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Make (Formerly Integromat) vs IFTTT vs Integrately – The Best in 2024

Abhishek Agrawal
By Abhishek A Agrawal
September 19, 2022
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    It’s time for: Make (formerly Integromat) vs IFTTT comparison.

    Here’s a quick observation:
     Make is more tech-heavy, while IFTTT likes to keep automations simple.

    But what if you want both power and simplicity?

    That’s why we brought Integrately into the mix. It offers robust automation features in a very user-friendly interface.

    Let’s explore how Make (formerly Integromat), IFTTT, and Integrately stack up against each other.

    Make (formerly Integromat) vs IFTTT vs Integrately: Quick comparison



    Number of apps supported 1500+
    Supported systems Web apps
    • Web apps
    • Mobile devices and accessories
    • Smart Home devices

    Web apps
    Ease of Use Difficult Reason: It’s geared more towards techies. Thus, it’s challenging to learn and navigate.
    Moderate Reason: Easy to get started with pre-made applets. However, some technical knowledge is required even for minor customizations, like using filter code.
    Easy Reason: Easy to use and setup with features like 1-click ready-to-use automations, text-to-automation AI, guided UI, and help docs + videos
    Multi-step automations Available on both paid and free plans
    Available on all the paid plans
    Available on all the paid plans
    Customer Support
    • Fill out a form to raise grievances
    • 24/7 customer support is only available in the most expensive Enterprise plan.
    • Free users: Submit a request (replies not guaranteed)
    • Paid users: contact via Help button

    24×5 customer support for all users (any plan) via

    • Live chat
    • Email
    • Call
    • Screenshare

    Conditions, filters, and if/else workflows Available on both paid and free plans
    Available only on the most expensive PRO+ subscription
    Available on all the paid plans
    Dedicated automation expert Only on the most expensive Enterprise package
    N/A Free of cost
    Webhook/API connection Available only on the paid plans
    Available only on the most expensive PRO+ subscription
    Available on both paid and free plans
    Workflow Template Sharing Available on the top-tier plans only
    Available on all plans. No access controls, anybody can access shared Applets.
    Available on both paid and free plans
    Best suited for
    • Users with a bit of technical expertise
    • Medium to big scale enterprises
    Individuals with basic & home automation needs
    • Freelancers
    • Startups
    • Businesses of any size
    • Techies & Non-techies
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    As evident, Integrately offers essential features and 24/5 live chat support even in the lower tier plans, unlike Make & IFTTT.

    While Make (formerly Integromat) has the most number of apps, it can be challenging to use, owing to its technical nature.

    On the other hand, IFTTT provides simplicity with pre-made applets, but customization can quickly become complex.

    Integrately bridges this gap by offering 1100+ apps and robust customization options within a user-friendly interface. 

    This makes Integrately a well-rounded option suitable for both, tech-savvy users and those new to automation tools.

    Make (formerly Integromat) vs IFTTT vs Integrately: Pricing Comparison

    Make (Integromat) Pricing Integrately Pricing IFTTT Pricing
    Plan Price Plan Price Plan Price
    Free 1000 ops Free 100 tasks Free 2 Applets
    Core $9
    (10,000 ops)
    Starter $19.99
    (2,000 tasks)
    Pro $2.92
    (20 Applets)
    Pro $29
    (20,000 ops)
    Professional $39
    (10,000 tasks)
    Pro + $12.50
    (Unlimited Applets)
    Teams $99
    (40,000 ops)
    Growth $99
    (30,000 tasks)
    Enterprise Contact Sales Business $239
    (150,000 tasks)

    Pricing of all 3 platforms is very enticing:

    • It might seem that offers more tasks than Integrately, but did you know about the Hidden Make (Integromat) costs 👇
    • IFTTT offers unlimited applet runs, i.e. tasks, but its features and functionality are limited only to basic automation needs.
    • Integrately delivers exceptional value for every penny spent. With a diverse range of tasks & features, it has a pricing plan for everyone, from freelancers to big enterprises.

    Pricing Verdict:

    IFTTT may be the cheapest option but it has limited features and customization options. After considering the hidden polling costs of (formerly Integromat), Integrately strikes as the most value-packed alternative in this comparison.

    Start using Integrately today for the best automation experience.
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    What is (formerly Integromat) – Pros & Cons (formerly Integromat) lets you create automated workflows, called “scenarios” that connect various apps and services.

    It features a visual editor that allows users to build workflows using a drag-and-drop interface.

    It offers powerful automation features like filters, routers, iterators, aggregators, etc. This allows users to manipulate data and control the flow of their workflows with precision.

    What’s more?
    Integromat offers an HTTP module for developers, allowing them to fine-tune and customize their automations.

    Pros Cons Best suited for
    ✅ 1500+ apps ❌ Steep learning curve Users with a bit of technical expertise
    ✅ Visual Drag and Drop Builder ❌ Chat support on top-tier plans only Medium to large-scale enterprises
    ✅ Offers HTTP calls and JSON parsing ❌ Hidden polling costs
    ✅ Advanced error management and visual routing ❌ Only the most expensive Enterprise plan offers 24/7 customer support

    What is Integrately – Pros & Cons

    Integrately is a 1-click integration platform that simplifies automation. It offers over 20 million pre-made automations for 1100+ apps to automate your workflows instantly.

    Not just that, it also has a simple and guided UI to help you build custom workflows. To customize workflows further, you can use features like

    • Multi-step automations
    • Data filtering
    • Data modification
    • Scheduling
    • Branching (if-else conditions)
    • Webhooks, and much more.

