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Facebook Collaborative ads ( Collaborative Performance Advertising Solution): A union between retailers and brands to drive sales

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
February 25, 2022
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    Just imagine the day you achieve a 12% increase in your traffic, a 10% increase in your conversions, and 2.37X returns on your advertising spend just within a month!

    Seems hypothetical? 

    Let me tell you it isn’t! 

    You can achieve all this with Facebook Collaborative ads (CPAS – Collaborative Performance Advertising Solution). They are one of the best ways to make branding a breeze. 

    From increasing brand awareness to improving sales conversion, it is a new way to advertise on Facebook. 

    Keep reading to learn what collaborative ads are and how brands are driving sales out of them.

    What are Facebook collaborative ads (CPAS)?

    Facebook collaborative ads are a way for the brands to collaborate with the retailers to advertise their products. 

    It allows brands to run direct sales campaigns through retailers and merchants who sell their products.

    Thus, it results in a win-win situation for the brands as well as the retailers.

    How do Facebook Collaborative Ads (CPAS) work?

    The retailer divides his product catalog into a segment containing the products of the target brand.

    The target brand then uses this segment as its catalog to run collaborative ads which redirect to the retailer’s product page. 

    Once the customer reaches the retailer’s product page, the purchase journey continues further.

    Thus, the brand influences sales and increases its brand value. Whereas the retailer gets an increase in sales and revenue.

    In short, a brand creates collaborative ads to advertise its own products sold through a retailer.

    Prerequisites to setting up Collaborative Ads (CPAS) on Facebook

    Before you set up your collaborative ads, ensure that

    1. You find a participating business in your region that sells your products through the Retail Directory or your Facebook sales team

    2. Create a new ad account that you will only use with Collaborative Ads

    3. Your retail partner shares the catalog segment that he has created for your brand

    4. Acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions shared by Facebook

    Also, while creating collaborative ads, do not forget that: All links should point to your retail partner’s website, and not yours!

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    How to create and set up Collaborative Ads (CPAS) on Facebook

    In order to set up collaborative ads, a brand needs to follow the below simple steps:

    1. Open your Ads Manager  

    2. Choose your ad account  (one that you created for Collaborative Ads)   

    3. Click Create Ad 

    4. Choose the Catalog Sales, Conversions, or Traffic objective

    5. Choose the catalog segment your merchant partner shared with you

    6. Create product sets and ad sets as needed

    7. Select your budget, bid strategy, audience, placement, and ad format

    8. Choose your audience

    9. Choose your creative format  (You can use a carousel, single image, or collection)

    Let us now overlook a case study to understand how Facebook collaborative ads scale your business with the help of retailers.

    Facebook Collaborative ads Case Study:  L’Oréal Singapore

    The world-famous beauty company L’Oréal faced a drop in sales in the Singapore region during the pandemic.

    In search of a creative way to re-engage their audience and boost sales, they opted for Facebook collaborative ads with Sephora ( a popular beauty products retailer).

    They ran a campaign using Collaborative Ads to drive online sales in Singapore via Sephora during its May Sales Day event.

    Using Collaborative Ads, L’Oréal automatically displayed the products from the catalogs of three L’Oréal brands sold via Sephora on Facebook. 

    The video ads were in the collection ad format and showed the products that people were most likely interested in, based on past browsing behavior. The products were linked to Sephora’s online store.

    So, when you clicked on the ‘Shop Now’ button, it would take you to Sephora’s website and the purchase continued from there.

    L’Oréal and Sephora’s Collaborative Ads campaign broadly targeted women in Singapore (with an interest in cosmetics) and used Facebook and Instagram platforms.

    This collaborative ad resulted in

    • 6.5X return on ad spend, and

    • 2X Increase in average sales versus previous sales period

    That’s a good number indeed!

    What benefits can you reap from Collaborative Ads (or Facebook CPAS)

    As a brand, collaborative ads help you :

    • Highlight and show relevant products to people who have a higher chance of making a purchase

    • Run an ad campaign to drive sales of your products on retailer’s websites or apps

    • Run campaigns to drive traffic exclusively to your partner’s website or app

    • Optimize your campaigns for product purchase or other events

    • Measure your sales and other conversion events that happen on your retail partner’s website or app 

    • Makes it easy to partner with creators to amplify your brand message, optimize for conversions, and measure sales performance

    • Get relieved from investing into tools and resources required for digital performance marketing all on your own

    • Drive sales even with no/less online presence

    As a retailer, you get:

    • Increased traffic to your website or app

    • Increased sales and recognition

    • Ability to work with multiple brands safely


    Facebook’s Collaborative ads/Collaborative performance advertising solution (CPAS) is a new kind of advertising technology provided for brands and retailers to come together and unleash the full potential of the ad platform to drive maximum traffic and sales. 

    Just like everything that originated from the social networking giant, this new and advanced ads tool is also simple and easy to use.

    So if you are a brand looking to increase your brand awareness and sales, then collaborative ads are definitely for you. It also empowers you to measure performance marketing campaigns and optimize them.

    And in case you are a retailer, then join hands with good brands and take your traffic and sales to new heights!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is FB CPAS?

    FB CPAS (Facebook Collaborative Performance Advertising Solution) is an advertising solution provided by Facebook where the brands and retailers collaborate to run ads and drive sales
    Abhishek Agrawal
    Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
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