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Salesforce Quickbooks Integration within 2 minutes

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
September 19, 2022
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    What is Salesforce?

    Salesforce is a cloud-based platform that provides tools and services to create useful client experiences. Which also started as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

    As a multi-tenant architecture, it offers benefits including 

    • API Integration, 
    • Configuration, 
    • Scalability,
    • Free capacity, 
    • Low-cost ownership, 
    • Platform support, and more. 

    Salesforce, one of the leading providers of customer relationship management (CRM) services, furthermore provides an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for marketing automation, finance, human resource management, and other applications.

    The well-liked CRM solution Salesforce benefits both small and large businesses. It breaks down organisational processes and provides staff with a uniform customer perspective across all departments. These services give a business the ability to employ cutting-edge technology, find new customers, and provide an excellent experience.

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    What is Quickbooks?

    The most widely used small business accounting programme for keeping track of revenue, spending, and the financial health of a company is called Quickbooks. It can be used to create reports, pay bills, prepare taxes, and invoice clients. Numerous options in the Quickbooks product range are excellent for everybody, from a freelancer to midsized enterprises.

    Although Quickbooks has many choices, we advise Quickbooks Online for the majority of new businesses. It has a 30-day trial – available without requiring a credit card.

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    How to Integrate Salesforce with Quickbooks

    Here are the easy steps to Salesforce Quickbooks integration

    • Go to
    • Sign in if you already have an account
    • Otherwise, Sign up using your details
    • In the search bar, search Salesforce and Quickbooks
    QuickBooks Integration
    • Choose a Workflow, to begin with, or create your own
    • Connect both accounts using your credentials
    QuickBooks and Salesforce Account page
    • Once connected, you will be redirected to the Automation editing page
    • Integrately will automatically map the fields
    • Now, you can modify data or set conditions as required
    • And boom! The automation is ready to go!

    Top Usecases

    Here are some Top Usecases of Quickbooks Salesforce Integration

    • Automatically create new opportunities for Quickbooks Online Invoices
    • Create Quickbooks Online customers from the new Salesforce Account
    • Create Sales receipts in Quickbooks Online, when records are updated in Salesforce

    FAQs about Salesforce Quickbooks Integration

    Does Salesforce integrate with Quickbooks?

    Yes, Salesforce integrates with Quickbooks

    How do I integrate Salesforce with Quickbooks?

    You can integrate Salesforce with Quickbooks using the following steps shown here.

    Abhishek Agrawal
    Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
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