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How Plutio uses Integrately to improve its customer support

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
July 25, 2022
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    If the name ‘Plutio’ doesn’t ring any bells, you are probably missing out on some key business practices. Before we get into what Plutio is all about, let us give you a crunch of its popularity.

    With sales figures exceeding $250,000 within the first week of its public launch, Plutio is a startup that went from idea to a luminary in an unusually short period.   

    Excited to know what Plutio is and how it did this magic. Let’s dive into Plutio’s journey. With an aim to become a one-stop solution for all your business needs, Plutio is the go-to business management platform for freelancers and small/medium-sized businesses.  

    The Journey Begins

    It all started when Leo Bassam, the founder & CEO of Plutio, identified that existing management platforms do not cater specifically to the needs of freelancers. 

    This realization led him to establish Plutio, a venture that helps streamline all business operations in one place — from projects and finances to clients and communications.  

    With a huge public response, Plutio’s business skyrocketed in its early phase. However, certain challenges were already advancing their way. For one, they encountered that a fair bunch of customer support requests require the integration of different platforms in Plutio.

    Teething Challenges

    With a great start come certain challenges. For instance, the requirement of app integrations in Plutio. To address this issue, Plutio started building its own app marketplace.  

    They soon realized that not every business prefers the same platform and processing each integration request separately is time-consuming. Adding to this was the stress of maintaining customer satisfaction and their own reputation. 

    “Plutio creates a catch-all solution for many business owners. However, businesses tend to prefer several different applications that demand the aggregation of data into a single location (Plutio),” says Joe McNierney, the Member of Operations at Plutio.

    Hitting the Ground Running

    The pressing issues culminated in Plutio’s decision to try out various integration platforms. In this never-ending quest, they gave Integrately a shot and found that it suits their needs. 

    After building a partnership with Integrately, Plutio knew there was no looking back. Joe confirms, “We will need to leverage our partnership with platforms like Integrately in order to utilize as many API connections as possible.”

    Helping Yourself While Helping Others

    With the rapid pace of growth and expansion, managing internal business affairs was proving to be a taxing affair for Plutio. Especially, with a completely remote team spread across 6 different countries, Plutio needed the right tools for collaboration to drive results. 

    Integrately was a tried-and-true integration tool that Plutio used to suffice its clients. Now that Plutio needed an integration platform to boost internal efficiency, it wasn’t hard for them to choose Integrately. 

    Plutio acknowledges that they felt a need to boost their efficiency internally and with their clients. Integrately seemed like a good fit to simplify internal workflows and deal with client requests. Helping themselves and their clients simultaneously made Plutio evolve in the most natural way.

    Choosing the Right Helping Hand 

    You shouldn’t risk going wrong with the tools that you trust for your business. Likewise, Plutio made an informed decision to team up with Integrately. 

    Plutio was drawn to Integrately because of its user-friendly approach and great support team. With Integrately’s simple setup that depends on the no-code formula, even the most complex integration process flows smoothly.

    Joe confirms “We have also used Zapier and Make.com. However, the experience and setup with Integrately seem to be the most straightforward. Integrations from Integrately are seamless and easy to configure as well.”

    Automation Bonanza

    Plutio built a secure connection with several apps using Integrately to automate their workflows. It also helped them centralize their data collection. Let’s explore the areas where Plutio took advantage of Integrately:

    1. Scheduling:

      Plutio deploys Calendly for bookings and appointments. To avoid missing out on converting leads, Plutio uses Integrately to create a Calendly-Plutio integration.

      This integration assigns a task to the concerned team member for every new appointment using the following automation recipe:

      When Event Invitee is created in Calendly, create Task in Plutio

    2. Marketing Automation:

      The leads gained through Plutio’s marketing efforts need to be centralized in their platform. To accumulate all the marketing contacts in a single database, they built a Plutio-User.com integration using Integrately. 

      This integration creates a task to streamline campaigns based on every new marketing contact using the following automation recipe:

      When Company is created in User.com, Create Task in Plutio

    3. Payment Services:

      Stripe is one of the multiple payment gateways that Plutio supports. To manage invoices and subscriptions efficiently, Plutio used Integrately to create a Stripe-Plutio integration

      This integration creates a task to track billing subscriptions using the following automation recipes:

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    Cutting the Frills

    Scaling a comprehensive platform like Plutio requires a significant amount of time. Until Plutio builds an integral connection among its features, they trust Integrately to bridge this gap. The ease of building inter-application workflows with Integrately proved to be an added perk for Plutio. 

    Plutio uses Integrately to simplify and consolidate its offerings by creating a Plutio-Plutio integration. This integration creates a task to take necessary actions for every form submission using the following automation recipe:

    When Form is submitted in Plutio, Create Task in Plutio

    Joe explains, “We trigger Plutio>Plutio automations until we build out our own internal automation feature. Even after building internal automation, we will continue to use Integrately and connect a wide array of tools supported.” 

    A Smooth Ride

    Plutio’s integration experience with Integrately has been overwhelmingly positive. However, there were some minor bumps and pits along the way. 

    When speaking of the real challenges they faced, Joe mentions, “We did have issues with some workflows not showing up in certain team accounts. However, the support desk at Integrately was extremely helpful and the issues were resolved in a quick and earnest fashion.”

    Integrately’s driving force, the competent support team, always ensures a smooth experience for our customers. After all, that’s how we rock and roll!

    Not Just Claims…. Results to Vouch For

    The results from using Integrately have been positive and promising so far. The auto-functions that are carried by Integrately are a huge time-saver for Plutio. 

    Joe acknowledges, “Integrating with various third-party systems meant that we could easily automate many business processes and stay focused on the task at hand. When running demos, 1 hour a day at least, is saved from moving data around.”

    Using Integrately has reduced the amount of time spent on nonproductive tasks and enabled Plutio’s team to spend more time on improving the Plutio experience.

    Strategy for the Promising Future

    Plutio is a young platform that is constantly experimenting with new integrations. They are excited to continue building upon integrations using Integrately in their future projects, with an aim to keep the platform as fluid, flexible, and adaptable as possible.

    Plutio’s story offers great insights for businesses that need a trusted integration platform to scale their growth. Moreover, with Integrately’s efficient custom pricing plans, Plutio was able to save costs without compromising on the quality of their integrations.

    Final Destination

    Quite in contrast to the film franchise, the final destination of Plutio’s journey with Integrately is indeed very pleasant. Like Plutio, business visionaries, who’d like their apps to mingle, can get the perfect solutions for their business needs by using Integrately. 

    Addressing such business visionaries, Joe has left a message, “Integrately is much simpler to use for building your own time-saving automations as compared to the more complex and expensive competitors.”

    Integrately is thrilled to be a part of Plutio’s determined journey towards progress, growth, and success. 

    Integrating your apps with Integrately could yield the same results for your business as it did for Plutio. So what’re you waiting for, give Integrately a shot! You can start for free today!😉

    Abhishek Agrawal
    Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
    Abhishek is the founder of Integrately, CompanyHub, and Dreamwares. He is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. He is always looking to leverage technology for the growth of the business. He has a deep understanding of how businesses work and uses this knowledge to build products that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
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