    Integrately also prioritizes your support needs with 24/5 live chat assistance. Additionally, its flexible pricing structure caters to a diverse range of users, whether you’re a solopreneur, startup, or enterprise.

    Pros Cons Best suited for
    ✅ Ease of use with 20 million+ pre-built 1-click automations ❌ Currently supports 1100+ apps only Freelancers
    ✅ More features and tasks across all the pricing levels Startups
    ✅ Offers webhook connectivity in free trial Businesses of any size
    ✅ 24/5 live chat support on all plans Techies & Non-techies

    What is IFTTT – Pros & Cons

    IFTTT (If-This-Then-That) is another popular automation tool. It connects your apps, services, and devices using simple automations called applets.

    With ready-made applets, you can automate tasks effortlessly without needing any coding skills.

    Whether you’re managing your smart home, automating social media, or increasing productivity, IFTTT offers straightforward automation solutions.

    It especially stands out for its expertise in home automation. This makes it very handy for individuals to connect and control a wide range of smart devices.

    Pros Cons Best suited for
    ✅ A very simple and user-friendly interface ❌ Supports only 700+ apps and devices Individuals with basic & home automation needs
    ✅ Connects smart devices and IoT apps ❌ Limitations to setup complex automation
    ✅ Unlimited Applet runs on all the plans ❌ Only provides Email support for the paid users
    ✅ Highly affordable pricing structure ❌ Most useful features are available only on the most expensive plan

    Make (Integromat) vs IFTTT vs Integrately: Feature Comparison

    Let’s compare Make (formerly Integromat), IFTTT, and Integrately based on their features in detail.

    Make (Integromat) vs IFTTT vs Integrately: Ease of use

    • Make (formerly Integromat) is powerful but has a steep learning curve due to its complexities. It provides extensive integration possibilities, but mastering it requires time and effort.
    • IFTTT excels in simplicity, making it ideal for beginners. Its intuitive interface and ready-made applets simplify automation tasks. However, it lacks the depth of customization found in Make (formerly Integromat).
    • Integrately strikes a balance between the two, offering a powerful, yet user-friendly automation platform. It provides millions of pre-built integrations while still allowing for advanced customization.

    Winner – IFTTT & Integrately


    While Make (Integromat) offers versatility at the expense of a steep learning curve, IFTTT excels in simplicity & Integrately strikes a perfect balance between user-friendliness and advanced functionality.

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    Make (Integromat) vs IFTTT vs Integrately: Free plan features

    • Offers 1000 ops and advanced features like multi-step automations & conditional filters (if/else workflows). But it has hidden task counts and limited support. 😱
    • IFTTT: Provides unlimited applet runs but pretty basic features and no support 🫣on the free plan.
    • Integrately: Offers 100 tasks (~ 4,400 -10,000 Make ops), advanced features like webhook support, and 24/5 live chat support 💪 for free.

    Winner – Integrately


    Make (Integromat) & IFTTT fall behind due to hidden polling task count & lack of advanced features respectively. Integrately free plan has advanced features like webhooks, 24/5 live chat support, & most importantly no hidden task count. 

    Make (Integromat) vs IFTTT vs Integrately: Apps supported

    Make (formerly Integromat): 1500+ apps
    Integrately 1100+ apps
    IFTTT: 700+ apps

    Make (formerly Integromat) is just a tad bit ahead of Integrately, but we will get there in no time. Why are we so confident?👇

      Just imagine where we’ll be in 9 years!

      You’ll likely find all your everyday apps on our list of integrations.

      But if you can’t find yours, don’t worry. We offer webhook support even on the free plan and our automation experts can set up automations for you at no additional cost.

      Plus, we are happy to add new integrations based on user requests. Just let us know what you need via live chat, and we’ll take care of the rest!

      Winner – Make (formerly Integromat)

      Why – Make (formerly Integromat) offers more apps. 


      Is Make a clear winner? 🤔
      Let’s rethink – Integrately supports most of your popular everyday apps.
      So, first, check if all your apps exist in our app integration list.
      And then decide for yourself – Hidden Costs of Make OR Integrately?

      Make (Integromat) vs IFTTT vs Integrately: Customer Support

      • Make (formerly Integromat) Provides customer support through a form submission process. 24/7 assistance is exclusive to the most expensive Enterprise plan users only.
      • IFTTT does not guarantee customer support for free users. However, paid users can contact support through a Help button only for specific reasons.
      • Integrately stands out with 24×5 live chat support to all users, even on the free plan. It also offers you a dedicated automation expert at no extra cost on all paid plans.

      Winner – Integrately


      Integrately provides 24/5 live chat support to everyone (including free plan users), unlike Make (Integromat) & IFTTT. 

      Try Integrately now for the best automation experience.
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      Make vs IFTTT vs Integrately – Which Integration Tool is the best?

      While Make (formerly Integromat) offers extensive features but with a steep learning curve, IFTTT is simple but lacks depth. Integrately, on the other hand, strikes a balance between these two extremes.

      Thus, if you:

      • Need powerful automation and already have a tech team?  – Choose Make (formerly Integromat) (beware of hidden costs though!)
      • Want something easy for personal use or simple tasks? – Choose IFTTT (great for home automation and social media)
      • Want both – powerful automations & ease of use? Choose Integrately (good for both techies and non-techies alike!). The best part – it doesn’t burn a hole in your pockets!!! 😜

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