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The Top 10 Shopify Integrations

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
November 16, 2022
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    What is Shopify?

    Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables you and other enthusiasts to create and manage e-stores. It gives you an opportunity to grow your online business from scratch using Shopify’s incredible features. 

    Here, you don’t require website-building skills and related technical expertise. Shopify makes it easy for you to build an online store by taking up their subscription. They offer a few subscription-based plans – each with varied and expanded features.

    How Does Shopify Work?

    Shopify has an easy-to-navigate interface. Although getting started can confuse you, you will get familiar with the platform in minutes. 

    In fact, all you need to do is to add products, list them how you want, set up payments, and start selling them. Shopify lets you sell your e-store products through social platforms, emails, chats, and even blogs. 

    Once you start selling the products, you can easily keep a track of every detail and even keep your customers updated as Shopify automatically shares tracking information via email.

    Optimise Your Workflow with Shopify Integrations

    As you are getting started with Shopify, you will also need other applications in your Workflow to store and collect data, manage projects, and collaborate with your team over daily work tasks. 

    This is why you can take benefit of automation by integrating useful applications with Shopify. That will not only simplify your workflow but ease the processes and outputs.

    The Top 10 Shopify Integrations

    Here are the top 16 Shopify Integrations to look forward to –

    Shopify + Teachable 

    Teachable is a learning management system. One can create online courses and sell them to learners. The courses can include written form, video form, lectures, quizzes, etc. This gives users a chance to earn from their expertise. So, when connecting Shopify with Teachable, you can easily manage the processes that require both applications. 

    Like – Create a contact in Teachable for new Shopify order or enrol a user to the course in Teachable on a new order in Shopify.

    Shopify + Asana

    Asana is a popular task management tool. It is used by millions of users daily to stay on top of their projects. It makes customer management easier with its features and collaboration with the team becomes efficient. 

    Shopify and Asana can be a great combination if connected together. You can automatically create, manage and update tasks in Asana on actions performed in Shopify. It will keep your sales, customer data and team in the loop.

    Shopify + Google Contacts 

    Google Contacts is a tool to store and collect customer contact information. You can keep a record of email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, etc through this tool. In short, it assists you in keeping backup records of your customers. 

    Shopify and Google Contacts can be a good combination for integration. You can connect them to sync basic and important data between them. Like – creating a contact in Google Contacts for a new Shopify Customer. 

    Shopify + amoCRM

    amoCRM is a great CRM tool to keep track of customer contacts. It helps in building better customer relationships. You can keep up with their purchase history, contact information, queries, etc. 

    Plus, syncing data with Shopify can be a great idea. It will keep the database in the loop and assist in backup purposes. 

    Shopify + AgileCRM 

    For to be sure that your customers’ information is up-to-date and appropriate, integrating Shopify and AgileCRM is a great idea. You will be able to sync the database between the apps and keep up with the customer purchase history. This will eventually help you provide a better customer experience.

    Shopify + Stripe 

    Stripe is a popular payment integration. Businesses use it for easy customer payment transactions. When integrating, Shopify and Stripe, you can automatically keep track of customers, their contact information, and subscription lists. 

    This will help you heighten your business through regular email updates, coupon marketing, product launches, etc to new and existing customers.

    Shopify + Gmail 

    We all know the value Gmail has in our businesses and day-to-day life. It assists in sending and receiving professional emails. Especially, if you are into business, it helps you build healthy relationships with your customers. 

    Plus, Shopify and Gmail are great Duo. You can automatically send an email update to your customers on any action performed through the Shopify cart.

    Shopify + Hubspot

    HubSpot is yet another Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. One can use this to create a backup and keep a record of all customer interactions, information and data. 

    Shopify + Facebook

    Facebook is a social media platform. Users use it for different purposes. For businesses, Facebook can be a great platform to reach potential customers via advertisements and product listings. 

    Shopify + WordPress 

    WordPress is used by millions of users. It is a great platform for website building, blogs, businesses, etc. When you are using Shopify for your business, you may also want to update your customers on new products and offers. So, for that matter, you can connect these two applications to automatically create a WordPress post on new Shopify products.

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    Connecting Shopify to Your Apps

    Connecting Shopify to your Applications is very easy. You can simply head over to an automation tool like Integrately and get started.

    • Go to
    • Sign up using your details
    • Now go to the home page
    • Search for Shopify in the search bar
    • On the right-hand side, you will see multiple apps
    • Choose the app you want to connect with Shopify
    • Integrately will show you possible triggers
    • You can choose one that suits
    • And boom! You are ready to automate

    How Integrately Helps to Automate Your Tools

    Integrately is a well-known one-click integration tool. It has some amazing features that make automation easier and more effective. As an example, you may have several applications that work for your company but manage them all manually. However, you can integrate that time and automate the flow.

    Integrately provides a wide range of solutions, expert support, and video tutorials to help you connect, automate, and manage your workflow.

    It is far more simple and clear than other tools. This tool does not require any technical knowledge to use. As soon as you sign up and get started, it helps you through every step.

    FAQs about Shopify Integrations

    What Apps Can You Integrate With Shopify?

    Click here for the list of apps you can integrate with Shopify.

    Which CRM Integrates Best With Shopify?

    AgileCRM can be the best CRM to integrate with Shopify

    Which Email Platform Integrates Best With Shopify?

    MailChimp can be the best Email Platform to integrate with Shopify
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