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8 Best RSS Feed Reader Apps For 2024 | Integrately

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 16, 2024
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    If you follow a lot of websites, you know how challenging it could be to stay updated with the latest content. There’s a lot of information on the internet, and it can be a bit overwhelming – not to mention, time-consuming. 

    Thankfully, there’s a solution: an RSS feed reader can help you consolidate the content from your favorite sites into one chronological feed. Read on to learn the benefits of having an RSS feed reader and the different apps you can use to streamline your content sources and social networking sites.

    How Do RSS Feed Reader Apps Work?

    An RSS reader, which is short for Really Simple Syndication, is an aggregator for websites that turns their content into news feeds. Basically, you link your news apps, favorite content, social channels into the RSS feed reader to have one app for all your casual reading. 

    What Makes A Great RSS Feed Reader App?

    A great RSS feed reader app will improve the reading experience significantly with its features:

    • Customization options
    • Discovery mode for new content
    • Displays full-text articles when needed
    • Able to share articles to your social networks
    • Read-it-later service

    What Are The Benefits Of Using RSS Feed Reader Apps?

    Having an RSS feed reader allows you to customize your newsreader app and have a distraction-free, minimalist view of all your favorite articles. The main benefit of having an RSS feed reader app is to remove the need to go to each site separately which can take up a lot of time.

    Choosing The Right RSS Feed Reader App

    Since you’ll be doing a lot of reading on the RSS feed reader, we recommend you choose the app with a user interface that works best for you and standout features that you find most helpful.

    Understanding RSS Feed Reader App Price Tags

    While most RSS feed reader apps are free, some charge a premium to make the reading mode free of ads or enable additional features like offline reading. 

    How We Evaluated The Best RSS Feed Reader Apps

    There are plenty of options for RSS feed reader apps, both paid and free. We evaluated and chose the best ones based on user experiences, perks for advanced users, and service features that stand out.

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    Our Top Picks For The Best RSS Feed Reader Apps For 2024


    Inoreader helps you take back control of your news feed through its well-designed readable interface. It acts as a social media infiltration system to aid with the burnout you may experience from your social feeds. You can also link to and automate different apps through Integrately.


    • Comes with a tutorial to help you navigate the app
    • Store content you like permanently in the app 
    • Simple and clean interface


    • Limited features for the free version (e.g. follow up to 150 sites only)


    The Supporter plan is priced at $1.67/month for a customizable dashboard without ads and up to 500 subscriptions.

    Click here to try Inoreader.


    If you want to read your news and articles just like how they are displayed in their original layout, then you’ll like using NewsBlur. It’s a web-based RSS feed reader that is non-intrusive and seamlessly integrates with your browser.


    • Read fresh content as soon as its posted
    • Train your feed by hiding and highlighting certain content


    • Free version only allows subscribing to a max of 64 sites
    • Free version deletes unread items after 14 days 


    The Premium plan is priced at $36/year and includes unlimited subscriptions.

    Click here to try NewsBlur


    Feedly is an industry standard for RSS feed readers thanks to its modern design and powerful features. Its simple interface allows you to breeze through articles easily – even photo and video content. 


    • Feeds can be shared with other users or on social media channels
    • Feeds can be customized based on interest


    • Limited to 100 feeds for the free version
    • Advanced features such as Google Keywords alerts are only available on the paid plan


    There’s a Basic plan as well as a Pro plan that starts at $6/month.

    Click here to try Feedly.

    The Old Reader

    Looking for an RSS feed reader with a social aspect? Then The Old Reader is the feed reader app for you. Connect the reader app with your Facebook to see what content your friends are sharing. 


    • Clean and easy to use interface
    • Great alternative to the defunct Google Reader


    • No native mobile app
    • Feed is not as customizable as other RSS reader apps
    • Free version is limited to 100 feeds


    Upgrade to the Premium account for only $3/month.

    Click here to try The Old Reader.


    Feeder is a well-designed RSS feed reader app that aims to provide you with an easy-to-digest reading experience. If you’re a busy person and want to prioritize the content that matters to you, Feeder will help you do just that thanks to its advanced filtering.


    • Embedded browser for easy access while browsing
    • Has a native iOS and Android app for a mobile reading experience


    • Free version gets updated only every 2 hours
    • Free version is only up to 10 feeds


    Upgrade to Pro for only $2.50/month.

    Click here to try Feeder,


    Feedbro is a basic RSS feed reader that can be enabled via a Google Chrome extension. It’s a no-frills RSS feed reader for your browser that allows multiple reading views.


    • Loads fast and updates you with the freshest content instantly
    • Has keyboard shortcuts (like Google Reader)


    • Can be a bit intrusive
    • No option to sort feeds in order (e.g. alphabetically)


    Feedbro is totally free to use. Just add it as a Chrome extension and start adding feeds.

    Click here to try Feedbro

    Vienna RSS

    If you’re a macOS user, Vienna RSS is the best RSS feed reader for you. It is a native macOS open source app that offers a simple and intuitive user interface and a customizable toolbar.


    • Full AppleScript support
    • Localized into several languages


    • Customization might require coding
    • Targeted at advanced users


    Vienna RSS is open source and completely free to use.

    Click here to try Vienna RSS.

    Tiny Tiny RSS

    Another open-source RSS feed reader that is free to use is Tiny Tiny RSS. It’s made for Android and aims to replicate the RSS feed reader experience on desktop for mobile.


    • Can be customized with different plug-ins and themes
    • Can include content such as podcasts on the feed


    • Limited functionality and buggy
    • Community of developers is not as helpful
    • Doesn’t support browsing content on iOS web


    Tiny Tiny RSS is open-source and free to use.

    Click here to try Tiny Tiny RSS.


    Choose the RSS feed reader app with the user interface and additional features that you like most. You can even make your RSS feed reader apps work better for you by linking them with different apps available on Integrately. Set automations for productivity tools and have a more efficient reading experience.

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    FAQs about RSS feed reader apps

    Is there a totally free RSS feed reader app?

    Open-source apps are free to use by anyone. Some of the free versions of the premium RSS feed reader apps work well even if they are not ad-free.

    Which RSS feed reader app is best for sharing and recommendations?

    The Good Reader and Feedly are the best RSS feed reader apps for sharing and recommendations since they both work well with social media.
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