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The Top 16 Integrations

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
October 10, 2022
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    You have been working in a business setting for a while now. You may have seen ups and downs in the growth of your business and teams. But during this while, have you ever thought to yourself if someone could manage it all on your behalf so you could save up some time for yourself?

    Well, you may not have been able to find that authentic person, but there are definitely tools that can automatically perform actions on your and your team’s behalf. 

    And at the same time, simplify collaboration and project management for you., being an amazing project management tool, have varied benefits. It doesn’t only offer plenty of features but also integrations that you can utilize to create a systematic workflow for your business/organization and teams.

    What is is a tool that works as a CRM and project management system. It allows users to create a workflow for their team, manage projects, collaborate effectively and track & visualize data.

    It is a complete systematically created tool where you can have multiple teams working on varied projects. doesn’t only offer a platform to enhance collaboration but also lets you connect to other work applications and improve efficiency.

    Optimize Your Workflow with Integrations has plenty and amazing integration options. You can connect your account to other important applications in your business and automatically sync data between them.

    This will help you in saving time that can be used in increasing productivity, manage more than one task at the same time, and improve outcomes that you may be lacking recently.

    The Top Integrations

    Here are the top integrations that you can include in your workflow and enhance visibility and productivity. + Elementor Forms 

    Elementor form is a premium feature of the Elementor builder. Users can take advantage of this widget for collecting customer and visitor information, which can be used later for conversions and relationship building.

    You can easily integrate with Elementor forms and sync data from Elemetor forms to the CRM tool. That will help you analyse new leads, convert them into sales, and maintain records. + Twilio 

    Twilio is a customer managing platform that offers communication-based services over a few channels like text, voice, video, and email. It allows you to notify your customers with updates and essential information.

    So when you integrate Twilio with, you adapt to a simplified approach where you can automatically send SMS to your customers about their deliverables, project status, work progress, etc. + ClickUp 

    ClickUp is a project management tool which enables you to collaborate effectively with your team members. You can manage projects, create tasks, assign members and much more. + ClickUp integration is like a backup integration. ClickUp and are almost similar tools for project management. So, integrating them can help you back up your task and project data. 

    Whatever tasks, projects and contacts you create on will be automatically synced in ClickUp – that you can maintain for the safe side. + Simvoly 

    Simvoly is a no-code website builder platform. You can create beautiful websites, e-commerce stores and galleries easily. And the best thing about them is that they offer a simple drag and drop feature so you don’t really need to worry about coding skills.

    Later, you can integrate Simvoly with and sync data such as creating an item in for new form submission, for a new order, or new contact in Simvoly. 

    That will assist you in automatically collecting your customer and visitor data at one place. + Calendly 

    Calendly is a free scheduling application that lets you schedule events like meetings, appointments, follow-ups etc very easily. It has made time management to the next level and it simplifies your workflow like never before.

    You can integrate both of these tools for improving efficiency in your workflow. This will let you sync the events between the apps. Whenever you have a new event invitee, it can automatically be added to an item on + Flowlu 

    Flowlu is a single cloud-based business management platform that brings together tools for communication, project management, customer relationship management, and financial management. It aids small and medium-sized firms in simplifying their procedures and enhancing productivity across the industry.

    By connecting and Flowlu, you can automatically create a task or Flowlu opportunity on creating an item on This will help you in having a backup for all your tasks and projects. + Clockify 

    Clockify is a time tracking application that allows you to track your employees working hours for all tasks and projects they have been assigned. This tool also offers a timesheet that replaces Spreadsheets and can be used to enter employee data for management and record purposes. 

    Later, you can export these data in any form you wish like PDF, excel; etc. 

    Additionally, integrating Clockify with will enable you to automatically create tasks and projects from items and boards, and eventually assist you in organizing your work well. + Google Forms 

    You already know what Google Forms are. A tool where you can easily create any kind of form and even quizzes. It lets you collect data and information required from your end. Especially, if collecting customer data, which can help you for maintaining records.

    So when connecting Google Forms with, you can create an item on upon receiving the submission and let your team know their next task. + Google Calendar 

    Google Calendar, being another important application at work, can be utilized for scheduling and time management. You can easily create and update events in Google Calendar and save much time. That will help you with reminders of new, postponed, and canceled meetings. and Google Calendar can be integrated for better management of your workflow. You can automatically sync event data to by creating an item on a new Calendar event or vice versa. + Trello and Trello are both project management tools. They offer the same ability to manage and collaborate well. However, both of them may have different features needed in your workflow. This is why you can connect them together for better output in your business. + Gmail

    Gmail is a daily required application. Whether you are an individual or have a team, Gmail is a need of the hour. You can send and receive professional emails anytime and keep your team and customers updated on every detail. 

    Connecting to Your Apps

    Connecting to your applications is super simple. You can follow the below common steps for connecting top useful applications –

    • Go to
    • Sign up with your email address and other details
    Integrately sign up
    • Search in the search bar
    • Search for other applications you want to connect
    Monday Integrately
    • Choose your trigger
    monday calendly
    • Now you will be redirected to the automation page
    • Connect both accounts using your credentials
    • If any application requires an API key for connection, you can watch Integrately’s video solution
    Calendly login page
    • Allow integrately to access your apps
    • Once connected, integrately will automatically map the fields
    • Now you can modify and set conditions
    • And boom! You are all set to test and enable the automation

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    FAQs about Top Integrations

    What Integrations Does Have? have some of the following integrations -

    • Outlook
    • Dropbox
    • Slack
    • Google Calendar
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Onedrive
    • Linkedin, etc

    What Is Best Used For? is used for CRM and Project management among businesses and organizations.

    Does Integrate With Salesforce?

    Yes, integrates with Salesforce
    Abhishek Agrawal
    Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
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