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6 Best Online Poll Apps in 2024

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 25, 2024
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    There’s no quicker and easier way to garner information when performing market research or to get a consensus than with the best poll apps. Instead of wasting time on back-and-forth emails and phone calls, polling apps can help you make decisions faster and ease any scheduling woes.

    If you’re looking for a way to harvest data faster or speed up your scheduling process, here are the best online poll apps we recommend.

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    What Makes A Great Online Poll App

    Many social media platforms and messaging apps have built-in polling options, though some businesses may require a more robust solution with the following features.

    • Ease of use: It should take no more than a few minutes for you to create a poll – features should be intuitive and accessible.
    • Additional polling features: The best online poll apps offer unique features beyond standard polling options, such as publishing your results or embedding a questionnaire onto your website.
    • Integrations: If you use multiple software (like Zoom, Gmail, or otherwise), you should be able to share and export polls easily. 

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    Do You Really Need An Online Poll App

    If you already use other methods of communication within your business, polling software may seem frivolous. However, polling software can provide more advantages to your business than you think, including:

    • Save time and money: With polling apps, you can quickly gather information from hundreds of people without outsourcing to a service.
    • Affordable: Most polling software is free, with additional features costing very little.
    • Customer satisfaction: Creating quick polls is an excellent way to find out what your customers think about your business and how you can improve.

    Our Top Picks For The Best Online Poll Apps For 2024

    Here are the top six picks we recommend for the best online poll apps.


    If you’re looking for a chatbot-type survey app that you can embed into your website, SurveySparrow might be your best option. It comes with a rich question bank that the app makes conversational to engage users better. Plus, you can automate functions with Integrately.


    • Customizable templates: On top of many different question types, you can even customize your poll aesthetic with buttons, scales, and other elements.
    • Multiple export options: Export your data into CSV, PDF, and Excel formats for easy analysis.


    • No automatic distribution: If you want to share your polls, you’ll have to do so manually through links, QR codes, or embeds.


    SurveySparrow is free for up to three surveys with ten questions and 100 responses. A basic plan with 1,000 responses and unlimited questions costs $19/month. 

    Poll Junkie

    Don’t have time to register for an account? Poll Junkie allows you to create all types of polls without signing up. You can also assign expiration dates if you want your poll to close on a specific day as well as quickly receive shareable links via email.


    • Auto-save: Want to get back to creating your poll at a later time? You can close Poll Junkie and continue where you left off anytime.
    • Editing: You can go back and edit your poll even after publishing it.


    • Lacking features: Poll Junkie only provides a basic polling solution, so you won’t get any custom branding or extra features.


    Poll Junkie is free to use.


    Outgrow has to be one of the most versatile polling tools on the market. With it, you can create fully optimized polls, calculators, forms, questionnaires, chatbots, and more. You can even automate specific actions with Integrately.


    • Responsive templates: Create beautiful polls optimized to fit desktop, tablet, and mobile screens.
    • Broad language support: If you’re gathering poll responses from international participants, you can get support for over 20 languages.


    • Poor customer support: Many users have reported a lack of customer support when running into app bugs.


    An Outgrow Freelancer plan costs $25/month, while Essential and Business plans cost $95/month and $600/month, respectively.


    One of the best ways to gather passive but consistent customer information is to embed polls into your site, which you can do with EasyPolls. Poll containers generate a piece of code that’s easy to add to your website – even for those without coding experience.


    • Customizable templates: You can inject more personality into your polls using 21 customizable themes. 


    • Not ideal for non-coders: While you don’t have to be a coding expert to use EasyPolls’ poll containers, they are not necessarily beginner-friendly.


    EasyPolls is free to use.


    Mobile users will love SurveyMonkey for its mobile and tablet-friendly poll tools. If you’ve never created a poll before, SurveyMonkey’s wizard can walk you through every step. You can also automate poll sharing with Integrately.


    • Automatic syncing: Sync and analyze response rates across your mobile and desktop devices in real-time.
    • Automatic reminders: Send reminders to poll recipients who haven’t responded to your survey within a certain period. 


    • Expensive premium plan: Compared to apps like SurveySparrow, SurveyMonkey’s premium plans are costlier and may not be worth it if you don’t need the extra bells and whistles.


    SurveyMonkey is free for surveys with up to 10 questions. A premium plan costs $25/month per user.

    Google Forms

    While not exclusively for setting up meetings, Google Forms is one of the most productive tools for determining team availability. Naturally, it’ll integrate with your entire G Suite ecosystem and boasts solid survey logic. If you use Google Forms within your company, you can also automate specific processes with Integrately.


    • Google-friendly: If your primary method of communication is through Gmail or G Suite, you can take advantage of Google Forms’ many shortcuts.
    • No limit on polls: Ask as many questions and get as many responses as you want with Google Forms.


    • Limited question types: While Google Forms has all the basic question types you might need, it won’t satisfy users who require more complex survey logic. 


    Google Forms is free to use.

    What’s The Best Online Poll App For You

    When picking the best online poll app for you, you’ll have to consider factors like how often you use surveys and how many responses you expect to get. If you want instant feedback, something like Poll Junkie that doesn’t require a sign-up may suffice. On the other hand, if you need to create a more detailed poll, SurveyMonkey may have better poll tools.

    Whether using a poll app to schedule a meeting, garner feedback about a new product or service, or talk logistics, we hope these recommendations have helped make your process easier. If you want to automate specific actions on your surveys, try Integrately. With over eight million auto-actions, you can save precious time and significant business expenses.

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    FAQs about Online Poll Apps

    How do you make a social media poll?

    You can make a social media poll by using Instagram and Facebook’s built-in social media polls to satisfy some basic survey needs. For instance, Instagram users can choose between two options via Stories, while Facebook has more in-depth polling options that you can publish in event pages, groups, or chat.

    What Google app makes polls?

    The Google app that makes polls is called Google Forms. It’s most useful if your business is already a part of Google’s ecosystem.

    How do I do a poll on my phone?

    The best online poll app for mobile users is SurveyMonkey – each form is optimized for mobile use.
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