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10 Best Cloud Storage Apps In 2024

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
December 15, 2023
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    These days, you can’t rely on just your computers to store all your company’s data. You also need cloud storage solutions to ensure you have enough space to store your data safely. But among the numerous choices on the market, which one is the best? Read on to find the best cloud storage apps available today!

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    What Is Cloud Storage 

    Cloud storage services store your data on the Internet or the “cloud”. By sending your data to servers, you can access, modify, and delete them through an app or webpage – no matter when or where you are. They’re highly sought after because monthly payment plans for cloud storage are cheaper than buying additional storage hardware.

    What Can Cloud Storage Do For You 

    Cloud storage tools don’t just store files for you. Many cloud storage options provide additional features, like:

    • An extensive file versioning system to allow multiple revisions of the same file
    • File syncing features to ensure your work is always saved
    • World-class security measures to prevent data theft and leaks
    • Scalable storage plans according to your company’s needs

    What Makes A Great Cloud Storage App 

    So, what can the best cloud storage apps do for you? Here are three things found in a great cloud storage solution. 

    • Accessible from desktop and mobile platforms: Your team won’t always have access to a computer. The best cloud file management apps bypass device limitations by being accessible from anywhere. Whether it’s mobile devices or computers, your cloud storage app should support any device.
    • Robust search and organization functions: Storing things is one thing, finding them afterward is another. The best cloud storage tools should have strong search and organization features so your files don’t fall through the cracks.
    • Large storage capacity: A good cloud storage service needs to provide ample space for all kinds of file formats. Even if it doesn’t have unlimited storage, it should offer storage space upgrades through subscription plans.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Using Cloud Storage Apps 

    What advantages can you get by using cloud storage? Here are a few benefits you’ll experience:

    • Increased mobility because your data can be accessed from anywhere
    • Improved cost-efficiency because most cloud-based storage services are cheaper than a physical drive
    • Easy file sharing, because most online storage service providers let you share documents and huge files with a single link
    • Extra safety from cyber-attacks through a cloud backup

    Choosing The Right Cloud Storage App 

    How do you choose the best cloud storage app? Here are some things you need to watch out for:

    • Security: Security is one of the most important things in cloud file storage. As hackers get better, you need more advanced security measures to keep your data safe. Find a file storage service that promises world-class encryption and security features.
    • Scalability And Flexibility: As your business grows, you may need additional storage space. It’s important to pick cloud storage apps that offer upgradable storage limits so you can increase your space according to your needs.
    • File-Sharing And Digital Workflows: The best cloud storage apps make file sharing and collaboration easy. Robust file-sharing features and collaboration tools enable you to communicate with teammates better and get things done faster.

    Our Top Picks For The Best Cloud Storage Apps For 2024

    Here are our favorite online file storage services on the market today:

    Google Drive

    As one of the most famous cloud storage providers, Google Drive is an excellent option if you’re looking for simple file management. Moreover, you can also get over 100 app integrations through Integrately. Some key features offered by Google Drive include:

    • Out-of-organization sharing: Easily share your files with people outside your company.
    • File bookmarking: “Star” your files and Google Docs so you can find them easier.

    Plans & Pricing

    Google Drive is free for up to 15 GB of storage with a Gmail account, with the option to upgrade your basic storage limits on a monthly or yearly basis. Paid plans via your Google Workspace subscription start at $12/month per user. 


    Another leading provider of cloud service, Dropbox allows your team to work together on a document through Dropbox Paper. Other features that Dropbox offers include:

    • Deleted file recovery: Recover any deleted files within 30 days. 
    • Secure backup on your devices: Create a copy of your files on your computer.

    Plans & Pricing

    Dropbox’s business team plans start at $12.59/month per user.

    Apple iCloud Drive

    The most popular cloud storage option for Apple devices, iCloud Drive makes it easy to store your files safely. iCloud also offers many advanced features like:

    • Apple device integration: Upload and download files on iCloud seamlessly through your Mac, iPad, or iPhone.
    • Privacy features: Create random email addresses so you don’t have to reveal your real one. 

