automations. It allows you to integrate with relatable and useful apps to better organize your workflow, which helps save immense time and money used on manual tasks. 

    So, if you use a lot of applications in day-to-day work life, you can easily optimize your workflow with Twilio integrations.

    The Top 19 Twilio Integrations

    Here we discuss the top 19 Twilio Integrations for you to organize your workflow better. 

    Data Collection and Maintaining Records

    For every business, it is important to collect customer data and then maintain the information for future reference and customer bonding. Each business collects data for different purposes and through different mediums, which assist them in growing.

    Forms and CRM tools are most commonly used in businesses for collecting surveys, generating leads, creating contacts, and sending out campaigns. Plus, they are easily integrated with other useful tools for automation. Like, you can integrate them with Twilio to keep your customers in the loop and informed. 

    For eg. every time a new form is submitted or a new contact is created, you can automatically notify your customers through SMS or relevant apps they use.

    Twilio + Elementor Forms

    Twilio + Google Forms

    Twilio + Fluent CRM

    Twilio + Google Lead Form

    Twilio + Pipedrive

    Email and Marketing Purposes

    It’s true that businesses are nothing if they are not focusing on marketing and email campaigns. You can only increase sales and improve branding when marketing is done well. 

    In fact, every business nowadays takes care of these aspects but fails due to too many manual processes in their workflow. They are missing out on automation and its approach to simplifying tasks. 

    Since you are using Twilio for notifying your customers about their activities on your business, it’s also important to connect the app with other marketing tools for building a better bond with them and decrease manual tasks.

    Twilio + Amelia

    Twilio + Gmail

    Twilio +

    Twilio + Encharge

    Twilio + Instamojo 

    Twilio + Mautic

    Twilio + Zoho

    Systematic Workflows and Effective Collaboration

    When you have a whole team working for you and your business, there’s a high need for a systematic approach to collaboration so that you can manage the work well. Plus, it becomes too time-consuming to assign each member a task, take follow-ups and communicate needs and deadlines manually. 

    If you automate your workflow using project management tools, you can better organize your work environment and connect with everyone effectively.

    As Twilio is an important application in your organization, you can also connect with a project management tool for better output and productivity.

    Like you can automatically notify members of a new task or item created in the system.

    Twilio +

    Twilio + Airtable

    Twilio + Agiled

    Integrate Website building and Landing Pages Tools

    Many businesses connect with their customers through websites, blogs and landing pages to drive more leads and sales. Having to automate these processes can actually increase the growth of your business and improvise results. 

    That means you can automatically notify them of new responses or actions performed on the website or landing pages.

    Twilio + Swipe Pages

    Twilio + WHMCS 

    Twilio + WordPress

    Twilio + Webflow

    How to Connect Twilio to Your Apps

    To connect Twilio to your Applications is very easy. You can head over to an automation tool like Integrately and get started.

    • Go to the web address
    • Sign up using your details
    • Now go to the home page
    • Search for Twilio in the search bar
    • On the right-hand side, you will see multiple apps
    • Choose the app you want to connect with Twilio
    • Integrately will show you possible triggers
    • You can choose one that suits
    • And done! You are ready to automate

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    How Integrately Helps to Automate Your Tools

    Integrately is a popular integration tool. It has some incredible features that make automation simpler and more efficient. You might, for instance, have a number of programs that are functional for your business but manage them all manually. So, you can incorporate that time and automate the process.

    To assist you in connecting, automating, and managing your workflow, Integrately offers a variety of options, knowledgeable assistance, and video guides.

    Compared to other tools, it is a lot simpler and clearer. No technical expertise is necessary to utilize this tool. You are guided through each stage of the automation process.

    FAQs about Top Twilio Integrations

    What is Twilio best used for?

    Twilio is best used for updating customers about their orders and related information.

    What other companies offer Twilio Integrations?

    Integrately is one of the companies that offer Twilio integrations.
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