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Bid Adieu to Monday Blues With The Top 21 Integrations

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
June 6, 2023
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    “Ugh… Monday again! Just 5 more minutes please.” This used to be me every Monday morning, trying to catch some extra sleep. 😪 All I knew was that a long day awaits!

    But one fine day, my life took a turn! Amidst the Monday morning clouds, I discovered a ray of sunshine 🌥️ – integrations.

    What is is a project management tool that converts your Mondays into marvels. 😎 With, you say hello 👋 to 

    ▶️ Colorful kanban boards 🎨, 

    ▶️ Productive timelines ⏰,

    ▶️ Organized workflows. 

    It is the ultimate playground where tasks, deadlines, and collaboration get into the groove.

    Optimize Your Workflow with Integrations

    Imagine transforming your projects into a treasure trove of productivity. How? Introducing Integrately!

    Integrately is a no-code automation tool that connects with 1050+ apps, making your work life a breeze. It can help you to:

    📥 Automate tasks based on website form submissions,

    🔔 Send notifications via Slack or email for seamless collaboration,

    💬 Connect with Microsoft Teams or Google Chat for real-time communication, and the possibilities are endless!

    So, say goodbye to Monday blues and hello to productivity paradise with integrations!

    8 Million+ Ready Automations
    For 750+ Apps

    The Top 21 Integrations

    Hold onto your desk chairs because I’m about to unveil the top 21 integrations that will revolutionize your workweek. + Mailchimp Integration

    Sync your Mailchimp campaigns and subscriber lists with This makes it easier to manage and track your marketing initiatives while collaborating with your team. It also helps you assign tasks to quickly follow up and increase conversions based on user behavior.

    Automation to create an item in for every new Mailchimp subscriber
    Automation to create an item in for new Mailchimp audience/subscriber list
    Automation to create an item in whenever a user clicks a link in Mailchimp + Zendesk Integration

    Connect Zendesk with to easily track and manage support tickets. This ensures timely concerns resolutions and improves customer retention.

    Automation to create an item in for resolving a new Zendesk ticket + Quickbooks Online Integration

    Sync your financial data with your project management system by integrating Quickbooks Online and It will help you keep track of orders, invoices, and financial reports in one place. This provides you with a comprehensive overview of your project’s financial health. + Communication and calendar platforms

    Never miss a beat again with the integration of + communication and calendar apps! These awesome integrations sync your tasks, milestones, and deadlines with your favorite calendar apps. 

    What’s more, you can communicate and collaborate effortlessly with your team to get your projects done on time. It will help you send deadline notifications or ask for updates through your preferred communication channels.

    Some popular communication and calendar apps that can be easily integrated with include + Google Calendar Integration

    Automation to sync Google Calendar and schedule of items
    Automation to create detailed events in Google Calendar for every new item + Gmail Integration

    Automation to send Gmail emails for every new item + Slack Integration

    Automation to send a Slack message for every new item
    Automation to add reminder in Slack for every item + Sales CRM platforms

    Write your sales success story with + Sales CRM platform integrations! This will help you sync deals, manage contacts, and conquer your sales pipeline with ease.

    Some popular Sales CRM apps that can be easily integrated with include + Software Development platforms

    Accelerate your development projects by connecting software development apps with It will help you track software issues, tasks, and project progress in a centralized location. This will enable efficient collaboration between developers and project managers.

    Some popular software development apps that can be easily integrated with include + Database management platforms

    Create a seamless flow of information with the & database management platform integrations. It will help you easily collaborate on spreadsheets and track data related to a particular project in one place.

    Some popular database management apps that can be easily integrated with include + Cloud Collaboration and content management platforms

    This integration lets you link your files with projects. It empowers your teams to effortlessly locate and access project-specific files. This real-time file sharing and easy accessibility enhance collaboration, productivity, and overall project success.

    Some popular cloud collaboration and content management apps that can be easily integrated with include + Project Management platforms

    You must sync tasks, projects, and deadlines between project management platforms used by you and your client. It keeps everyone involved updated on the project status. This helps you to be on the same page with your clients. 