    Plans & Pricing

    iCloud’s monthly cloud storage plan starts at $0.99/month per user.


    Box boasts secure online storage and collaboration tools to help your team work together better. It does so with numerous app integrations through Integrately and advanced features like:

    • Workflow automation: Automate repetitive and simple tasks through Box Relay.
    • E-signatures: Sign documents online for faster approval.

    Plans & Pricing

    Box’s paid plans start at $7/month per user. 

    Creative Cloud

    Adobe’s Creative Cloud doesn’t just provide secure cloud storage – it also gives you access to Adobe’s suite of creative tools with its subscription. Some features that make Creative Cloud stand out include:

    • Adobe Stock library: Design from millions of curated photos, graphics, and videos for an extra monthly subscription fee.
    • Expert tech support: Get 24/7 technical support through phone or video.

    Plans & Pricing

    A complete Adobe Creative Cloud subscription costs $52.99/month. 


    Sync aims to connect not only your internal teams but also your partners and clients with its online storage solutions. It does so with a host of advanced features like:

    • Secure file and link sharing: Share anything without worry thanks to Sync’s world-class privacy protection.
    • Document access control: Set passwords and expiration dates on documents to control who can read them.

    Plans & Pricing

    Sync’s paid plans start at $5/month per user. 


    Microsoft’s OneDrive has over 100 app integrations through Integrately. It also boasts a wide range of other features like:

    • Full mobile phone support: Share and edit files from the OneDrive mobile app.
    • Real-time collaboration: Work together on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files simultaneously.

    Plans & Pricing

    OneDrive for Business comes with your Office Suite subscription, starting at $5/month per user. 

    SpiderOak One

    SpiderOak One offers secure and encrypted cloud-based storage services for enterprise clients. Some of its advanced features include:

    • Data recovery & online backup: Recover from malware and ransomware with quick data backups. 
    • Cross-platform support: Transfer data easily between Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.

    Plans & Pricing

    SpiderOak One’s premium package starts at $6/month.


    SugarSync offers a simple and secure file-sharing service for your team. Some extra features offered by SugarSync include:

    • Automatic file syncs: Add folders into SugarSync simply by right-clicking.
    • Remote wipe: Delete all data on a device in case of loss or theft.

    Plans & Pricing

    SugarSync’s paid plans start at $7.49/month per user. 


    pCloud offers convenient cloud storage that can be accessed from your PC or smartphone as well as numerous app integrations through Integrately. Other features you’ll find on pCloud include:

    • Easy file sharing: Share files to anyone, with or without a pCloud account.
    • File versioning: Restore old file versions in case of accidental edits or retroactive changes.

    Plans & Pricing

    pCloud’s premium packages start at $49.99/year.

    What’s The Best Cloud Storage App For You 

    The best storage app for most people is going to be Google Drive. It’s widely used and very user-friendly. However, if you’re particularly concerned about the security of your files then Sync should probably be your first choice.

    If you’re looking to get more out of your cloud storage app, sign up for Integrately today and take advantage of hundreds of app integrations for free!

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Online Storage

    Got more questions about online storage? Here are some of the most common questions, answered:

    FAQs about Online Storage

    How secure is cloud storage?

    Cloud storage is Very secure. While the level of security varies between providers, you can rest assured knowing that almost all online storage service providers provide excellent security. After all, customers trust the company with their important data – unsafe cloud storage services won’t last long in the business.

    Free vs paid cloud storage: which one is best?

    Paid services are better if you can afford them. However, free cloud services like Google Drive aren’t bad options, either. Ignoring the more limited storage space, you’ll likely still get excellent security as well as extra features such as Google Workspace and Google Photos.
    Abhishek Agrawal
    Author - Abhishek A Agrawal
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