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Facebook Creative Hub: What is it and How Can it Help the Marketers?

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
February 25, 2022
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    Have you ever been in a situation where you took all the effort to draft that perfect Facebook ad for your campaign? 

    Spent long hours 

    • curating your content,

    • designing your images,

    • creating your landing pages,

    • deciding on the placements and sizes ?

    Published your ad and awaited the results. But alas, didn’t see many convertible leads coming in?

    In the end, it just turned out to be a costly affair while you struggled badly to see a good ROI with your ads?

    Just so frustrating, Right? Don’t worry, you are not alone. 

    There are millions of advertisers out there trying to figure out – how to design that perfect Facebook ad that stands out!

    But thanks to Facebook for coming up with the tool called ‘Creative Hub’. You can now easily design ad mockups, that give you a big sigh of relief.

    It helps you understand, experiment, and share your ideas like never before.

    Give this article a quick read, and you will understand how to use it effectively.

    What is a Facebook Creative Hub?

    It is your one-stop destination to design better ads.

    With the creative hub, you can easily learn-create-share-launch :

    • Learn how to build effective thumb-stopping ads across various formats

    • Create mockups and preview them on Facebook and Instagram apps as if they are real ads

    • Share it with your team or your clients 

    • Launch your ads

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    What Value Does the Facebook Creative Hub Provide for Marketers?

    If you are a marketer, then Facebook Creative Hub is the best tool to use for ad designing and sharing. 

    Use it to:

    • Get inspiring marketing ideas from successful ad campaigns of big brands

    (Visit here)

    • Explore a range of creative ad formats and templates 

    (Visit : Link to know more about Facebook Ad mockup templates and which one to choose)

    • Increase your chances of ad approval

    • Add collaborators and start working together

    • See what your ads will look like everywhere they’ll appear

    • Manage, edit and export your mockups to live ads

    How to use the Facebook Creative Hub?

    Firstly, access your Facebook Creative Hub through your Ads Manager :

          Ads Manager 

                         |→ Ads section

                                    |→ Creative Hub

    Or visit the link

    Ads Manager

    In order to use your  Facebook Creative Hub, you first need to create a mockup.

    Steps to create Facebook ad mock-up:

    1. Open creative hub

    2. Select ‘Create New’ on the top right

      Create New Ad

    3. Give your mockup a name in the ‘Ads Name’ placeholder

      Sample ad

    4. Add your Facebook Page Name and Instagram Account that you are designing for

      Add Facebook Page Name

    5. Select the media format depending on the type of ad you want. There are 2 formats to choose from

      • A single image, video, or slideshow with multiple images: They are perfect to increase brand awareness, lead generation,  and traffic 

      • A carousel ad with two or more scrollable images and videos: They are best suited in case you want to showcase multiple products or need to have multiple call to actions

        Sample Ad Format

    6. Upload your ad creative in the Media section (image/video)

      Upload Media Action

    7. Fill up the following details

      • Primary text: It is the caption for your Ad and appears in most placements (though the position varies). Facebook recommends it to be 125 characters or fewer

      • Headline: Most of the people will stop by in reading the headline, so it must be a powerful one

      • Description: It is the additional text that appears in some placements. Its position on the ad varies by the placement you choose

      • Website URL: It’s the place you want to send your traffic

      • Display link: It is a short URL that you can use for display instead of your full URL

      • Call to Action (CTA):  It is a button or link on your ad that represents the action you want people to take

      Sample Ad Form

    8. You can preview the ad in various placement formats on the right side. Expand the placement you want to focus on and preview how your ad will look like. You have 16 placements to choose from below :

      • Facebook Feeds

      • Instagram Feeds

      • Facebook Marketplace

      • Facebook Video Feeds

      • Facebook Right Column

      • Instagram Explore

      • Messenger Inbox

      • Instagram Stories

      • Facebook Stories

      • Messenger Stories

      • Facebook In-Steam Videos

      • Facebook Search Results

      • Facebook Instant Articles

      • Audience Network Native

      • Audience Network Rewarded Videos

      • Audience Network In-Stream Videos


      For example: If you are a fitness trainer who wants to target iGeneration for your training sessions, then definitely Instagram gives you a good reach and potential. So you must focus on the Instagram placements and review them. Focusing on the correct placement is the key to targeting your audience.

    9. Once your mockup is ready, click on the ‘share’ button placed at the top right corner.  Turn on the sharing link on the screen that pops up (this link is active for 30 days) . Share it with your team to get feedback on improvements or share it with your client to give them a preview.

      To allow others to import your mockup, enable the  ‘Allow Importing to Ads Manager’


    import ad manager step

    import ad manager step

    import ad manager step

    If you have a Business ad account, then there is an additional way to share your mock-up with your team or clients. They can view and edit it without accessing your ads manager.

    For sharing your mockup (designed with Business ad account) using Creator Hub, follow these steps   

    1. Click on your Creative Hub

    2. Then click on ‘Add Collaborator’

    3. A list will open up with all the people in your Business account. Add those members with whom you want to share your mockup

    4. In case the person is not in your business account, click on ‘Add an external member’. Type the email of the person and click on ‘send invite’. The person then receives your invitation along with instructions to view and edit the mockup.

    Later on, if you want to revoke or modify the permissions, just click on ‘Manage Permissions’

     ( Alternatively, you can go to Business Settings -> Accounts ->ad account )

    Select the person and deactivate the ‘Manage Creative Hub Mockups’ setting.

    How to export an ad from Facebook Creative Hub?

    There is no provision in Facebook Creative Hub to export an ad mockup in any downloadable form.

    But you can send the mockup created in the Creative Hub directly to your ads manager.

    To do so, 

    1. Open your mockup in the creative hub

    2. Turn on the slider in the top right-hand side corner. The ‘Create Ad’ button will now turn from gray to blue

      Create Ads

      Create Ads

    3. It will take you to the Campaign Manager. A pop up will ask you to select your objective (Awareness/Consideration/Conversion) 

    4. Select your objective and click on ‘continue’

      Create Ads

    5. On the next screen, you can set up your campaign details, A/B Test, and optimization details

      Create Ads

    6. Click on the ‘next’ button and set up your budget, audience, and placement details

      Create Ads

    7. On the next screen that appears, select your mock-up under the ‘Ad Setup’, check your ad one final time and then click on ‘publish’. Your ad will now go into the review, and Facebook will notify you once it’s live.

      Create Ads

    As your ad goes live, tracking its success is the most important thing that you must do. 

    To know more about how to track the success of your ad, read here [ We can have a separate article for Tracking Facebook ads success.]

    As you can see, Facebook Creative Hub provides endless opportunities to the marketers. And while it may still be too early to pass conclusive judgment on this new initiative as a whole, you can bet that Facebook marketing will never be the same. 

    So without any delay, buckle up and start creating amazing ads for your target audience using Facebook Creative Hub.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I create a Facebook ad mockup?

    You can create a Facebook ad mockup using Facebook Creative Hub. You can  create, share and import mockups for free using Creative Hub

    What is mockup in Facebook ads?

    Mockup in Facebook ads is a preview of how your final ad will look like in various placements ( Facebook story, Instagram Story, Messenger, etc)

    What is Facebook creative hub mockup?

    Facebook creative hub is a mockup generator tool provided by Facebook in which you can design ad mockups and preview them as if they are real ads. You can also easily share it with your teams or clients as if they are real.

    What is a Facebook ad mockup generator?

    Facebook ad mockup generator is nothing but Creative Hub ( a tool provided by Facebook to design, share and import mockups for your Facebook ads)
    Abhishek Agrawal
    Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
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