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12 Best News Apps In 2024

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 17, 2024
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    With breaking stories happening every day and from all over the world, it’s difficult to stay on track with the news items that matter to you. If you want to organize and customize the information you get, consider getting a news feed app that sorts and delivers relevant news.

    Read on to explore the best news apps, their features, and how they can help you stay informed.

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    What Makes A Great News App

    The best apps personalize your newsfeed for you based on your reading or viewing behavior. Don’t forget to look out for apps that give you many options to engage with each news item, whether it’s commenting, sharing, or saving.

    What Are The Benefits Of Using News Apps

    First, it’s as convenient as a social media app without putting you at risk of distractions or misinformation. Second, it organizes the content you receive according to relevance and your interests. Lastly, it encourages you to stay informed through push notifications so that you never miss out on the events that affect you.

    Choosing The Right News App

    It can be tricky to choose your go-to news app considering that several apps do the same thing but in different ways. When choosing, think about how often you check the news, which stories are important to you, and what you want to do with each news item.

    Understanding News Apps Price Tags

    Some major news outlets think it’s necessary to separate their news from misinformation and low-quality content. When you pay for access to articles, the paywall often protects you from potentially harmful or misleading information.

    How We Evaluated The Best News Apps

    We’re taking a look at the best news apps based on their:

    • Features: Sections and filters, personalized content, interaction options, user-friendliness, etc.
    • Flaws: App functions that may not work well or efficiently
    • Pricing: Paywalls

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    Our Top Picks For The Best News Apps For 2024

    Google News

    On top of working with a trusted range of sources, Google News ensures a wealth of comprehensive information on a wide variety of topics. It provides full-text articles with different angles and perspectives. As one of the most customizable news apps on this list, you can also connect Google News with hundreds of different apps through Integrately.


    • Extensive coverage on each story
    • Available on all devices (e.g. Apple, Android, Windows, etc.)
    • Explore headlines quickly with Newscasts feature


    • Feed personalization might take long
    • Sometimes shows stories you’ve already read


    Google News is free to use with a Google account.

    Apple News

    The tech giant’s news app recommends the next breaking story that might interest you. Apple’s approach to distributing news gives you a wide range of topics, without overwhelming or boring you with the same stories.


    • User-friendly interface
    • Accurate “For You” section
    • Share subscription with up to six family members


    • Only available on iOS devices
    • Too many top stories for casual reading


    Apple News Plus offers a $9.99/month subscription.


    This free-to-use mobile news app started as a digital magazine, but it is now a news aggregator that lets you create your own magazines that you can share with your peers and friends.


    • Follow and explore particular stories and topics
    • Updates faster than most news apps


    • Limited three-panel interface
    • No dedicated section for saved articles


    Flipboard is absolutely free.


    Feedly has an AI assistant that gives you personalized content, even from other apps like Twitter and Reddit. Feedly can also summarize full-text articles for you to save time searching for relevant content.


    • Several easy-to-use organization tools
    • Smooth scrolling to easily determine items worth reading


    • Some articles are not displayed directly on Feedly and redirect you to the source


    Feedly has free basic access, while Feedly Pro costs $6/month and Pro+ costs $8.25/month.


    TweetDeck can be used to organize, track, and monitor the news that appears on Twitter. The dashboard allows you to interact with various threads, keywords, users, etc., even while using multiple Twitter accounts.


    • Real-time Twitter updates
    • Useful filters for relevant stories


    • Few customization options for the interface


    TweetDeck is free to use and available for Windows and Mac users.


    Nuzzel is one of the more community-friendly news apps because it tracks the types of stories your friends share on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and the like.


    • See and interact with what your friends are interested in
    • Select the interval you want Nuzzel to update and collect news


    • Recommendations are only based on your friends’ viewing behavior


    Nuzzel is free to use on Android and iOs.


    Pocket is a reading list app with a powerful bookmarking tool. It ensures a simple but effective way to parse through archived posts, blogs, or articles. 


    • Save articles with keyboard shortcuts
    • Download articles for offline reading


    • Falls short on features, other than save-it-for-later functions


    Pocket is free and also offers premium features starting at $4.99/month.


    Even though Reddit is mainly a social networking and community-building site, you can still explore and follow news by subscribing to the right subreddits. Plus, you’ll learn what other people think about a variety of topics.


    • Various groups of audiences to reach out to
    • Tons of mostly user-generated content


    • Advanced search isn’t always accurate


    Most Reddit features are free. Unlock Reddit Premium for $5.99/month to remove ads and use more engagement tools.


    Like Nuzzel, Digg’s approach to its news app gives you insight into what other people are talking about. However, Digg displays content based on popularity instead of the activity of your immediate friends.


    • Smooth sharing and saving functions
    • News item summaries


    • Content updates can be slow


    Digg is free to download on Android and iOS.


    Mix is among the simpler discovery apps on the market. It personalizes your feed based on the categories you select and continues learning what you like as you engage with the app.


    • Excellent social media integrations
    • Comprehensive lifestyle stories


    • Lacks options to interact with stories


    Mix is free to download.


    Zig’s app gathers hundreds of thousands of news items from articles to videos to blogs and more. It also allows you to scroll through photo or video summaries before you open the news item.


    • Quickly scan through several stories
    • Easy to digest content


    • Photos and videos can sometimes lack context


    Zig is free for iOS users.


    With abundant news sources available per section or category, News360 boasts tons of content for anyone to browse. Personalizing the app is as easy as pressing “thumbs down” on topics you aren’t interested in.


    • Readable article previews
    • Powerful machine learning and newsfeed personalization


    • Some customization settings may be missing, like font size


    News360 is available for free on most iOS, Android, Windows, and other web platforms.

    What’s The Best News App For You

    The news feed app that works best for you depends on your reading habits and what you want to do with the news. If you want a news app for personal use, get one that learns about your interests, such as News360 or Mix.

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    FAQs about News App

    What’s the best news app for the iPhone?

    The best news app for the iPhone is going to be Apple News for most people. Otherwise, the best alternatives are Feedly and Flipboard.

    Which is the best app to read international news?

    The best apps to read international news are Google News and Flipboard – they have the most extensive international news coverage with tons of sources from across the globe.

    What are the best news apps and websites for forex news trading?

    The best news app to catch up on forex trading news is Feedly. If you’re looking for a forex news platform that also hosts community discussion, Reddit should be your first choice.
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