    Some popular project management apps that easily integrate with include + Lead generation platforms

    With & lead generation platform integrations, you can easily track your leads and nurture them until they convert. This helps you direct your lead nurturing efforts in the right direction and close more deals.

    How Does Work

    With, you can manage your projects, tasks, and goals in one place. Follow these simple steps to get started: 

    ▶️ Create an account or log in to your existing account.

    ▶️ Create a board for your new project. A board is a collection of columns and rows. Each column represents some project detail, such as timeline, status, priority, attachments, etc.

    ▶️ Keep your team members notified of the latest updates using the ‘Update’ section 

    ▶️ Customize the board view to suit your needs

    ▶️ Study dashboards to measure team performance and track KPIs

    ▶️ Use Workdocs to collaborate with your team members

    How Integrately Helps to Automate Your Tools

    If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful way to automate your business processes, then look no further than Integrately! It is a no-code automation platform specially designed for non-techies😎. With Integrately, you can easily connect over 1050+ business apps with each other. What’s more, you get

    💪 A user-friendly setup process with millions of ready-to-use 1-click automations

    💪 A powerful visual automation builder to easily create multi-step workflows

    💪 Advanced data formatting options

    💪 24/5 customer support

    💪 A dedicated automation expert to assist with all your automation needs

    With prices starting from just $19.99, Integrately is an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes. So why wait? Sign up and supercharge ⚡ your productivity today!

    How to Connect to Your Apps

    Integrately lets you connect with over 1050+ apps in a few clicks. In case, you’re unable to find your app in our list, you can easily set up a webhook connection using these simple steps:

    Step 1: Signup for Integrately (

    Step 2: Select as your first app and Webhook as the second one

    Select and Webhook/API integration in Integrately

    Step 3: Next, simply select your trigger and action. Read API documentation carefully to understand which trigger/action will be used for the desired result while setting up the webhook connection.

    Webhook trigger

    Step 4: Follow the prompts to set up your webhook URL 

    Set up webhook URL

    Step 5: Securely connect your account with Integrately. 

    Input the API token to connect with Integrately

    Step 6: Once connected, map the required fields, test your automation, and make it live.


    Whether you’re looking to improve your project management, lead generation, or marketing, there’s a integration for you. So take some time to explore the above-mentioned top integrations. These integrations are sure to transform your Mondays from gloomy to groovy.

    FAQ's about Top Integrations

    What programs does integrate with? easily integrates with 1050+ apps including marketing, customer support, communication, calendar, spreadsheet, and lead generation platforms.

    What integrations does have? has over 50 native integrations including apps like Zoom, LinkedIn, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and more. But you can access them only if you have a ‘Standard’ or higher plan subscription. However, Integrately offers you 1050+ integrations starting from as low as $19.99.

    How many integrations are there?

    Integrately offers you over 1050+ integrations starting from just $19.99, as compared to over 50 native integrations offered by the platform.

    Does have GitHub integration?

    Yes, has Github integration. You can find all the popular 1-click automations for the + GitHub integration here or even create your own automation in clicks.

    What other companies offer Integrations?

    Automation companies like Integrately, Zapier, and Workato offer integrations.

    Can I integrate a Google Sheet with Monday?

    Yes, you can easily integrate Google Sheets with Find all the popular 1-click automations for Google Sheets + integration here or create your own custom automation in clicks.

    Does Monday have Jira integration?

    Yes, has Jira integration. You can find all the popular automation possibilities for + Jira Software Server integration and + Jira Service Desk integration using Integrately.

    Does Monday have Sharepoint integration?

    Yes, has Sharepoint integration. You can find all the popular automation possibilities for + Sharepoint integration here or create your own custom automation in clicks.

    Can Monday integrate with Microsoft?

    Yes, easily integrates with the Microsoft Suite using Integrately. You can find all the automation possibilities for the following integrations within Integrately:

    Abhishek Agrawal
    Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
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