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Make vs Zapier vs Integrately (2024)

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
April 7, 2024
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    Zapier and Make (formerly Integromat) are two of the most popular automation platforms available. Both integrate your favorite apps seamlessly but have some differences.

    Zapier is a pioneer in no-code workflow automation platforms. With its rich and extensive library of 6000+ app support, you can automate almost any workflow. But the pricing offered is exorbitant.

    Make on the other hand is used to set up more complex workflows. It has an advanced interface and visual drag-and-drop builder. But it has a low supported app count.

    Hence, we have added Integrately to the list, which strikes a golden balance of Zapier and Make. But, that’s not all! Integrately has unique features like 24/5 Free Customer Support, Advanced Automation Builder, etc.

    Now, the question comes. Which automation tool is for you?

    Make vs Zapier vs Integrately: Quick comparison



    Standout features
    • Visual drag-and-drop workflow builder
    • Handles very complex workflows
    • Data mapping, custom modules, scripting, built-in webhooks
    • 1-click ready automations
    • Multi-step automations
    • Webhook connectivity
    • Automation AI
    • 24/5 Live Chat Support
    • Dedicated automation expert
    • Abundant pre-built Zaps for various tasks
    • Easier to learn initially, but less customizable
    • Over 5,000 integrations
    Number of apps supported 1500+ 1100+ 6000+
    Customer Support

    A form submission to raise grievances to the support team.

    24/7 customer support is only available in the enterprise plan.

    24×5 customer support for all users (any plan) via

    • Live chat
    • Email
    • Call
    • Screenshare

    Only Email Support. Chat support requires the Professional plan or a higher subscription (starting from $49)

    Ease of Use Hard Easy Moderate
    Dedicated Automation Expert N/A Free of cost Hire an expert
    Best suited for
    • Users with a bit of technical expertise
    • Small to Medium Businesses
    • Freelancers
    • Startups
    • Businesses of any size
    • Techies & Non-techies
    • Teams with Tech savvy users
    • Large Businesses with big automation budgets
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    Integrately stands out as the clear winner amongst the rest!

    Still Doubtful?

    Let’s take a look at the costs

    Pricing Comparison

    Make Pricing Integrately Pricing Zapier Pricing
    Plan Price Plan Price Plan Price
    Free 1000 ops Free 100 tasks Free 100 tasks
    Core $9
    (10,000 ops)
    Starter $19.99
    (2,000 tasks)
    Professional $19.99
    (750 tasks)
    Pro $29
    (20,000 ops)
    Professional $39
    (10,000 tasks)
    Professional $39
    (1,500 tasks)
    Teams $99
    (40,000 ops)
    Growth $99
    (30,000 tasks)
    Teams $69
    (2,000 tasks)
    (with Professional+ additional features)
    Enterprise Contact Sales Business $239
    (150,000 tasks)
    Company Contact Sales

    It is clear that Zapier is the most expensive tool, Integrately provides 2.5X – 7.5X more tasks, and Make provides at least 10x more tasks than Zapier.

    But, did you know that Make has a hidden task consumption count?
    Let’s compare it with Integrately and understand

    Pricing Verdict

    Integrately is clearly the best option as it offers more tasks than Zapier across all pricing levels and has no hidden polling costs like Make (formerly Integromat).

    Now let’s what these 3 platforms are! and a detailed feature-wise comparison.

    What is Make?

    Make (formerly Integromat) is an automation tool to help you automate manual workflows without coding.

    It allows you to visually create and build automated workflows. The drag-and-drop interface allows for easy workflow creation within minutes that Make calls as ‘Scenarios’.

    Pros and Cons


    • Visual Drag and Drop Builder
    • Offers HTTP calls and JSON parsing
    • Advanced error management and visual routing
    • Affordable Pricing


    • Steep Learning Curve
    • Difficult Onboarding
    • Chat support on top-tier plans only
    • Dedicated Customer Success Manager available only on the Enterprise plan

    What is Integrately?

    Integrately is a no-code automation tool that connects your favorite applications in just 1-click.

    Since it’s a no-code platform, even non-techies can adopt the platform quickly which is characterized by its 0-learning curve. 

    Integrately is best suited for

    • Freelancers
    • Startups
    • Businesses of any size
    • Techies & Non-techies

    Pros and Cons


    • Dedicated Automation Expert
    • Guided UI
    • 24/5 Customer Support (Free for any plan)
    • Automation AI
    • Easy Onboarding with Help Docs
    • Powerful automation builder for customizable workflows
    • Nominal Pricing


    • Currently supports only 1100+ apps
    Start using Integrately today for the best automation experience.
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    What is Zapier?

    Zapier has been a pioneer in the automation industry. It acts like a bridge between two applications, helping you automate your workflow easily.

    Just like Integrately – No coding knowledge is required for Zapier!

    The platform provides detailed logs and monitoring tools, allowing users to track the execution of their Zaps. Zapier is best suited for Large Businesses and tech-savvy users.

    Pros and Cons


    • Supports 5000+ applications
    • Zapier University for quick onboarding
    • Intuitive UI
    • Automation AI


    • Overpriced and Less Tasks (Zaps)
    • Paid Automation Expert
    • Chat support on Professional (2000 tasks) or higher plans only

    Make vs Zapier vs Integrately: Feature Comparison

    Let’s get in-depth with their features:

    Free Plan

    • Make offers a Free Plan with 1000 ops, but due to its hidden task count, the 1000 ops limit is exhausted quickly.
    Hidden Cost of Make (Integromat)
    • Integrately offers 100 tasks and 24/5 Live Chat Support.
    • Zapier only offers 100 tasks, but no support on the free plan.

    🏆 Winner – Integrately

    Ease of Use

    • Make has a high learning curve because of the technical interface and hence users who are new to the platform might find making automation, daunting! Therefore, Make is Difficult to adopt.
    • Integrately offers easy onboarding with its help docs and the Intuitive UI makes the platform user-friendly. This makes Integrately Easy to use.
    • Zapier is Extremely Easy to set up and has a University dedicated especially to understanding its ins and outs. The Guided UI makes it a cakewalk to adopt Zapier. Also, the help docs provided take care of all the places where you might get stuck while using the platform.

    🏆 Winner – Zapier

    Customer Support

    • You have to fill out a form to raise grievances and wait for customer support with Make (formerly Integromat). 24/7 customer support is available only on the Enterprise Plan.
    • Integrately offers 24/5 live chat support on any plan (including Free Plan).
    • Zapier offers no support to free plan users, however, the paid plan users get access to email support. 12/5 customer support is offered only on Professional (2000 tasks) or higher plans.

    🏆 Winner – Integrately

    Which Integration Tool is the best?

    We have compared all the 3 tools above and how each one has its own set of unique features that makes it stand out. However, when looking at the best buy for your money, Integrately has proven to be a good choice.

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