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Top 6 Best iPhone To-Do List Apps In 2024

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 9, 2024
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    To-do list apps help you remember and prioritize tasks. If you don’t have the time (or patience) for pen-and-paper lists, a dedicated to-do list app on your iPhone can help you stay on track. 

    When you browse the App Store, you’ll find that there is no shortage of productivity apps – so how do you choose the right one? In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through some of the best task management apps for the iPhone and what their key features are.

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    What Makes A Great iPhone To-Do List App

    Ultimately, to-do apps should be easy to use and straightforward. However, there are other key features you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing the right to-do apps:

    • Organization: If you’re looking for more than just a simple to-do list app, keep an eye out for organization features like tags, lists, and projects.
    • Cross-device synchronization: Even when you’re not using your iPhone, you should be able to view your to-dos on your laptop or iPad.
    • Due date reminders: Smart reminders and automatic notifications can help you stay on top of tasks.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Using iPhone To-Do List Apps

    If you’re always on the go, an app for tracking tasks on your iPhone can make your daily regimen more manageable. In addition, you can also enjoy the following benefits:

    • Improved memory: Because your work and personal tasks are easily accessible, remembering them becomes that much simpler. 
    • Increased productivity: For some, ticking off daily tasks provides a sense of accomplishment and can encourage them to become more productive.
    • Enhanced time management: You’ll be surprised how well a list can help you keep track of tasks and when you need to get them done.

    Our Top Picks For The Best iPhone To-Do List Apps In 2024

    Here are the six best to-do and project management apps for the iPhone, we recommend.


    For iPhone users who want team collaboration features, Todoist may be the app for you. Plus, it’s also available for macOS and has extension options for Safari. You can even automate recurring tasks using Integrately.


    • Collaboration features: Leave comments on shared tasks and keep track of task status across teams.
    • Saved searches: Create custom filters for viewing specific tasks. Enjoy advanced search options using hashtags and add a priority level using exclamation marks. 


    • Advanced features are paid: If you want to access Todoist’s most powerful features, such as unlimited tasks and reminders, you’ll have to pay for them.


    You can access Todoist’s basic features for free or get the premium version that costs $3/month (charged as an annual subscription).

    Apple Reminders

    Apple loyalists will find it only natural to use Apple Reminders to stay on top of task lists. This pre-installed app syncs with iCloud, sending reminders to different devices like your iPad or Apple Watch. You can also archive notes as you complete them.


    • Smart lists: Depending on your keywords, Apple Reminders will add new entries to the list of tasks that match it. For instance, any task with the word “shopping” in it will immediately go into your shopping lists.
    • Repeating tasks: Create reminders that follow weekly or monthly patterns. You can also customize and set repetitions.


    • No notes within tasks: If you’re looking for more advanced features like adding subtasks per task, you won’t get it with Apple Reminders.


    Apple Reminders is free for iOS users.


    Try OmniFocus if you’re looking for an iPhone-based productivity tool with rich features. This highly flexible app is best suited for freelancers who follow a Get Things Done (GTD) process. 


    • Dashboard view: Get a general overview of your workload and enjoy elaborate task management on dashboard view. 
    • Total customization: Assign file attachments, additional notes, due dates, audio recordings, color tags, flags, and other custom elements.


    • No cross-device synchronization for non-Apple users: While OmniFocus is a great choice for iPhone users, you won’t be able to sync tasks onto your laptop if you use a Windows device.
    • Expensive premium plan: Compared to other apps with business plan options, OmniFocus may not be a good option for people on a budget.


    The OmniFocus iPhone plan costs a one-time purchase of $29.99 after a 14-day free trial. 

    Microsoft To Do

    Users on a budget will be pleased to know that Microsoft To Do is entirely free. Not to mention, this daily planner also suggests tasks to complete based on assigned due dates and a built-in priority matrix. If you already work using Office 365, you’ll love how well this app integrates with existing software. You can even automate unlimited tasks with Integrately!


    • Customizable and clean interface: Users who want creative freedom with their lists will love how much you can customize Microsoft To Do’s intuitive user interface – you can even pick a background you like. 
    • Sharing of lists: Share individual lists with other users who can modify or add tasks.


    • No natural language input: Unfortunately, you won’t have much luck integrating Microsoft To Do with Siri as it doesn’t recognize conversational commands.


    Microsoft To Do is free to use.

    Things 3

    If you don’t consider yourself a power user and prioritize clean user interfaces, you’ll love Things 3. This software comes with a separate iPhone, iPad, and Mac app, so you’ll have to download all three to sync sharing lists. Still, Things 3 is useful for freelancers who work on fairly complex projects and want to break down tasks into more manageable chunks.


    • Projects: Choose from an extensive library or project templates and group your tasks into work, family, home, etc.
    • Nested task list features: Create highly detailed lists using headers and subtasks.


    • No collaboration tools: If you work as part of a team, there is no way to delegate tasks.


    Things 3 costs a one-time fee of $9.99 for iPhone users. 


    Procrastinators who like a simple interface will get the most out of Due. The app is designed only to store your most important tasks, and it does an excellent job of recognizing natural language input and sending automatic reminders.


    • Auto snooze: Want to keep getting reminders about a certain task until you actually do it? This neat feature can keep you on track.
    • Built-in pomodoro timer: You can keep track of how long it takes you to complete a specific task with this handy time-tracking feature.


    • Not ideal for professional project managers: Given that this tool is specifically for procrastinators, you’re not going to get a lot of extra features from it, especially if you’re looking for elaborate task management.


    You can get Due on iPhone for a one-time fee of $4.99.

    What’s The Best iPhone To-Do List App For You?

    What you consider the best iPhone to-do list app will depend on whether you work alone or as part of a team. For instance, freelancers might benefit from Apple Reminders’ simple user interface and may not need additional features like sharing. On the other hand, more in-depth project management software like Todoist have notable features like advanced team collaboration and cross-platform support.

    In Conclusion

    If you’re an iPhone user looking for a to-do list app, the first and most obvious choice for you is going to be Apple Reminders. Even as a completely free app, the features will be more than enough for most people. However, if you’re an entrepreneur or a manager, your success is highly dependent on your ability to organize yourself and your team. If this describes you, it might be worth looking into paid options such as Todoist or OmniFocus.

    If you’re looking for a better way to manage your unlimited tasks, try Integrately. With it, you can automate millions of actions and make your smart lists even smarter!

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    FAQs about iPhone To-Do List Apps

    What should I look for in a to-do list app?

    The top three qualities you want to look for in a good iPhone to-do list app are a user-friendly interface, cross-platform support, and key features. Think about whether you need to share your upcoming tasks with team members or are looking for a more sophisticated project management tool.

    Does the iPhone have a built-in to-do list?

    The iPhone has a built-in to-do list app called Apple Reminders. This app comes pre-installed on iOS devices and automatically syncs with your iCloud account.

    What are the best free cross-platform task apps?

    The best cross-platform task apps are Microsoft To Do and Todoist. Microsoft To Do is available on Windows, Android, and iOS, but it unfortunately not available on Mac – while Todoist is available on all platforms.
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